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   Chapter 28 Merciless Beauty

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"Don't you know you're flirting with an innocent girl?"

Celia didn't blush like any other ordinary girl. She acted in an affected way and not only dared to look straight into Sharon's eyes. There seemed to be a threat in her eyes, which was totally different from the common girls.

"Miss Tang, I didn't mean that."

Sharon felt that that moment was a blow in his life experience. In the past, there were always many girls chasing after him. They said that he was handsome. Was it an illusion? Or were those girls all blind? For the first time, he doubted his handsome face.

"I don't care whether you meant that or not. Anyway, I will pay you back once I get the chance to repay you for saving my life. Now that you have finished your meal, you can go now."

'it's not clear about the identity of this man. The honorable guest of the village head? Or a soldier driving a military vehicle? No matter who he was, she thought that she would never get a chance to marry him. But she was not interested in it at all. What she wanted to do then was to earn money, and then consider her spouse. Anyway, she believed that she could find a good husband depending to her face.

"Celia, how could you be so impolite? Didn't you hear the village head say that Mr.Qin is a distinguished guest in the village?"

She didn't know why her daughter didn't like him, who was handsome and had saved her life.

"Aunt, you can just call me Sharon."

Sharon didn't get angry. He still wore a smile on his face.

"Mom, please continue your conversation. I have to get up early tomorrow morning and go to bed early."

Celia entered her room as soon as she finished her words. Wendy didn't stop her anymore. She was really going to sell eggs on the street tomorrow. It was a hard work.

"Aunt Wendy, where is Miss Tang going tomorrow? Is it safe? "

When he heard that Celia was going to get up early tomorrow morning, he could not help but feel a little worried. After all, Celia's face was so eye-catching. He was afraid that something like last time would happen to Celia. He could not imagine that.

"Celia is going to sell eggs on the street tomorrow. She is stubborn, but as her mother, I can't give her a better life. She has to go about her own business."

Wendy blamed herself. If she could earn enough money, she wouldn't have let her daughter do such things.

"Aunt Wendy, now we are in a new era. The girls are the same as the boys. It only shows that the girl you give birth to is even better than common boys."

Sharon was not flattering. Girls in this era all wanted to find themselves a good husband. However, Celia had to make a living by her own hands to create her own life. Everyone thought she was disgraced as an individual, but Celia was so rash.

"You are the only one who can comfort me."

Wendy was quiet all the time. Somehow, she had a very talkative attitude towards Sharon.

"Aunt, I respect the fact. It's late now. You'd better go to sleep."

He also needed to go to bed, and he had to get up early tomorrow.

"Okay, then come to my house for dinner if you have nothing else to do."

Since Sharon h

ad saved their life, she could not just treat him with a meal to show her gratitude.

"Aunt, you can rest assured that I will often come here for meals in the future and often disturb you. At that time, you just don't dislike me."

On the other hand, Sharon didn't want to give up. It was not easy for him to meet a girl he liked, so he would not give up. He must seize her.

Celia got up early the next morning before daybreak. Although she promised the shopkeeper to send the eggs in the afternoon, she wanted to do it as early as possible. By the way, she could see the city. Because with her uncle's motorcycle, it was more convenient. The market in the town was too small for her.

The straw that Wendy gave her was very useful. She not only put down all the eggs, but also added more straws between each egg. As a result, the rate of the egg being smashed was greatly reduced.

"Celia, if anyone else sells eggs, will you accept?"

Seeing her niece so excited, Jane wanted to help her.

"Auntie, if someone else sells eggs, please help me purchase them. I will give you 50 dollars first."

She gave the money to Jane. Jane didn't refuse this time. Zack was worried and wanted to go with her, but he was refused by Celia. She also often went to the market alone to make money before she became a CEO in her previous life. Nothing dangerous happened.

Celia set off on her motorbike. In the middle of the ride, a figure was moving forward slowly. As she approached, Celia felt that she was quite familiar with this figure. However, it was still dark outside. The guy almost walked to the town. Was he exercising? Or going shopping? But doesn't he have a car? Why is he here?' she wondered.

"Miss Tang, what a coincidence!"

As the motorbike was lit up, a row of white teeth showed in front of Celia.

"Mr. Qin?"

But what a coincidence? Why did she always feel that this was a premeditated coincidence. He ran into her here this morning. Did he want to chase after her?

"It's me. Miss Tang, can you give me a ride? I'm also going to the town. "

Said Sharon.

"I give you a lift?"

This man was too shameless.

"Or I can give you a ride."

He knew how to ride motorcycle.

"Mr. Qin, do you think we are familiar with each other? By the way, I think we will arrive soon while you walk. In this way, you can exercise. I'm really in a hurry here. "

As the last part was the eggs, even if no so, she didn't want to take him who saved her life.

"Miss Tang, I saved your life. Are you going to leave your life saver here alone?"

Sharon suddenly realized that Celia was not an ordinary girl. Although she was beautiful, she was ruthless.

"It seems that I have to apologize to my Savior. If you want to hitch a ride, let's fix it some other day!"

With a boom, Celia pressed the accelerator hard and the motorbike galloped away at full speed, leaving nothing but dust on Sharon's face.

"This girl is quite stubborn."

Sharon seemed to have a tendency to be mistreated. The more Celia disliked him, the more he liked her.

Looking at the distant back, his heart seemed to fly with the wind.

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