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   Chapter 32 successful sells

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"Girl, if you sell the eggs outside the textile mill, you can sell each egg at least for 23 cents or 24 cents. Your eggs are big and good enough."

Whether it was because Sharon or Celia's beauty, the middle-aged man who was standing next to her all became very warm-hearted.

"Will anyone buy it?"

The price was a little higher than that in a town.

"Why didn't they buy it? The workers will be here soon."

All the workers who could work in the textile mill had a steady salary, so they could afford to eat eggs.

"Okay, thank you."

The friendliness of these people made her happy, too.

"Lady, is this man really your brother?"

All the people beside were fixing their eyes on Sharon.

"Yes. Don't we look like each other?"

Now that she had made it clear to the public, she surely had to put on an act. Otherwise, she would become a person who had problems with her private life style.

"Yes. One is pretty and one is handsome. You do look like brother and sister,"

the woman praised.

It didn't take her long to find the workers began to bustle round the textile mill. Fortunately, she got up before dawn today and didn't waste much time in town. It was the most important time for them to go to work. The workers didn't go to the mill immediately, but stayed outside instead. Some stayed at the stall for breakfast, some for vegetables and eggs.

"How much are the eggs?"

A worker came to her soon.

"Sir, these eggs are from my own hen and they are all fresh. One egg is 23 cents. If you buy one kilo, the price will be 2 dollars."

Celia gave him a fair price.

"Can you lower your price a little?"

Even the workers in old days were often bargaining with each other.

"Sir, I've brought it from my home. It's not easy for me to come here, and it is a fair deal. You can buy it and have it cooked

a low voice.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing. Are you hungry?"

There happened to be food stall nearby.

"I'm not hungry."

She was already very full for a bowl of noodles, an egg in the morning, so she didn't need to have lunch.

"Do you want to hang around here?"

There should be more fun than the town.

"Of course."

She didn't come here just for selling eggs.

She drove the motorcycle to the biggest market in the county and looked around. Celia was not interested in anything else, but in clothes. After all, as a woman, she didn't lack money in her previous life. So it was one of her usual agenda to go shopping. The design was not novel and the quality was poor, but there were many people in the store.

She would definitely earn more money in clothes than selling an egg.

"Sir, how much is a dress?"

Celia asked as she saw the new dress.

"Thirty five dollars!"

The boss answered.

"Can you make it less?"

Celia tried to bargain.

"I'll give you two dollars less at most. Thirty three."

The shopkeeper went to entertain other customers. She didn't care Celia would buy it or not. Since every woman love clothes, even if it was in the 80's, so she had nothing to worry about.

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