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   Chapter 56 Interesting woman

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"There are 490 eggs in total. Please have a look."

"Will you come here tomorrow?"

John asked.

"In addition to eggs, do you need any other products?"

If she could sell more than eggs, she would be very happy.

"We also need a dozen chickens."

John replied.

"Many people in our village raise chicken. What is your price?"

Celia thought that it was a frail deal. Although the villagers raised chickens to get eggs and sell the eggs for money, if John could give her a good price, she believed that the villagers would be willing to sell the chickens.

"Usually, we give 12 dollars per chicken, but I will give you 12.5 dollars per chicken. What do you think? But each chicken weighs at least 2.5 kilo."

John said.

"Mr. John, this is very nice of you to do this."

Celia had never thought that the chicken would be so expensive. The price he offered was 12.5 dollars. If she brought the chicken from the villagers at the price of 10 dollars, she would earn 2.5 dollars per chicken. In that way, he would earn a lot more than selling eggs.

"You are welcome. Can you deliver the goods for me? I want 10 chickens tomorrow. Will it be okay for you?"

John said.

"No problem. I'll send it to you tomorrow."

"Well, see you tomorrow morning. I don't need to check the eggs. I believe in you. There are enough eggs for the restaurant, so you don't need to bring eggs to me tomorrow."

After thinking for a while, John decided to buy all the eggs. In that way, she didn't have to sell them on the street.

"Really? That's great!"

Celia couldn't be happier. She didn't expect that she would sell so many eggs and get herself another business.

"Since you are my cousin's friend, you don't have to thank me. By the way, you

y when facing Sharon sometimes.

"Get out of the motorcycle."

Celia's face was filled with anger. She was really irritated by the way he talked.

"What do you want?"

"I'll count to three. If you don't come down, I'll scream and people would think that you were bullying me. I can't guarantee that you will be able to get out of the jail in three or five days."

She was a smart enough.

"Celia, how dare you."

He believed that there was nothing Celia couldn't do.

"Too late, three, two..."

Before she uttered the last number, Sharon got off the motorcycle meekly.

"Do you want to leave me alone here?"

"This is my motorcycle. You asked me to take you to the street, but you didn't ask me to take you back home. Besides, I was in a bad mood and didn't want to give you a ride. You have to find a way yourself."

Celia started her motorcycle, leaving Sharon behind who was waving his hands.

"Celia Tang..."

"Woman's heart is so difficult to guess."

Looking at Celia's back, Sharon felt frustrated as he had never imagined that he would be abandoned by a girl. However, he felt that Celia's personality was somewhat identical to his.

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