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   Chapter 47 Unwilling To Reach A Higher Social Position

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6430

Updated: 2020-03-10 00:12

"Uncle, auntie, would you mind if I say something to you?"

Standing next to Celia, Sharon couldn't help chipping in. He could understand why Celia had said that she hadn't been ready to consider her marriage in the recent few years. However, when he heard that her uncle had asked the matchmaker to help Celia, he couldn't remain calm anymore.

"This is our family affairs. Do you think you have the right to comment on it?"

He was in a bad mood, and his anger increased at the sight of Sharon. If he hadn't come here today, what was happening would not have happened.

"He is our guests. Can't you be polite to him?"

Jane corrected him with dissatisfaction.

"Lookers on see more than players. Sharon, you can express your idea,"

He is not only a college student, but also gentle and elegant. Why can't he speak.

"Thank you, auntie. Please don't be angry with me, uncle Zack. I have no other feelings for Celia. I just like her and appreciate her. I have no other intention of scheming. I fell in love with Celia at the first sight I saw her. She is the one I am determined to spend the rest of my life with. The reason I have never made it clear to her is that I want her to develop the egg business. Isn't her present wish to make money? When she gets enough money, I will talk about my own thoughts. Since I have been so clear today, I will not hide it from you, I love Celia. "

Almost in one breath, Sharon blurted out what he had been depressed for so many days.

"Sharon, do you know what you are talking about?"

Celia's face became serious, couldn't tell whether she was angry or not. However, she wasn't shy at all, like other girls, when they heard a boy expressing his love for them.

Sharon's words caught them off guard. He and his wife were in a daze. They hadn't spoken for a long time. They didn't expect young people to be this free and unrestrained.

"Of course I know. That's

background. He had many advantages, but why did she always hold him back? Celia was different from those girls who wanted to have a luxurious life.

"I care! I don't want to be considered as somebody who wants higher status. "

She could have become excellent herself, why did she have to rely on others?

"Well, let's talk about it later. I'll prove it with time."

He didn't want to say anything more. Time would tell.

"Uncle, auntie, let's call it a day. I have to go. I'll be late."

It was already time for her to leave, or she was unable to sell the eggs any more.

"Celia, you..."

Zack said hesitantly. He wanted her to listen to him but he didn't want to give her too much pressure.

"Uncle, don't worry about me. I'm an adult and I can handle my own things. I'll go first."

Celia tied the eggs carefully and then went on the motorcycle.

"Why didn't you say something just now?"

Zack complained.

"What can I do to change Celia's mind? She's getting more and more capable, and she's also getting more and more ideas to come up with. Furthermore, do you think any young man nearby deserve her?"

Jane had a completely new appraisal of Celia now. After all, she was not their own daughter. Even if they had any idea, they could not force her.

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