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   Chapter 52 The First Date

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 5915

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"Why did you order the potato in the restaurant? Didn't you have potatoes at your home every day?"

The dishes Celia had ordered were just some ordinary ones. No wonder the waitress was so unpleasant to see there wasn't not a main course.

"Don't think I'm saving money for you. I like eating potatoes and green chilli."

She hadn't eaten any greasy food for quite a long time. If she gobbled down so much greedy food all of a sudden, she was afraid that she would have a diarrhea. And she would be a joke.

"Okay, I'll order something else."

Without taking a look at the menu, Sharon directly glanced at the waiter and ordered, "Please serve me all the specialty of your restaurant."

The moment Sharon ordered, Celia had to admit that he was very handsome. At least, the waitress was shocked to hear his words.

"Would you like to order all specialties?"

Even the officials in the government came over to have dinner, they didn't order so much food.

"What? Do you want me to say the same words twice? If you don't understand, ask your superior to come here."

She just looked down upon Celia. Otherwise, he didn't want to talk to her like that.

"I understand, I understand."

The waiter immediately took the menu to the kitchen.

"Sharon, your money really burn a hole in your pocket, right? Or do you get those money from robbing a bank?"

There were so many dishes that even ten people couldn't finished them, let alone the two of them.

"I have to work really hard to earn the money. Even if we can't eat all of it, we can bring it for your mother, uncle and aunt."

He wanted to teach that waitress a lesson and also wanted to share those delicious food with her relatives.

"My uncle didn't treat you nicely. Why do you want to d

chen. We are hungry."

Said Sharon unhappily.

"It's my first time to invite you to a meal. I'm sorry. I didn't expect that they had nothing here."

He had tried so hard to invite Celia to a meal, but he couldn't order something expensive.

"I prefer home cooked dishes rather than abalones and shrimps."

Anyway, she had had enough of these food in her previous life. Now she just wanted to eat some home cooking dishes.

"It's our first date. I was going to treat you a big meal."

Sharon was very dissatisfied with the date.

"Don't talk nonsense. It's not the first date. It's just a meal."

Why did it become a date? This man was really taking advantage of her.

"In my heart, this is a date."


This man was so unreasonable.

"Then I won't eat anything today."

She knew how to deal with it. She was a smart woman came from the 21th century.

"Okay, okay. Whatever. You can't change my mind anyway."

He didn't retort, but his heart would never change.

"You are such a real scoundrel."

"Yes, I'm a rogue. Now, I'm a rogue. I beg you to eat more dishes, okay?"

There was an old saying that women were difficult to deal with.

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