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   Chapter 49 I Don't Like Women

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Sharon rode the motorcycle and speeded up. However, when they arrived at the entrance of the textile mill, all the worker had been in work.

"Girl, why are you and your brother so late today?"

The sound of motorcycle and their good-looking appearance attracted people's attention easily.

"Yes, I was delayed by something on my way here."

Celia could tell there was something wrong with It, but she still put the eggs down. Celia was tired after riding the motorcycle for almost two hours.

"Don't worry, girl. Your eggs are great. Someone will come here to buy it later."

The woman comforted, but her eyes kept casting a glance at Sharon. Celia had been worried all the way about her egg. She hadn't noticed the change of the people who were present at the stall today. Now she saw that several young girls wore rouge on their faces, and their new red gowns were also very conspicuous.

Did they come here for Sharon?

"Do you like my granddaughter? Cute or not?"

This young girl was eighteen years old at most and had a delicate face. Although she didn't know how to dress up or put on makeup at that time, she dressed herself with simplicity and she looked pretty nice.

"Pretty girl, your granddaughter is so lovely."

Celia gave a thumbs up. She didn't want to offend others in any way.

"But will your brother like her?"

The woman asked in a low voice.

"You want to set her up with my brother?"

It was the second time they had met each other since yesterday. And her granddaughter hadn't got a chance to have a talk with Sharon. But that woman wanted her granddaughter to marry Sharon?

"I just like your brother. You have seen my granddaughter. Do you think they..."

Sharon was a handsome and well-dressed young man. So Celia guessed that that young girl had a crush on Sharon at the first sight.

"I think your granddaughter is great, but I can't make decision for my brother. He has always been strong willed and assertive since he was a child. You have to ask him yours

sonable. Why can't I sell eggs here?"

Celia Though that this woman was as arrogant and domineering as Sue. However, Celia was not afraid of her at all.

"But there are enough people selling eggs here. You're not welcome here."

This woman treated her with indifference.

"Ma'am, since this is not your home, you are being unreasonable."

This place was not the private property of that woman, and she had every right to come here. That woman could do anything to her, and she was not a pushover.

"Girl, if there is something wrong with your egg, do you think anyone will buy it?"

"Hey, please mind your words and behave yourself. My eggs are good!"

Celia couldn't believe what she had heard.

"If the rumors spread, people will believe that there is something wrong with your eggs."

The woman yelled loudly, and there were many onlookers. Especially those who felt jealous of Celia because she earn a lot of money from selling the eggs yesterday. They all gazed at Celia and whispered.

"Don't try to slander me."

Celia finally understood the meaning of her words. The woman wanted to ruin Celia's reputation and no one would dare buy eggs from her.

"Let's go. We won't come here tomorrow."

Seeing this, Sharon cleaned up the eggs and put them in the motorcycle immediately, then pulled away the angry Celia.

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