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   Chapter 24 Financial Matters Should Be Settled Clearly

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"Aunt, I'll give you 12 dollars for the eggs."

Before Celia took out the money from her purse, Jane stopped her.

"Hey, Jane, what are you doing?"

Zack shouted as he saw that the two of them standing there with their arms entwined. He pull them apart and thought that the two were fighting.

"Are you all right, Celia?"

Seeing that his niece was fine, he turned to his wife and said sternly, "Jane, what are you doing?"

He tried to retrain his anger.

"Why are you so angry? Do you think I was doing something to your niece? Bully her?"

Jane's face immediately darkened as Zack yelled at her.

Celia thought that her uncle just spoiled everything. Things were going well between she and her aunt. And her aunt just helped her a lot with the eggs and refused to take the money.

"Uncle, you are too mean to uncle Mother. Thanks to aunt Jane today, I not only bought eggs, but also sold a bag of salt. Now she is going to give me all the eggs in the house, but refused to accept money."

Before Jane opened her mouth, Celia took the initiative to explain.

"Ah? I see!"

Zack looked a little embarrassed at this time. He wronged his wife because of his niece. He immediately regretted that he had started such conflicts.

"Uncle, you wronged aunt Jane. Please apologize to her now."

Celia gave Zack a wink. Whether she and Jane could live in peace or not depended on his following performance.

"Jane, I'm sorry. I was too impulsive just now. I shouldn't have been so angry."

Zack's attitude immediately softened.

"Uncle, you have to be sincere. If I were aunt, I would not forgive you."

In order to make Jane happy, she had to use some tricks.

"Are you adding fuel to the fire?"

Zack was not really angry with Celia. He just put on an act with her.

"Uncle, hurry up. Aunt is waiting."

In fact, Jane's anger had mostly dissipated by this time. Celia indeed had senses. Although she was a little angry because of her man's attitude just now, she didn't hate Celia at all.

"All right, my dear, don't be angry. You've been working hard all day today. Let me give you some massages!"

After saying that, Zack began to rub her back with his hands.

"Well, it's not proper to behave like that in front of the child. But thinks anyway!"

Jane said with her face blushed.

"Well, it's my pleasure!"

He was happy that his wife was in a good mood again and solve the crisis successfully. Then he couldn't help but look at his niece. She was indeed really smart.

"But is what Celia said true? Did you give her the eggs for free?"

When did his wife become so generous.

"What? Do you have a problem?"

Jane rolled her eyes at him.

"You are so kind to my niece. Of course I have no objection."

Zack didn't expect that his wife would get along well with his niece so soon.

"Uncle, I can't take it for free. Please take the money."

Financial problems should be solved clearly eve if they were relatives. It's inappropriate for her t

o take all these eggs for free. If so, she would rather not.

"You are a smart kid. Why are you so stubborn this time? you can take it as our investment."

Zack also felt it didn't matter.

"No, uncle. You have invested too much in me. If you don't want this money, I don't want this egg."

She must make it clear.

"Your uncle is right. You are too stubborn. We can take the money, but you have to pay the same price as Aunt Mona just now."

Celia just got a few dollars from selling the pork ribs. Since she was generous, Jane couldn't be stingy. The eggs should be sold at the same price as other's.

"Okay, then 18 cents for an egg."

Celia Thought that it would be a little pretentious to refuse her again. Moreover, Jane was really sincere. This time, Celia owe her a debt of gratitude, and she could pay Jane back in the future.

"That's right!"

Jane also grinned. She liked Celia more and more since they met.

Just as Celia was cleaning the eggs, several other women came to her uncle's house with baskets in their hands.

"Jane, I heard that your niece needs eggs. We have some here."

The two women opened the red cloth on the basket and found that the eggs inside were big and good. At that time, the villagers were very simple and honest. The big eggs were generally sold, and the small ones were left for themselves to eat.

"Celia, do you like it?"

Moan was indeed a big mouth, so soon others knew about the news.

"Yes, it's all good. But aunts, the price is 18 cents. It's two cents cheaper than the town. If you think it's OK, you can sell it to me. If you can't, you can sell it in the town."

Celia was very happy to see that someone took the eggs to her, so that she didn't have to ask them one by one. Moreover, the eggs were good, and the boss was absolutely satisfied to get them to the town.

"Okay, no problem. I heard that you will also give us a box of matches?"

They had already inquired about everything.

"Yes, no matter how much eggs you have, I will give a box of matches for free."

This is the skill of sales. No matter how much you give, as long as the seller is happy, you have achieved the goal of sales and have a good reputation. After all, the things you give are not expensive but practical.

"Well, I'll sell it. I only have twenty here. Next month, I'll have more chickens. I'll sell them all to you!"

"I have thirty of them here, and they are all yours."

Hearing that, the two women agreed to sell all the eggs without saying a word. What's more, the eggs for next month were also found.

"Aunts, this is the match for you. And I also sell salt here. Three eggs and three cents can buy one bag, or you can give money."

There was a smile on Celia's face. When she was doing business, her eyes were shining.

"Well, it will be convenient for us from now on. Jane, your niece is not only beautiful, but also so capable. You are so lucky to have her."

The woman's praise made Jane happy in an instant.

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