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   Chapter 25 Skillful Woman

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In a short time, there were 146 eggs in the room, and she had made nearly 3 dollars.

Celia didn't expect that there were so many eggs in each household. She had got 50 eggs for the breakfast shop owner, and the rest had to be sold by other ways. However, the eggs were so good that she didn't worry about selling them.

"Celia, how are you going to transport so many eggs to the town and guarantee that they won't break?"

Zack was worried about his niece.

"Uncle, I'm thinking about it too, but I will come up with an idea."

In her era, the eggs were all transported by the way of foam and cartons. The foam box was divided and the eggs were separated naturally, which were not easy to break. But in this era, where there was so such a high-level package, so she could only use her brain.

"You are quite optimistic."

When Zack said this, he was relieved, since she had her own ideas.

"Uncle, I want to borrow your motorcycle. I'll ride it back to my house today and then I will ride it on the street tomorrow. And I want to put these eggs in your house for one night and I'll come back tomorrow morning."

She wanted to borrow a motorcycle today, but she didn't expect to buy eggs directly.

"It's okay to put the eggs in my place, but I'm really worried about you riding a motorcycle alone."

Although he had taught her a little bit last time, he was really worried that she was a girl and had such a beautiful face.

"Your uncle said it was not convenient for you, a girl, to ride a motorcycle with so many eggs."

Jane also disagreed. Her niece was too attractive.

"Uncle, aunt, are you looking down on me? In ancient times, a feline hero, Mulan, even joined the army for her father."

In her previous life, her face might be very safe, so the family never worried about her. So her uncle and aunt were worried about her because they thought that her beauty would get her into trouble.

"You are the one to talk."

Zack couldn't do anything to her, because what she said was right.

"Uncle, can you tell aunt that I am a genius in learning motorcycle? Did I learned faster than you when you were a beginner?"

What's wrong with the girl riding a motorcycle? She didn't feel anything wrong.

"Is Celia more skillful than you?"

Jane didn't believe it.

"Yes, in less than an hour, Celia learned it."

His niece was really quick to learn.

"Oh my God, Celia, you are a genius."

Jane was also shocked.

"So do you want to give me the motorcycle or not?"

Jane's opinion is very important, because in the end, uncle should also listen to Jane.

"Of course I did. Now that you've learned how to drive, it's convenient to go to the town and save a lot of time."

Jane was not a mean person, so she would borrow it to her if she asked.

"Okay, thank you."

Celia immediately ran out of the yard, got on the motorcycle and drove it away. She couldn't wait to go home and tell Wendy the go

od news.

It was about half an hour from her uncle's home to her own home. But she got home in less than five minutes by motorcycle.

"Mom, I'm back."

Wendy was busing outside.

"How did you get your uncle's motorcycle back, kid? What if..."

Wendy didn't say anything ominous. She was scared.

"Mom, since my uncle asked me to ride back, it proves that my driving skills are great. You don't have to worry about this problem. It's very safe."

Celia knew her mother was worried, so she tried to comfort her.

"I really can't do anything about you!"

Celia Had her own ideas.

"Mom, don't worry. I will protect myself. I will lead a good life with you in the near future and make you happy."

She cherished her life very much.

"Andy, thank you for your hard work. This is for you."

Andy was checking whether there was any water leaking from the roof. Celia bought a box of cigarettes from the town and threw them to Andy.

"I can't take this, Celia."

Andy found it was cigarettes after he caught it. It was too expensive for him at that time.

"Andy, keep it. You have helped us a lot."

Andy is indeed an honest man. He did this job carefully and quickly.

"Thank you. Then you don't need to pay me so much money."

He would never take advantage of them.

"Uncle Andy, we might have to ask you for help in the future. This cigarette is nothing compare with what you had help us."

Celia waved at him. The villagers all misunderstood that her mother had an affair with Andy. The more the villagers did so, the more they should behave themselves. They had nothing to hide.

"Mom, this is meat. Let's have a good dinner tonight."

Celia took the meat out and shook it in front of her face.

"Well, I will cook a delicious dinner. You look thinner than before."

It was hard for Wendy to have a taste of meat all year round. She led a remarkably frugal life, but today she didn't blame her daughter for spending money recklessly.

"And mom, I have done one thing today."

Celia shared all the things with Wendy that she went to the town today and bought eggs in her uncle's.

Hearing her, Wendy was stunned. A twinge of worry flashed through her eyes.

"Celia, others only need 50 eggs, but you suddenly bought 146 eggs. What if the rest can't be sold? What if so many eggs break on the way of transportation?"

She was very worried now.

"Mom, you don't have to worry about that. The eggs I bought are big and good. They can definitely be sold. You don't have to worry about that. But there is one thing I have to ask you for help,"

Celia said mischievously.

"Can I help you?"

Wendy felt that she could only do some dirty work.

"Yes, whether my eggs will break or not from here to the town depends on your skill."

Celia had come up with a solution.

"You name it, As long as I can help you, mom will do it."

She was glad that she could finally made herself useful.

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