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   Chapter 59 Slap On Aunt

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"Celia is smart. If she had been at school, she would have been admitted by the University."

Hardy's face turned red. He had never said such words to any girl. Although Celia didn't go to high school, he thought that the word "smart" was made for her.

"This is the first time that Hardy said someone was smart. Celia, what are you doing here? Are you looking for Horace?"

The village head's family members were nice to Celia. Celia was of the same age as Hardy, but she had already earned a living by herself, so Hardy's wife felt sorry for her.

"No, aunt. I'm here for you."

Celia said.

"Looking for me? What can I do for you?"

"Well, here is the thing. I've been buying eggs recently, and from today on I'll also buy chickens. 10 dollars per chicken, and the chicken should weigh above 2.5 kilo. Do you want to sell them?"

Celia came straight to the point. After all, it was not a shameful thing. If she wanted to sell it, Celia was happy. If not, Celia wouldn't force her.

"10 dollars?"

The village head's wife, Cora, was immediately attracted by her words.

"That's right. But you can keep them if you want to have eggs."

"I'll sell one!"

Cora didn't think much about it. She went to the yard and found a medium-sized chicken, which seemed to be about 2.5 kilograms.

"See, Celia? It is 2.8 kilo."

Cora put the scale highly in front of Celia.

"Aunt, you don't have to show it to me. I trust you!"

She didn't expect that Cora was so kind that she sold a chicken for her immediately.

"Aunt, I didn't bring any money with me. I will give you money after I take the chicken back, okay?"

She went out in a hurry, so she didn't have any money with her now. Moreover, she didn't plan to buy the chicken in the first place. She just wanted to check on Sharon. But she hadn't seen him by now.

"Okay, no problem."

"Mom, I'll walk Celia home. I'll take the money back as well."

It was rare for Hardy to be so active

broad daylight.

"Did you do that?"

Celia glared at Lucy with hatred.

"Not me. She hit herself."

Lucy didn't feel sorry at all. Instead, she said confidently.

"Are you kidding me? How could my mother hurt herself like that?"

Anger flooded through Celia, and she was no longer hold it back this time. It was just a waste of time to talk to this kind of person. Although she was a civilized person from the 21st century, facing such bully, she could only resort to violence.

She took a willow branch behind the door and slapped it on Lucy's face without hesitation.


It was much more painful than hitting by the whips. Everyone on the street heard her screech.

The people standing at the door were totally shocked to see this scene. At this moment, Celia was not like a girl at all. She was like a lion that had just woken up. She looked somewhat ferocious and terrifying, making people dare not approach her.

"You don't have to work? Why do you surround here?"

Horace appeared at the firewood room. At the same time, Hardy was sweating with a chicken in his hand.

"Mr. Horace, you must seek justice for me. That bitch, she offended me first. She not only disrespected me, but also beat me with that branch. Look at my face!"

Lucy screeched, as if she was the victim.

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