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   Chapter 35 I Will Sue Them

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6061

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"Really? Sharon, people say that I want to chase after you, because I like your face. Besides, you have a rich family and a high degree. Since these women are interested in you, why don't you explain to them how I chase after you and the story about the bowl of noodles."

Celia looked at Sharon. There was no fear or panic in her eyes, as if she was an outsider of this incident. She was calm and collected.

"Hello, I'm Sharon. There is nothing between me and Miss Celia. Yes, I went to the town by her motorcycle today. I came back in her motorcycle and even had lunch with her. She indeed paid for that bowl of noodles, but she didn't try not to please me in that way. She just wants to thank me for saving her and her mother's life, Miss Celia is an excellent girl. She has never tried to seduce me from the very beginning. I admire her instead. She is not a slut. She is just a good-looking girl. And what you said just now was a personal abuse against Miss Celia. If she sue you, you will not only be fined, but also be detained."

Sharon said seriously, and his words shut their mouths up.

Sharon was a college student. Those women were no match for him at all. They were scared to death when they heard that they would be fined and taken into custody.

Zack didn't want to heard these nonsense anymore. He was about to stop him, but was stopped by Celia. He seemed to have a way to deal with these gossiping women. But the way Sharon talked didn't sound like a man who living in this era. And he more looked like the people from her previous life. That was why he could suppress these gossiping women.

"Mr. Sharon, are you serious?"

In the village, Sharon was the respected guest of the village head, every villager wanted to flatter him. After all, he came from a rich family and was a colle

though we had breakfast together, they should not have slandered her like that. After all, she is just a girl."

There was a hint of anger in Sharon's tone. Did these villagers always bully Celia and her mother like this? He regretted that he hadn't met Celia earlier.

"Mr. Horace, you must give me an explanation. I heard personally how these women ruined the reputation of my sister and my nephew in your village. If you don't welcome them, I can take them to my home, but today I must seek justice for them, I will never let those women go."

As a member of this family, Zack felt he should take on those bullies who dared to lay a finger on them.

"Mr. Sharon, don't be angry. Don't argue with these women."

Horace panicked when he saw the angry look on Sharon's face. He was the most important person in the village. He would get into trouble if Sharon was offended by such an ignorant woman.

"Don't be angry anymore, Zack. Celia and her mother have houses in the D Village. You don't have to take them away. Today's matter really hurts Celia and her mother. I will definitely deal with it."

If they were allowed to go back to their own families, people would put the blame on Horace.

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