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   Chapter 46 Arguments

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"Hey, boy, what are you doing? Don't you know it's inappropriate for a man to touch a woman?"

Zack was very angry with Sharon's attitude towards Celia. He was not a native, nor was he a neighbor. He didn't know what his family was like or what his parents did. He would definitely oppose him to be hang out with his niece. So as long as there was a little flame of love between them, he must be in advance stifled the gigolo. At present, Celia had not moved on. It seemed that she had no good impression of Sharon.

"Why did you yell? You scared me! Sharon did not do anything wrong!"

On the contrary, Jane thought that Sharon was nice and capable, knowing to give the delicious food to Celia.

"Uncle Zack, I think Celia is too thin and fragile, so she should eat more. Aunt fried two poached eggs for me when she came here today. I'm already full."

He mentioned Wendy deliberately from time to time.

"Really? Have you seen Wendy's attitude?"

Jane believed that women knew women well. Wendy thought the same as her.

"What do you two know? All in all, don't mislead Celia. "

Said Zack. He couldn't bear to see that. His only sister, Wendy, had suffered a lot since she married to the neighboring village. He hadn't been able to protect her. If Celia married to the provincial province or a place farther and farther away, he would be unable to see her even if she was bullied by others.

"Zack, are you going to argue with me?"

Jane stood with her hands akimbo. Although Zack was bad tempered, he was usually obedient to her. Why did he act so impolitely today?

"I'm not against you. I'm just thinking about the happiness of my niece's future. You women know nothing about it."

It was said that a woman had long hair and short wit.

"What the hell are you talking about? Zack, you bastard, do you want a divorce?"

Jane had always been strong, especially

such an idea. When women were young and beautiful, they all would seek a company for themselves. She was so interested in making money. How could she play such a joke when it came to her marriage?

"Uncle, I thought you would always support me no matter what I did."

Celia didn't expect her uncle's resistance. She always thought that Zack was not that pedantic and open-minded.

"I can't agree with you, Celia, no one can persuade me. I'll ask your aunt to help you find a good man."

Zack said in a strong tone.

"Uncle, you know me well. I don't want to go against your will and upset you. But at present, I only want to make money. This is not a big deal."

She would never change her mind. At that time, when girls grew up, they would get married at an early age. After reaching the age of 25, a single woman would be regarded as strange, which was not a respected thing for her family. It was the so-called "leftovers" nowadays.

"Celia, I won't support you. You'd better give up this idea. I have asked the matchmaker to tell you about the marriage. I will ask her to find you someone living near our house."

Although she lost her father when she was a child, she had an uncle. He would never let what happened to Wendy happen again.

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