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   Chapter 54 Find A Way Out

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"Thank you. My attitude was bad just now. Thank you for forgiving me."

The waitress didn't expect Celia to let her go so easily.

"Wow, the soup is so delicious!"

Celia drank the soup had left.

"Celia, do you just let go of her?"

He had thought that Celia would teach this waitress a lesson and embarrassed her.

"They are just some nobody. Besides, it will do me no good if she is scolded or fired by her boss."

She would not do such a wicked thing.

"I never thought that you are such a generous person!"

Celia had done many things that could surprise him.

"So how narrow-minded I am in your heart?"

Celia rolled her eyes. She didn't blame the waitress because she didn't want to be the same mean person like the waitress. She didn't think it was a big deal. She could just save the energy and enjoyed the delicious food in front of her.

"All the good words in my heart are not enough to describe you."

When Celia was eating, Sharon just stared at her without eating anything.

"Why are you looking at me while I'm eating?"

His attentive gaze made her feel very uncomfortable.

"I look at you because I think I might find a way to sell the eggs."

Sharon suddenly had an idea.

"What? Tell me."

Hearing that, she raised her head and looked at Sharon.

"This restaurant is so big. What do you think if we sell the eggs to them?"

"Sold to them?"

It was a bold idea, but she had no connection with this restaurant, so it would be strange if the owner of the restaurant agreed to cooperate with her.

"That's right. Sell it to them. By doing that, you will have a steady partner. By the way, you don't need to sell the eggs on the street by yourself. You can get thin margins to gain greater volume here."

Selling eggs on the street all day long would exha

s today. It's hard for you to take the heavy plate by yourself."

Sharon said to him in a considerate way.

"This is what I should do. I was so sorry that I spilled the soup on the Miss, scalded her hands and stained her clothes."

That arrogant waitress changed into someone who was well-educated and reasonable.

"You didn't mean it. It's just a dress. I don't mind."

Celia said with a smile. She also felt lucky that she didn't give the waitress a hard time. Otherwise, she couldn't carry out her next plan.

"Thank you!"

The waiter said gratefully.

"I'm Celia Tang. You can call me Celia."

Celia packed the food and tried to cotton up.

"My name is Lily Li."

Since Celia had opened her heart to her, Lily said humbly.

"Hello, Lily. I feel that we are about the same age, and we might have a same size. Today, I got my eyes on a beautiful cloth in a tailor's shop of the county. It is red and bright. It may look good on you. Since you have the fair skin, that color suits you best. Oh, the shop owner tailor a dress for me. Next time I will bring it to you."

Women attached great importance to their looks.

"That's great! But I don't know when we can meet next time."

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