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   Chapter 20 You Are The Smartest Girl I've Ever Seen

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"Are you sure?" Zack was confused. It was not a joke.

"I'll prove it to you later, and then you'll know whether I can do it." It was just a piece of cake for her. In her previous life, she even could unlock excavators and let alone motorcycle.

"Why are you so confident?"

"Yeah, I have such a uncle like you after all." She also licked her uncle's boots.

According to Celia's requirements, Zack taught the rest to her. Celia also listened to him carefully.

"Celia, why don't you come up to have a try?"

Zack asked Celia to get on the motorcycle. He was going to sit behind her, to ensure her safety.

"Uncle, why do you come up here?" Is it like you are teaching a kid to go on a bike?

"What if you fall or bump against the wall? Your mother would not let me go."

He thought his niece was so bold. Even lots of men didn't know how to ride the motorcycle, but she insisted to learn this.

"Uncle, if you teach me like this, I can't learn it for a month. If I don't suffer from it, it will not be called learning. Trust me, I will definitely give you a surprise as your apprentice."

Her uncle really loved his niece. However, even though she just looked the same as his niece, she had changed completely, both in character and boldness.

"Don't be too optimistic. It's not easy to control it. Don't cry if you fall down later." He was full of worries.

"Uncle, just watch."

Celia was sitting on the motorcycle. It was the first time for her after coming here to touch some latest and modern things. She was extremely excited. Celia turned the key to the right, held the clutch and then released the clutch. She stepped on the gas and the motorcycle speeded up.

Boom! Boom! The motorbike drove away, breaking the silence of the night.

"Celia, slow down. Stop!"

Zack hadn't thought that she would drive his motorbike away and he had no idea that she learned it so fast. It took her less than an hour to learn it.

"Celia, come back! No, I haven't taught you how to turn around. " Zack ran after the motorcycle, his face full of anxiety and cold sweat.

"Uncle, I know how to turn my bike around. This motorcycle works the same."

Celia said, and the motorcycle had turned around. In order to fawn that it was the first time she rode a motorcycle, she deliberately made a few twists and turns.

"Celia, watch out! Be careful!" Seeing that, Jayden's heart almost jumped up.

"Noodles are ready!"

Holding two bowls of noodles, Wendy was so shocked to see Celia sitting on the motorcycle that her legs went limp.

"What are you doing, Zack? What if Celia falls?" Wendy said angrily.

"Celia, come down!"

"Celia is a gifted girl. I've only told her that, then she know how to ride perfectly." His niece was getting more and more capable.

"You just let her ride without supporting her. What if she gets hurt? She is a girl after all."

If she had a face cut, it would become a scar. How could she marry someone.

"Mom, uncle Zack taught me carefully just now. It's absolutely okay as long as I follow his instructions. See, I'm doing very well." Celia waved her long leg and got off the motorcycle graciously.

"Celia, you're awesome. I can't believe that someone would learn the motorcycle from head to toe in such a sh

ort time if I didn't see it with my own eyes." Zack said proudly.

"Uncle, do you think I'm an excellent student who was adopted by you?" Celia was very happy too. With this motorcycle, it would be much more convenient to go to the city and the town.

"Of course, you're the smartest girl I've ever seen!" The more he looked at his niece, the more satisfied he was with her.

"Master, please have a bowl of noodles from me!" Celia put the bowl of noodles made by Wendy on her hands.

"You two."

Wendy was very happy to see that Celia had learned how to ride a motorcycle in such a short time.

Then three of them ate up all the noodles. Celia felt that the day was a very meaningful day.

"Celia, you can ride this motorcycle whenever you want. The motorcycle is full of oil and will last long." He was very generous.

"Okay, thank you, uncle!"

In this world, besides Wendy, her uncle was the second person who gave her warmth. She felt herself lucky.

The next day, Andy went to the firewood room to repair their old roof.

"Uncle Andy, after you help me fix the roof, can you make a few more work like this for me?"

Celia found a piece of paper and drew several pictures on it. Although Andy had never been to school, he figured out Celia's attempts as soon as he saw them.

"That's fine with me. But why did you decorate the room like this?"

This girl was not the girl she used to be. From what had happened yesterday, he could see that, she was bold and decisive!

"Uncle Andy, you will know then. Please help me now!" Celia said politely.

"You're welcome. It's my duty. Don't worry. I am good at this. You will certainly be satisfied." He felt very happy that he could help Wendy and her daughter.

"Thank you, Uncle Andy!" After Celia said that, she went to the kitchen to look for Wendy.

"Mom, I have to go to the town today. Maybe I won't come back for lunch. You can cook lunch for Uncle Andy at home. If you're afraid that people will gossip, you'd better have lunch at the yard outside instead of the inside." She wouldn't spare him if anyone gossiped about them in public.

"I know. Be careful. Carry enough money with you."

After all, she was just a girl and easy to be noticed. So Wendy was afraid that there would be some bad guys bullying her.

"Don't worry, mom. I will protect myself. The pancake uncle Zack bought last time was very delicious. If I don't come back, I will go to buy the pancakes for myself." To reassure Wendy, Celia said deliberately.


Wendy didn't come back until she sent Celia to a place far away from the village. There were ten miles from the town and it would take about one hour to get there on foot. At that time, the traffic was inconvenient and villagers had to walk.

Although she had just learned to ride a motorcycle yesterday, she didn't immediately borrowed it from her uncle. The motorcycle needed to be used in the right way, not to mention that she hadn't thought about doing business yet. With too limited money, she had to save enough money to open a department store.

Uncle had given her several hundred dollars, but the deeds cost her two hundred, and she also bought clothes for them. These days, they had been spending money, but they didn't make any money.

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