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   Chapter 17 Money Is Bastard

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Celia went to a tailored shop. She had intended to make a beautiful dress for her aunt. However, it was too tiring. Then she selected a set of tailored clothes from the shop. The cloth and style were both good.

The shopkeeper would like to charge her 25 dollars. Due to her both hard and soft tactics, he gave her five dollars less. It was quite expensive to buy a suit at that time, but as long as it could please her aunt, Celia thought the money was worth it.

As she was about to leave, she remembered the patched blouse Wendy wore. Without hesitation, she bought her mother a simple one with the same price.

Although she was short of money then, she thought it was worth it.

Money was a bastard, just earn hard and spend hard. It seemed that she had to spare no effort to make money after going back. The shoes on Wendy's feet were shabby and broken, and she wanted to buy a new pair for her when she made enough money.

Seeing Celia come back with two bags, Zack didn't ask much. After all, she was a girl. As a man, he shouldn't ask much.

On the motorcycle, Wendy gave a hot pancake to Celia and said that it was bought by her uncle. Celia said she was not hungry so she cut half of the pancake to Wendy.

This was the most delicious meal she had ever had since she went to the 1990s. She was grateful for her uncle.

"You're back. Why don't you help me to do the housework? Why are you fooling around?" Jane Wang, Zack's wife, looked impatient. She ignored Wendy and Celia following behind.

"What do you mean by fooling around? I have a business to deal with. I bought some meat today, and you make some radish for us tonight. Let's have a reunion dinner." In the 90s, it was already a luxury for ordinary families to eat meat.

"Family reunion dinner? Now you're back, here come some persons who want to reunite with me. Why didn't anyone come when you were in the jail? I've been waiting for you for so many years all alone. " As she said this, Jane Wang choked with sobs. What she really meant was quite clear.

"Jane, what are you talking about? You know that my sister and her daughter have been living a hard life in the Tang family these years."

Jane had vented all her anger on his elder sister for so many years.

After Zack was put in prison, it was truly the first time for Wendy to visit her. Wendy used to work until the sunset in Tang family and she did everything under the watch of Granny, so she had no personal time, let alone go out to visit her family.

"Jane, it is my fault. I have never come to see you before. Now that Zack has come back, you two can live a peaceful life. I and Celia will not disturb you."

Wendy also felt guilty. As Zack's elder sister, she was unable to protect herself even in the Tang family, so she rarely cared about her own family. She thought that it was reasonable for her younger brother's wife to be angry. After she said that, she intended to leave with Celia.

"Wait a minute, mom."

Celia broke free from Wendy's grip. Her uncle was her mother's only family member, and she should get along well with her aunt. Besides, her uncle was nice to her.

"Umm, aunt Jane, you are still

so beautiful. I went to the town today and saw a set of clothing in the tailoring shop that looks very nice. It suits you perfectly. Take it if you don't mind."

Celia handed the bag to Jane.

"For me?"

It was not until this moment that Jane gave a glance at her niece. It was hard to find another girl who was as pretty as Celia nearby.

"Yes, for you," Celia said obsequiously.

Meanwhile, Wendy was gratified that Celia became more and more sensible as time went by. She felt ashamed that she, as an adult, was not so thoughtful as a girl.

Not only Wendy, but also Zack felt very warm to Celia's action. He realized that she went to the town in order to buy gifts for Jane. She was trying to ease the tension between them and Jane.

If the tension between them had been eased, he wouldn't put himself in a dilemma. It would be fair if he helped Wendy and her daughter from time to time.

"Wow, it seems to be a nice cloth. The pattern and color are very good. I guess it at least cost 20 dollars,"

Jane touched the cloth and knew it was not cheap. She wouldn't buy anything like this even during the Spring Festival.

The money could get salt hat would last more than one year.

"As long as you like it, more money is worth."

Celia said with a sweet smile. She was such a beauty that every man's heart would melt. It was a pity that her aunt was a woman.

"I like it, but I heard that you were bullied by the old lady of the Tang family in the D Village. Not to mention the money, even food is a problem? Did your uncle give you the money secretly? "

How could they earn so much money and buy such good clothes? Zack came back with a little money, but he had spent a few hundred lately. She thought he must give it to her sister.

"Jane, what are you talking about? Do you really want to break others' hearts? I don't know when Celia bought those clothes for you. What's more, I've made money by myself. I can give it to anyone." Zack was short tempered. He couldn't stand the way Jane treated his sister and niece.

"What is your problem? I'm your wife. I've been waiting for you to come back all these years. Do you want to hit me?" Jane didn't give up and went all out.

"Uncle Zack, don't be angry with her. She is just a woman. She has devoted a lot to run the family for so many years."

Celia put in a good word for her. They didn't have any child for so many years. When her uncle was in prison, no one would blame her even if she really ran away. Celia admired her for she had insisted on sticking to the family no matter how much she had suffered.

"Are you trying to get beaten? Apologize to Jane for this."

Wendy stood out too. It was the first time that she had acted like a sister.

"Wendy, how could you..." It was hard for Zack to understand why, he was defending them two.

"Apologize to Jane, or I'll leave with Celia right now." Hebe pretended to be tough.

"Uncle Zack, you are a real man. Your attitude was not right just now. Apologize to aunt Jane now!"

Celia, of course, was on the side of women. Besides, even though she didn't think her aunt was an easy-going woman, Jane still had a good heart.

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