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   Chapter 30 Your Pretty Face Would Bring You Danger

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6364

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"I mean if you treat me this time, all that I saved your life is gone."

He thought it was time to turn the page.

"For what?"

His thoughts were quite different from that of ordinary men.

"It's not a big deal. I was doing what a man is supposed to do, saving a woman in a dangerous situation. Even if that was not you, I would save anyone else. And you and your mother have already thanked me, haven't you? I had dinner at your house yesterday, and you also treated me for breakfast this morning, so I think it is worth it."

This was his true thought. If things didn't go smoothly, she would always see him as her savior.

"Is this your real thought?"

Celia didn't expect that Sharon was so frank. She had thought that he would be a scoundrel as the life saver to her and would often come to her house to have free meals.

"Of course!"

Sharon looked sincerely into Celia's eyes. No other emotions could be seen in his eyes.

"Okay. I will have already paid you back after having the noodles. Don't act like my savior anymore."

One bowl of noodles for one benefactor. It was a good deal.

"Okay, but on one condition."

With a handsome look in his eyes, he raised his index finger.

"Go ahead,"

Celia's eyes revealed a trace of contempt. She knew that the guy wouldn't let it go so easily. There must be something wrong.

"Well, you must drive me back to D Village today. I don't want to walk back."

Said Sharon, pointing at his legs.

"That's it?"

She had thought that he would force her to do something. It turned out that it was that simple.

"Yes, this one."

"No, I can't today. I need to sell eggs and find possible buyers. Don't you have a car? Why do you keep your eyes on my motorcycle?"

She had serious business to do and didn't want to waste too much time.

"That's not my car. It's the troop unit's car. Anyway, you are mine today."

Celia was a beautiful woman. Sharon was always worried about her. It would be good to be her bodyguard.

"Stay with me? Mr. Qin, you are our village head's distinguished guest, aren't you? You will led us to the D Village to become rich. Do you think it is appropriate to go with me, an egg seller? "

She didn't want to be regarded as a tramp who was deemed to be Helen of Troy. He went to help the villagers become rich. She helped her and her mother to become rich. They did not interfere with each other at all.

"Yes, you're the first person who wants to buy the eggs and sell them to the owner of the breakfast store. I don't think the D Village would be the poverty-stricken village if every villagers could think like you."

As Sharon said this, the admiration in his eyes showed apparently.

"Oh, Mr. Qin, you really think highly of me. If you want to go with me, just follow me."

She had realized that this man had a silver tongue and didn't want to say anything more.

"So you agree?"

Once again, Sharon's good-looking teeth were exposed in the air.

"Mr. Qin, please be careful with your words. It's not that I agree to be with you, but that you beg to follow me to sell eggs."

This man, was really trying to take advantage of her everywhere.

"All right, all right, whatever you say."

Sharon no longer argued.

Celia ate up a bowl of noodles in a short time. The eggs and omelettes were gone. She ate too much and was full. The breakfast tasted so delicious. She didn't want to waste money, but she thought it was worth it.

"Sir, the bill!"

Celia shouted.

"Girl, forget it. The eggs you sell to me is cheap and big and better than the outside ones. It is my treat today"

Mr. Chen was extremely generous.

"No, you don't have to buy me breakfast. It's on me."

But she put the money on the table and left quickly.

"Come on. But you are not allowed to come close to me or to touch me. Otherwise..."

Celia had decided to give him a ride. But there were conditions.

"Miss Tang, am I so dirty in your eyes?"

The last thing Sharon wanted to do was to ruin his pride. He looked like a lecher? Other girls always wanted to have sex with him, but he had never thought of that. Although Celia was a breathtaking beauty, if he really wanted to do something, he must be acquiesced. Otherwise, he would never do such a shameless thing to Celia. Moreover, he wouldn't do it, because he would never violate the discipline of the organization.

"I didn't say that. That's what you think."

Celia said impatiently. If he wanted to do something, she wouldn't let him go.

"I want to sit backward to keep a safe distance from you, but what if I push your precious eggs?"

Celia loved these eggs the most.

"How dare you!"

Celia lifted her fist. She was as grumpy as she was in the previous life. However, she looked horrified back then, as if she was carrying a fright. Celia was petulant now.

"I dare not, so I promise not to be near you."

He felt humiliated too. It was not appropriate for him to stick with her, but he would not regret it if he met such a girl.

Celia stepped on the gas and the motorcycle drove away.

She had asked about the relatives that Mr. Chen had introduced to her. As soon as they heard that she was introduced by Mr. Chen, they didn't say anything and ordered a hundred eggs there. Two hundred eggs in a row meant three hundred in total, which meant she could earn six dollars tomorrow morning. However, Celia seemed not to be satisfied with that.

"This is not the way back."

Having settled the deal, Sharon thought Celia would go home, but unexpectedly, she was driving the way downtown directly.

"I don't go back now. If you want to leave, it's not too late."

Celia's motorcycle slowed down. She wasn't afraid to go to the downtown alone.

"No, I won't go back. I'll follow and protect you."

'this woman is so bold. It seems that the hooligans last time did not scare her.

"I don't need your protection."

She was not that fragile.

"Miss Tang, do you know how dangerous you are with your pretty face?"

Fury was written all over his face. 'she does not how beautiful she is?' he thought.

"Dangerous? Don't I have a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth? "

Celia hadn't worried about her appearance in her previous life. She only worried that she couldn't get married. In this life, her vanity was satisfied by her beauty.

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