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   Chapter 61 Teach Them A Lesson

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6321

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"Give her the money!"

"Don't do that again."

"Yes, Celia has had a hard time. She made some money and brought some food for her mother. How could you rob her? That's so humiliating!"

"It's so embarrassing. Although life is hard now, it is not like that you couldn't afford the food. It's so rude to grab other people's food."

The passers-by made comments on what Lucy had done.

"I really don't have 50 bucks."

Actually, Lucy didn't know that she had been in such a big mess. She had to sell tons of products to get the 50 bucks. If her mother-in-law, Sue, knew about that, Lucy would be severely punished by her.

"No money? We can go to the police station directly. I'm afraid that you can even afford five hundred bucks by then."

Celia threatened her. She would not shed tears until she was faced with grim reality.

"Don't, don't scare me."

In fact, Lucy was already scared.

"She is not threatening you. The country is fighting against robbing now. What you did had broken the law. You will receive severe punishment."

It seemed that people from the Tang family hadn't learned the lesson yet.

"Mr. Horace, what..."

"I can't help you either. Either you compensate privately, or you go to the police station. It is up to you."

Horace was tough this time.

"I'm in a good mood now, and We can settle this thing in private. If you mess with me later, I will send you to the police even if you give five hundred dollars."

It was not the first time that Lucy had made trouble for them.

"You bitch! You hit me either! I will sue you, too."

Lucy pointed at the wound on her face and said.

"It is self-defence. You want me to sit aside and do nothing while watching you beating my mother to death? The police will find out everything as long as they look into it. I've heard that the jail is extremely humid and you will have to do a lot of work

rrible things might happen to them.

"Don't worry. It is here."

Hardy raised the chicken up and smiled shyly.

"Okay, okay. Thank you. I will give you the money!"

Celia said gratefully. It seemed that Horace's family were all nice people.

"What happened? Why did Celia give the money to you?"

Horace was confused. He thought his son had done something wrong.

"Father, Celia is buying chicken. The price is 10 dollars per chicken. My mother sold one to her. I brought the chicken to her and get the money."

Said Hardy.

"That's it?"

"Celia, are you buying chicken?"

Hearing that Cora sold her the chicken and the price was ten dollars, the villagers immediately asked, since her price was higher than that of in the town.

"Right. I want to buy ten chicken today, but I have already bought one, there is still nine left. If you want to sell the chicken to me, you can go home as soon as possible to choose a chicken which is about 2.5 kilo. My price is 10 dollars, which is much higher than the town."

There were a lot of people in front of her house, and everyone had heard the news.

"Really? Ten dollars?"

"Yes, I didn't lie to you. You had heard what Hardy said. He is going to be a college student in our D Village."

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