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   Chapter 45 Getting Along Well With Women

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"Why is there a man's voice?"

The male voice in his house made Zack jump out of the room immediately.

"What happened?"

Lynn Zhang's eyes almost popped out when he saw Sharon.

"Uncle, nice to meet you. I'm Sharon. We just met yesterday."

Sharon greeted him politely.

"What brings you here?"

As Celia had expected, Zack's face darkened all of a sudden.

"Why are you so angry in the morning? Come in and have a seat."

Zack was about to say something more, but was stopped by Jane and she treated Sharon warmly.

"Celia didn't tell me in advance. Please sit down."

The way Jane looked at Sharon as if he was her niece's future husband.

"Aunt, you don't have to be so polite to him."

Jane was acting wired. To her surprise, they just met for the first time.

"That's true. He has been staying with Celia since the early morning. Don't you feel strange? If he has any ulterior motives, Celia would be in danger. If they hang out a lot, people will gossip about them."

As a man, he had the feeling that Sharon must have a crush on Celia.

"What ulterior motives? Celia is not a kid anymore. Can't she just make friends with Sharon? This is none of your business."

It was her first time to meet Sharon, but she spoke for him somehow.

"Aunt, uncle is right. I don't have a father since I was a child. I will listen to whatever uncle said."

Naturally, Celia agreed with her uncle. She really didn't like this man.

"Celia, your uncle knows nothing. You can't just listen to him."

Jane Thought that Zack knew nothing about romance.

"Aunt, we are not friends. Don't get me wrong."

Celia explained hurriedly.

"Celia, I just want to ask you one thing. Does your mother know that Sharon went out with you this morning?"

Said Jane.

"Of cou

ne, Sharon had been driven out of their house by now, it was impossible for Sharon to have the chance to eat the egg.

"Thank you, uncle!"

After hearing his words, Sharon expressed his gratitude immediately.

"Hey, boy, you're such a glib talker, right?"

This guy's reaction was really fast.

"I said you'd better have a rest in the room and stop talking. I'll see them out."

Jane asked as she drove Zack to his room. She thought that her husband was short-minded and only worried about his precious niece. One thing he didn't realize was that he just spoiled everything between the two of them, since there was a good chance that Sharon would be Celia's Mr. right.

"If you dare try to do anything to my niece, I'll kill you."

Zack threatened Sharon with words when he was forced into the room.

"Uncle, you can rest assured that you have absolutely no chance to kill me."


Hearing this, Zack was speechless.

"Celia, you are so thin. Please eat one more."

Celia had not expected that Sharon would give her another egg.

"What are you doing? Just eat your food. Leave me alone."

Celia didn't thank him. On the contrary, she held a disdainful look.

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