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   Chapter 43 See You Later

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"Sharon, Andy, come and have dinner."

Wendy cooked several delicious dishes and even made the scrambled eggs.

"Beef? Where did you get the beef, mom?"

She was so excited when she saw the beef on the table, since in this era, people could hardly afford pork or egg.

"They are Mr. Sharon's. If I don't accept it, he will have to throw it away. So I can't turn him down, so let's have a good meal today."

Wendy said cheerfully. She was so happy this afternoon that she even wanted to drink some alcohol.

"Mom, when did you become so close to him?"

When she was with Sharon in the town and the county, she didn't even notice that he went to buy some beef.

"We have met each other for several times and Mr. Sharon had save our lives. What is more, he helped me a lot just now."

Sharon was handsome. Of course Wendy liked him.

"Mom, I have thanked him for saving us today. I brought him a bowl of noodles, an egg and a big pancake. And he said that we are even."

He had made it clear that Celia didn't owe him anything.

"Silly girl, how could you treat Mr. Sharon like that? He had helped us a lot."

Wendy was grateful that Sharon had saved their lives. Even if he had dinner at her home everyday, she couldn't be more happy. After all, the rumor between him and her daughter had died down. Therefore, no one dared to talk about it anymore.

"Mom, I..."

Her mother put her into a dilemma. She took Sharon to a bite in gratitude for what he had helped them. But now, it seemed that she was too naive to believe that calculating man.

"Well, sit down to have dinner. The food are all delicious. You will like it,"

Wendy responded immediately.

"All right."

Although Wendy said she cooked those dishes with her heart, Celia guessed that she at most added a few more drops of oil and salt in the dishes. Back then, ther

erceived that her daughter was acting a little bit wired.

"We are fine. I just feel like we are totally different people, and I don't like to hang out with him."

Celia said.

"Celia, do you care about what other people say? Besides, you have cleaned yourself today. You just drive him to the street. Nothing serious, right?"

Said Wendy as she packed up an egg with straw.

"Okay, mom. But I'm leaving before dawn. If he hasn't come when I leave, I won't wait for him."

She didn't want to explain anything. She just needed to set off to town before he came to her home. She thought that she was really smart.

"Why didn't you tell him about it?" Wendy complained.

"I ate too much tonight. I forgot!"

All in all, she had tons of ways to get rid of him tomorrow, and she didn't believe that Sharon could catch up with her tomorrow.

"How about these baskets?"

There were more than 500 eggs, and there were more in Zack's house.

"That's great. The thicker, the better."

If she only broke one or two eggs on the way to the town, she would be fine. But if they broke a lot, her heart would ache.


The more eggs she got, the more motivated Wendy was, but at the same time she was also very worried.

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