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   Chapter 55 John Lin, The Buyer

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6009

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"We can meet tomorrow."

Celia blinked her big eyes and said.

"You will come for meal again tomorrow? You earn so much money by selling eggs?"

Now the waitress was a little envious of her.

"No, I can't. the profits on selling eggs are very small, and you can't become rich overnight."

Celia was telling the truth. She didn't want to pretend to be rich. Besides, the dinner was paid by Sharon.

"Then why will you come here tomorrow?"

She thought Celia could earn a lot of money in her small business.

"I have a rich brother, so I can take advantage of him."

Celia glanced at Sharon, seeing the mournful expression in his eyes, which seemed to ask her why he had become her elder brother again?


"Yes, he is one of my distant relatives."

Celia was panic for fear that the waitress might see through her little trick. Since her brother was very wealthy, then how come she just a self-employed business woman who selling eggs on the street?

"Oh, I thought you were dating."

The waitress said with a grin.

"It is nothing like that."

Celia denied at once. The waitress become more friendly.

"Lily, I want to ask you about something. It is possible that I could sell these eggs to the restaurant?"

Celia stopped beating around the bush. The worse scenario was that the waitress would turn her down. And she had been well prepared for the worst situation.

"That's why you are here for lunch and gave me a big tip."

The waitress seemed to be enlightened at once.

"No, we are not. We were indeed here for lunch. The egg business just popped into my head. If possible, please help us ask about it. If it's difficult for you, that's fine, I don't want to put you in a difficult position."

She wanted to have a try. If other people didn't wa

e lower price for my eggs. What do you think?"

After all, she was asking for help here and she didn't prepare any present. If she didn't lower her price, she had no advantage at all.

"How about I pay you 21cents per egg? The price is almost the same as the one I purchased. I won't take advantage of you."

Celia could tell that John Lin was an honest man.

"Of course. Thank you very much, Mr. John."

Celia didn't expect to find the partner in such restaurant so quickly.

"You're welcome. We would all benefit from the deal. Where are the rest of the eggs?"

John scratched his head in embarrassment. Although most of the waitresses in this restaurant were young girls, he had never seen such a beautiful girl like Celia. He was totally enchanted by her.

"The rest of the eggs are in the hall. Sharon, can you help me move them here?"

Celia ordered happily, didn't notice that Sharon was staring at her with a livid face.

"Well, if your cousin is not feeling well, let me help you with it."

Although John was nerd, he was extremely kind and hospitable at this time.

"Who said that I'm not feeling well!"

Furiously, Sharon went to the front hall to get the eggs.

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