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   Chapter 31 This Is My Elder Brother

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"Anyway, I'll follow you to keep you safe."

He would never get off the motorcycle.


She thought that Sharon might have watched a lot of soap operas if she hadn't been in the 80s. No one would dare do something like that to her, and the hooligans last time were just an exception.

The road to the downtown had not been repaired yet, so the road was bumpy. It was inevitable that he would lean forward sometimes and touched her accidentally.

"Uh, I didn't mean it."

Sitting in the back seat, Sharon was restless as well. He didn't want Celia to misunderstand that he was a lecher who wanted to take advantage of her.


Celia snorted and didn't say anymore. The road was indeed bumpy and it was not her fault.

"But your egg..."

He thought that Celia's eggs couldn't remain intact anymore.

"What's wrong? Are they all broken?"

The reason why she didn't sell the rest of the eggs in the town was that she wanted to see if she could sell them in the county, she wanted to give it a try.

"I think so,"

said Sharon.

"Get off. Let me have a check!"

As she parked the motorbike, Celia hurriedly opened the basket, seeing several eggs in it had been broken.

"Miss Celia, as a girl with such good conditions, you don't have to work so hard to sell eggs. If you want to do something, just tell me. I..."

"Stop, Mr. Sharon! Or I'll leave you here." Before he could finish his words, Celia stopped him.

"It's hard to sell those eggs, but I'm willing to do it without depending on other people. I created a life I want with my own hands. I don't think it's a suffering."

She didn't care what he said to her. In her eyes, they were just strangers. Why should Sharon help her? Moreover, she just wanted to start a business all by herself.

"Well, forget what I said just now."

Celia was indeed not an ordinary girl. If other girls heard what he just said, they would immediately agree on his proposal and fla

ot a man to be trifled with.

"Oh, this is my brother. I'll go first."

Celia didn't say anything else. She just grabbed Sharon's arm and walked away.

"Why were you so angry just now?"

She had met him a few times and this was the first time she had seen him like this.

"I'm angry with you. The man looked at you with a weird look."

After walking for a while, Sharon still stared at that man until the man stopped looking at her.

"Are you a detective?"

Celia said impatiently.

"Wait a minute. What did you call me? Am I your brother? When did I become your brother? I don't want to be your brother."

A complicated feeling took over Sharon after he realized what just happened.

"It will not hurt you to be my brother."

But it was too late. Since she had deliberately raised her voice just now, people there might have already heard it.

"How old is your brother? Do he have a girlfriend?"

Not long after, the middle-aged men and women next to her started to chat with her. They didn't bully her not because she was new in the county.

"My brother hasn't found a girlfriend yet."

Celia had already placed her eggs neatly on the ground, so she didn't notice that Sharon was looking at her with a livid face.

So he was sold by a woman? And have no power to fight back?

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