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   Chapter 22 Eggs In Salt

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Celia did not go back home immediately after she left the breakfast shop, but wandered around the town. She kept thinking about what happened just now. The money for only selling eggs was very poor. If she sold eggs 20cents each to the owner, it would only be 10 dollars. If she bought eggs 18 cents each, she would only earn 2 cents for an egg. And the profit for 50 eggs would be 1 dollars. That was too less.

But as the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning. She was worried about eggs then. Since they were thrown out by the Tang family, of course, no eggs could be found at home. Therefore, before tomorrow afternoon, she must purchase these 50 eggs, or even more, in order to prepare for the occasional needs.

After another two circles of wandering in the town, Celia came to a department store. She had to bring something back since she came here. She couldn't return without bringing something. Since she had decided to open a small shop in the village, from now on, she had to buy some goods back and forth bit by bit.

The first decision Celia had made was to take some salt back. Salt was essential even for poor families, even though they couldn't afford oil. Thus she bought twenty bags of salt without hesitation. According to retail, such a bag of salt would cost 62 cents per bag. By doing so, Celia would get a discount of 2 cents per bag. They cost 12 dollars in total.

Although the profit of these things seemed to be very small, as long as the market opened, the profit would surely get more and more.

Carrying twenty bags of salt, Celia was full of energy. As long as people were not lazy, they wouldn't starve to death in this age.

After she came back, Celia didn't directly go home. Instead, she took a detour and went to her uncle's house.

"Celia, why do you come here?"

Seeing thin Celia carry a sack, Jane immediately took the bag over. She was more enthusiastic than the last time.

"Auntie, I went shopping today and cut some fresh ribs for you. If cooked with a carrot, it would certainly be more delicious."

Since she had come to her uncle's home, she must bring something with her. Therefore, she had to coax her aunt.

"You silly girl, don't regard your aunt as an outsider. We will buy meat by ourselves if we want to. It is not easy for you and your mother to feed yourselves. Take it back later."

Jane was not an unreasonable woman. She had suffered a lot to support this family all these years. What's more, Wendy had been raising a child. The hardships she had experienced were self-evident. Celia's thoughtfulness made her more distressed.

"Of course not. Aunt, just take it. There is also some salt in the bag. I won't let my mother starve. And there are also twenty bags of salt in the bag. Please keep two bags, aunt."

Celia lifted two bags of salt as she spoke. She was always generous to her family members. Moreover, it was a special period now. Many things had to be handled with the help of her aunt. For example, she had to ask her aunt about the eggs she was going to purchase.

"No, I can't accept them. Besides, you bought these with money. I heard from your uncle that you were going to open a small department store. It's a good idea. Even if we need salt, we would buy it with you and take care of your business. I won't ask for free. It would be a joke if I take advantage of my own niece."

The more Celia was generous to her, the more satisfied she was. She was willing to buy things she

need from Celia.

"Aunt, since we are a family, let alone the money stuff. Besides, this is the start-up capital lent by my uncle. Without him, I can't do anything now."

She always remembered her uncle's kindness. She also mentioned to her aunt from time to time that "Do not forget the one who dug the well while you are drinking water." even if she got rich one day, she would not forget the kindness of her uncle and aunt.

"Come on in and have some drink. I'll call you uncle,"

Said Jane. Now that she didn't go home but directly went to her house, Celia must have something to discuss with her husband.

"Auntie, I don't want to see my uncle. I'm here for you."

Zack probably knew nothing about families nearby for he just came back from jail.

"Looking for me? What can I do for you? "

Jane was totally confused. She was a genuine village woman. She only knew what to do with the farming. She didn't know anything about doing business.

"Of course, you am very knowledgeable, though you am in the countryside."

Celia would never let go of such a good opportunity to please Jane.

"Ask what? Just tell me. I will not contradict you."

Jane was very happy to be recognized by Celia.

"Auntie, I want to ask whether villagers will be happy if I ask they to exchange eggs for salt."

It was profitable to exchange eggs with salt and sell the eggs she got.

"How could people be unwilling to do that? Celia, you're doing a good thing for the villagers. Every family has eggs. They don't need money to buy salt. Of course they're happy to do that."

At that time they had to go to the town in order to buy some daily necessities. Most of the time, they just wanted to buy bags of salt, and they didn't have the heart to buy anything else. It usually cost them more than two hours to walk on the road. Now Celine had moved the salt back, which saved much time for them. Naturally, they were very pleased with that.


"Whether it's true or not, I can give it a try now."

She was also a village woman and knew what other women though clearly.

"Thank you, Auntie Jane. But I didn't give it to them for free, I have to charge them a little bit of the ran fee and the man-made fee. For the salt in each bag, I will charge them three eggs and 3 cents. Is that okay?"

The price she bought a bag of salt was 60 cents. Retail would cost 62 cents, which was equivalent to 1 cents more than buying in the town, but it would add 3 cents for her.

"Of course it's not fair for you to take it back in vain. It's just one cent more expensive than the money you spend in the town. I can accept it!"

As a very careful hostess, she could accept it, so could other people.

"Thank you, aunt."

It seemed necessary to coax his aunt.

"Come with me!"

Jane was a frank and clean woman. She brought Celia to the next house.

"Mona, is there any salt left in your house?"

Mona just came back from work.

"Yes, it can still last a few days more if I don't eat much. But I have no time to go to the town in these days because of the farm work."

The woman who was called Mona said.

"I have enough salt here. You only need to spend three eggs and 3 cents for a bag. What do you think? Let me make it clear first. This is a cent more expensive than the ones we bought in the town. "

They were neighbors. They saw each other every day. Jane needed to make it clear first, otherwise people would think that she had taken advantage of them.

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