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   Chapter 23 Only Suffering Can Make You A Man

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6496

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"One cent more? Is it the same thing? "

At that time, villagers were poor. Even if a penny, they would still haggle over.

"Of course it is. It was brought from the town directly. Do you think I will lie to you, my neighbor? My niece carried them back herself. "

Then she pulled Celia to the front.

"Oh, what a pretty girl! You have such a beautiful niece. "

She couldn't help praising Celia's beautiful face. She had never seen a girl as beautiful as Celia.

"Of course my niece is beautiful. Just tell me if you want salt from us or not. If not, I'll ask others who lives next door. Anyway, I don't have much salt left."

Jane said that deliberately and was about to leave.

"Hey, Jane, wait. Don't be so anxious. Three eggs and 3 cents for a bag of salt is OK."

They knew Jane very well that she was forthright. She didn't charge much anyway. Besides, they could do a lot of work in the field during the two hours.

"That would be better if you had said so. Here's the salt. You can go home to take three eggs, but remember not to take the smallest one. The medium one, or the biggest one. Okay?"

Jane exhorted.

"Don't worry. My chickens are the best. Their eggs are big and good. Wait for me to get them for you."

Mona came back home with the salt. The eggs she brought were really big and good, and plus three extra cents.

"Are you satisfied with the size?"

Jane asked Celia.

"Of course."

Celia didn't expect her aunt to be so eloquent. She could be considered to be arrogant and domineering. She sold a bag of salt soon. She also got the egg and made a profit of 3 cents.

"Mona, I want to ask if there is any leftover eggs in your family?"

Celia thought she might could have bought a lot of things from her.

"Yes, of course. Dozens."

Every family was counting on eggs to earn some extra money.

"Mona, could you please sell all of them to me?"

If they were sold to her, she could get enough eggs she needed to deliver to the breakfast shopkeeper tomorrow.

"I can sell them to you. But what's your price?"

She need to know the price clearly. If the price Celia offered was too low, she would rather walking to the town to sell them.

"The price is almost the same as that in town. If you go to sell the eggs, you can sell them by 20 cents each. Sometimes you have to lower the price if come across a lot of people selling eggs, and you have to haggle over the price to meet some captious customers. Besides, if you break one or two eggs on the way, they are all for nothing. It's not a risk for you to sell them to me. Of course, the price I offer will be a little lower than the one you sell, 18cents each, What do you think? "

Celia went to the town very early today. She did not go there for nothing. She had been secretly observing those small retailers and customers who bought things. Some people would choose to sell things at a low price in order to sell them up as soon as possible, or they would have to talk for a long time when they met tough customers. In short, it was not so easy to sell them on the street.

"What? 18 cents? girl, is that two cents missing? "

Mona grumbled, pouting her lips.

"Mona, if you go there yourself, you might get a lot

of money from the market. But if you break two eggs during the one hour journey, you will lose 36 cents instead."

Celia's math was the best in her previous life. She was expert in persuading others with data.

"Mona, if three eggs are broken, this is the money for a bag of salt. You will lose more if you break more accidentally,"

Jane said in a threatening tone. After all, people were timid at that time, especially rural women.

"Jane, stop. I accept it."

In fact, she had been moved when Celia mentioned about the price. She just wanted to beat down the price.

"Aunt, could you bring all the eggs in your house to my uncle and aunt's home? I will count and then give you money, okay?"

It was a right choice to ask aunt Jane for help.

"Okay, I'll be right there!"

Then she went back home to take the eggs.

"Thank you so much, auntie. If it weren't for you, she would never sell the eggs to me. You are really a match."

She was really good at flattering her this time.

"No, it is because you are smart. By the way, why do you buy so many eggs?"

Just now she was very confused and thought that so many eggs could not be used for eating. There was no such a upstart.

"Auntie, I'm going to sell eggs!"

Celia said frankly.

"Eggs? You can't sell them easily if you don't find a way to sell eggs in the town. It's so hot now. If you don't sell all the eggs fast, they will easily go bad."

Jane was a little worried.

"Auntie, don't worry. I have found the right way to sell them. I have sold 50 to a breakfast shopkeeper. Tomorrow I will find some more ways."

As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning. Since it is already begun, she will never give up easily.

"Celia, you have done really well as a girl."

However, Jane felt a little sorry for her. She lost her father when she was a child, and was mistreated by the Tang family. What's more, she had to work hard to earn a living.

"Aunt, thank you. I believe that we will live a better life in the future."

Only if you go through this will you become a better man.

"That's good. Your uncle could have less worry."

She was also happy to see Celia to be so brave.

Mona soon took away all the 36 eggs she had accumulated, which cost her a total of 6.48 dollars. Celia also gave her a box of match. She thought that doing business should be flexible, and that was how the business could be booming.

"Celia, just wait."

All of a sudden, Jane walked into the room as if thinking of something.


Celia didn't think much about it. She just stood outside.

"This is my savings for two months, 60 eggs. Here you are."

Jane took out a basket of eggs, big and beautiful.

"Aunt, what are you doing?"

Celia didn't expect that her aunt had kept so many eggs. She was delighted.

"You still need eggs. Here you are. How about these eggs?"

Speaking of eggs, she gave a triumphant smile.

"These're great, aunt. These eggs look so good. All of them will be taken away at one time."

Celia was so happy to see the eggs.

"Of course. Your uncle has already come back and I cooked small ones as nutritious food for him. The big ones are all here,"

She did not eat one herself.

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