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   Chapter 50 I Will Be Responsible For These Eggs

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"Why are you dragging me! I told you not to come with us, but you didn't listen to me! Are you satisfied now?"

Celia was furious to see Sharon now. It was also because of him that this morning, his uncle and aunt quarreled and wasted some time. The rest of the eggs didn't be sold out and they were kicked out. It was so hard for her to find another good market.

"What's more, if you don't like her granddaughter, can you just find a decent excuse? How could you say that you don't like women?"

The point was, he just said he liked her this morning, but now he said he didn't like women. What did he mean? He just trifled with her affection?

"If I tell you the truth and tell them that I have a girl I love, and that girl is you, we are not siblings at all, if I tell them all these things, they will think that you are a loose woman. Do you think there will be another customer who would buy your eggs here?"

Said Sharon, who had been silent all the time. However, what made him most angry was not these, but the woman in front of him, who had watched the girl confess her love for him as if she was watching a good show. It seemed that she was the one who stared all this.

"Mr. Sharon, please. Right now, I can't sell my eggs. I'm the one who should be angry, not you!"

Why did he get so angry? Now it was her who suffered a great loss. There were still hundreds of eggs left How could she sell the eggs all at once?

"Yes, it's my fault. I caused you great losses today. It's my fault. If no one buy your eggs later, I will buy all of them!"

Sharon shouted with a livid face. How could Celia not care about the fact that other girls had fallen in love with him? He wondered whether her heart was made of iron.

"Do you buy so many eggs to hatch chicken?"

Celia said crossly. She had no idea why he was so angry.

"It is none of your business. I will be responsible for these eggs!"

"Humph! Who wants y

so formal with me. A good appetite is a blessing. I hope you can eat more."

It was his honor to invite her to dinner.


Celia gave a snort of contempt. She was a foodie in her previous life, but to keep her figure slim, she had to put on a diet. However, since she came here, she found that she could not put on weight no matter how she ate. Besides, she had never experienced the dishes in the 80's, so she was really looking forward to it.

"Help me bring the eggs in."

She never forgot her problem. Anyway, she thought that she would come up with a good idea after having a good meal.


Celia went into the restaurant and sat down on the chair. Sharon moved the eggs down carefully. She cherished those eggs a lot. She would be heartbroken if he broke one.

"What are you doing here?"

However, he was stopped by the waiter before he took the eggs in.

"We are here for a meal."

Celia replied.

"Why do you carry so many eggs?"

The waitress replied impatiently, staring at them with contempt.

"We sell these eggs and it's not appropriate to put them outside. We will place them in here temporarily. After dinner, we will move out."

Celia explained patiently.

"So you are doing some business on your own."

Her tone was scornful.

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