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   Chapter 17 Apologized To Her

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Celia rushed over to a tailor. She had wanted to make her aunt a beautiful dress, but that was going to be too much work. She then picked a beautiful dress with good material and nice style from a tailor shop.

The shopkeeper was going to charge her twenty five dollars, but Celia was somewhat of a master negotiator. He ended up giving it to her for five dollars less. It was still expensive but if it was enough to please her aunt, it would be worth it.

As she was about to leave, she remembered the patched blouse Wendy wore. She immediately turned back into the shop and bought her mother a plain blouse to replace her tattered clothes.

She was running really low on money, but she still thought that it was worth it.

Money was tough to earn, and then it was gone in an instant. It seemed that she had to work twice as hard from now on because she still needed to buy her mother shoes when she got enough money.

Seeing Celia return with two bags, Zack didn't think much of it.

Back on the motorcycle, Wendy handed Celia a hot pancake and told her it was from her uncle. Celia wasn't hungry so she tore it and gave the other half to Wendy.

This was the most delicious thing she had had in a long time. She couldn't thank her uncle enough.

"You're back. Come help me with all the farm work. Stop fooling around." Jane Wang, Zack's wife, impatiently started barking orders at her husband. She completely ignored Wendy and Celia following behind.

"What do you mean by fooling around? I have business to deal with. I bought some meat and radishes that you can make for dinner tonight. We should have a family reunion dinner." It was quite a luxury for anyone to eat meat at that poor period.

"Family reunion dinner? Now that you're back, they want to be a family again? Why didn't anyone come when you were in the jail? I had been waiting you alone all these years." She could barely get her words out through her sobs. She was clearly broken by all the trauma.

"Jane, what are you talking about? You know that Wendy and her daughter have been living under the tyranny of the Tang family for years now."

Jane Wang projected her anger at Wendy for so many years.

This was the first time that Wendy had visited her since Zack got sent to jail though. While with the Tang family, she worked from morning till night under Sue's watchful eyes. She had no time for herself, let alone visiting family.

"Jane, it was my fault. You're right; I didn't visit you before. Zack is back now though, so you can live your life in peace and Celia and I won't bother you."

Wendy couldn't help feeling guilty. She was the one who couldn't protect herself so she neglected her family. She completely understood Jane Wang's anger and she intended on leaving with Celia.

"Wait a minute, mom."

Celia broke free from Wendy's grip. Zack was her mother's only family left, so she couldn't just cut ties with him. Besides, they got along so well.

"Umm, Aunt Jane, you are still so beautiful. I went into town today and saw some lovely clothes from the tailor shop. It'll suit you perfectly. Pl

ease accept it."

Celia handed the bag to Jane Wang.

"For me?"

This was the first time that Jane Wang even looked at her niece this whole time. It was rare to find any woman who was as beautiful as Celia around here.

"Yes, for you," Celia said, fawning over her aunt.

Wendy really admired how her daughter was maturing so much and becoming so much more sensible these days. She was actually ashamed that she was an adult and still not as thoughtful as this girl.

Wendy wasn't the only one that was impressed, Zack admired Celia as well. He realized that she only went to town to get his wife a present to ease the tension between them.

If all the problems could get sorted now, there'd be no issues. There wouldn't be any problems with him helping Wendy and Celia from time to time.

"Wow, it's gorgeous. I love the design and colors. It probably cost at least 20 dollars."

Jane Wang felt the fabric and immediately knew it wasn't cheap. She would never buy something like this, even during the Spring Festival.

With that money, she could get salt to last her a whole year.

"As long as you like it, the money doesn't matter,"

Celia said, smiling sweetly. With her gorgeous smile, she could charm anyone for sure.

"I like it, but I heard that you were tormented by that old woman in the Tang family. I can't imagine that the money isn't a problem. Are you guys even getting food? Did your uncle secretly pay for it?"

There's no way they could afford to buy such high-quality clothes. Zack had a little money but he seemed to spend a few hundred recently. Jane Wang suspected that he must have given it to his sister.

"Jane, what are you talking about? Do you really want to break their hearts? I don't even know when Celia bought those clothes for you. Also I made that money myself, so I can do whatever I want with it." Zack had such a short temper and he seemed to fly off the handle. He couldn't stand how his wife was treating his sister and niece.

"What is your problem? I'm your wife. I waited patiently for you all these years. What? Are you going to hit me now?" Jane Wang had no intention of backing down.

"Uncle Zack, don't be angry with her. She has devoted her life to the upkeep of your family."

Celia didn't hesitate in standing up for her aunt. She didn't have any kids with Zack, but she still stayed faithful to him all these years when most people would have left. Celia admired how she stayed no matter how difficult life got and how much she suffered.

"What's wrong with you? Apologize to Jane."

Wendy said her piece and for the first time, actually acted like a sister.

"Wendy, how could you..." Zack couldn't understand what was happening. He was standing up for them after all.

"Apologize to Jane, or Celia and I will leave right now." Wendy was doing her best to act tough.

"Uncle Zack, you're a good man. You know your attitude wasn't right. Apologize to Aunt Jane now!"

Celia, was obviously on Jane Wang's side. Besides, even though she didn't think her aunt was an easy-going woman, Jane Wang still had a good heart.

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