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   Chapter 21 I Can Provide Delivery Service

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Celia walked around the town several times. In the 1990s, the villagers here were generally poor, and the goods sold on the street were basically low-quality.

There was a middle school, a senior high school and a primary school. Back then, the school didn't provide students with breakfasts, so there were a lot of food stands nearby.

Celia arrived there in a hurry, just in time to the climax of the breakfast selling by many vendors, like soy milk, fried dough sticks, porridge, and egg and cakes. Although most families were very poor at that time, the children who could be sent to school must be the precious in their families, so they could afford to buy the breakfast every day.

In addition to the breakfast shops, there were also some greengrocers living near the village not far from the town. They used either cart or two baskets picking their own planted vegetables and selling them on the street. At the center of the street were a lot of clothes. But she had seen that there were basically no good goods.

Celia walked around. After all the students left, she entered the most popular breakfast restaurant nearby.

"Miss, what would you like to eat?"

The owner was very polite. Besides, Celia was a beauty, cute and considerate. So the owner was more fervent.

"Excuse me, I want an egg, a cup of soy milk, and also a bakery. I'll take the last three items, then you can close earlier,"

Celia knew that people who made a living by making breakfast was very tired. They had to sell their food at the breakfast stall early in the morning and they wouldn't be able to close and go back to have a rest until they sold them out at noon.

"Little girl, thank you so much for buying this. I can go back earlier indeed. By the way, the school bell has rung for a long time. Why haven't you come back to the classroom yet?"

Because of Celia's action just now, the shopkeeper also had a few more words with her than ordinary customers.

" I'm not a high school student. I have never gone to school."

Celia showed no sign of inferiority at all.

"Oh, I see. Kid, help yourself!"

During that time, people tended to prefer sons to daughters. It was already good enough for a girl to go to a primary school or a junior high school. And only a few of them were allowed to go to senior high school by their families.

"Sir, I want to ask you something."

Celia said directly.

"What's the matter?"

The owner was surprised, but what could a little girl ask.

"How many eggs can you sell each day?"

Celia chatted with him.

"It's about 50 to 60. And sometimes, I can sell more than 80."

It was business towards students, and the amount of customers varied every day.

"Sir, how much is the price for one egg? And how much is it when you replenish your stock?"

Celia had just thought about it. There were not many goods could be sold in the countryside, and the crops were not worth any money. What's more, one year only grew once. Sometimes, in order to have a taste of meat, or earn some money, the women from every family fed more than ten chickens. The most indispensable thing in the countryside was eggs. If she bought the eggs in the countryside, and sell 50 of them to each breakfast shopkeeper. Five restaurants, that was 250 eggs! The profit she could make would certainly not be little.

"Little girl, why do you ask about this?"

Celia's words raised the boss's suspicion. Although there was no vicious competition at that time, the boss was still afraid of someone up to no good.

"Sir, don't worry. I just want to know how much is appropriate for you to buy eggs. Because I have a lot of eggs at home, I want to sell them


Celia didn't try to hide anything. She believed that people in this era were honest. What's more, honesty was the most important thing between people. Celia believed that the shopkeeper would have good moral qualities as he dealt with students every day.

"Wow, little girl, you want to sell eggs. I didn't know that."

The shop owner sized Celia up again. In the 1990s, making a body transfer was not decent, especially for such a beautiful girl.

"We both try to raise our family. My home is in the countryside, and the eggs laid by the chickens are very big and good. If possible, I can sell them cheaper to you. And I can provide delivery service."

Celia didn't care if she was embarrassed or not. She had to make money by herself anyway.


The delivery service caught him instantly. The eggs he bought were from the farmers, but he had to go to the vendors in person to buy the eggs. And the vendors didn't have 50 eggs at one time, and he had to go to several different places to buy the eggs, which cost him too much time. And he might have to buy the eggs that had been picked by others, with uneven sizes. Even if he went to the department store, the clerks wouldn't sell all the eggs to one person at a time.

"Yes, sir. I can deliver them to you and guarantee the quality. I have just inquired about the price, 21 cents to 22 cents. And sometimes even more expensive. If I sell them to you, I will give you at the price of 20 cents, without raising the price."

The delivery service had attracted him completely. If she offered a discount in terms of price, he would definitely agree.

"Little girl, you lived in the countryside. If you come here with so many eggs at one time, you will get bumped all the way. In that case, you won't earn much money."

The owner said this because Celia said sincerely.

"Sir, it's none of your business whether I bumped on the road. As for whether I make money or not, it's my business. You just need to nod or shake your head."

Even if Celia wanted the shopkeeper to agree with her, she didn't bow or scrape. Instead, she was serious about her business.

If failed, she would try again fearlessly. In fact, this was sales. Before becoming a strong CEO, she did this every day. Although it was in a completely different era, she was also familiar with it.

"Little girl, I didn't expect that you are so decisive. You deliver some eggs to me tomorrow afternoon, then I can prepare the eggs I need to sell the next morning. What do you think?"

The owner was also a decisive man. After all, he was really interested in the price Celia had offered and the delivery service.

"No problem. I'll be there on time. By the way, how many do you want?"

Celia was very happy with that. She didn't expect that she could make it the first time.

"Since it's our first deal, I don't want to ask for too many. How about this? I'll take 50. Let's talk about the rest later."

It would cost ten dollars if the price of fifty eggs was the same as that of 20 cents each. It was not that much, but if it was made for a long time, it was okay.

"Okay, no problem! Thank you. Can I come here to meet you tomorrow afternoon directly? "

Celia said to the shop owner experienced.

"Yes, right here!"


As Celia was about to leave, the owner stopped her. "Young lady, aren't you asking for a deposit from me? What if I back out? "

The owner couldn't help reminding her that the little girl was too careless and left without saying anything.

"Sir, the most important thing between people is trust. I believe you! Wish you a brighter business! "

Then she left. She bet on his personality.

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