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   Chapter 60 Take Her To The Police Station

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6049

Updated: 2020-03-14 00:22

"Mr. Horace, you must control this bitch. Look at my mother!"

Celia was also good at putting on an act.

"Mr. Horace, all the villagers present had seen that she slapped me on my face."

Her face was swollen like a pig's head.

"Enough! That's enough!"

Horace gave Lucy a look of disgust. He knew she was not easy to deal with. Celia and her mother made a living just by selling eggs and things were getting better and better. So Lucy must have been jealous of them already.

"What happened, Wendy? are you all right?"

There was a big bump on Wendy's head and the blood kept oozing out.

"Yes, mom, what happened? I went out for less than half an hour. How did she bully you? Tell Mr. Horace, he will definitely help us."

Celia glared at Lucy with hatred.

"Mr. Horace, I was cooking in the kitchen. She broke in and said that she wanted to buy salt, but she didn't give me money for the salt. When she smelled the meat in the pan, she said that it was a waste for us two bastards to eat such good food. She said we should give the food to Sue and Wade. Celia worked really hard to buy those food for me. I don't agree, so she pushed me and I bumped into the corner of the table."

Compared with her cowardice and incompetence in the past, Wendy at least dared to defend herself now.

"You've gone too far, Lucy. If you're starving, just tell me. You are so cruel that hurt my mother like that just for some food."

Celia raised her voice deliberately, so that everyone outside could hear.

"What a scum! How could she rob other's food?"

"You're right. All the people in Tang family are shameless. But now they came here to steal things from an orphan and a widow. How can they do that?"

"As far as I can see, Lucy has knocked Wendy's head so seriously. So I think that she des

s words hit Lucy's weakness. She could be shameless, but people would gossip about her son.

"Yvette, are you willing to settle? If she sue you, things will be more complicated, and your whole family will be implicated."

Horace didn't frighten her.

"How, how much do you want?"

Lucy was frightened.

"You ruined my food. One is braised pork feet with brown sauce, and another is beef and fish. Give me 50 bucks."

Celia fixed her eyes on Lucy. She should bear the consequence since she dared to bully her and her mother.

"What? 50 bucks?"

Lucy was completely dumbfounded. It was a large sum of money for a poor family. They didn't have so much money at all. Moreover, if Sue knew about it, she would scold her.

"You are crazy! How could it worth 50 bucks?"

"if the food was not that expensive, how could you want to steal it from my house? I have already lower my price. Pay me back now, or I'll go to the police station."

Celia wasn't joking this time. Celia had already given her the chance, and she was just making trouble for herself.

"Mr. Horace..."

"It's useless to ask me for help. You are the one who bullied her mother, and you are not allow her to fight back?"

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