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   Chapter 16 Courtesy Is Never To Blame

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6708

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Under the mediation of the head of the village, Granny accepted the 200 dollars., and gave out the certificate. Now the firewood room totally belonged to Celia and Wendy.

"Celia, I didn't expect that you are so smart. What if you go to school a few years ago?"

Now, Zack was deeply impressed by his niece, but the Tang family never liked her. If they really thought highly of her, they might even send her to school.

"Uncle, we can do it step by step. Our life will be better and better."

In her past life, she graduated from a prestigious university. It was so easy for her to study. But now she had a problem feeding herself. She was not in the mood to think about it. She decided to wait and see in the future.

"You're right. I'm sure we'll have a better life in the future, but Celia, why do you insist on buying this broken firewood room? There are lots of better places than here. "

He had been wondering why Celia did that. They could buy a much better house with two hundred.

"Uncle Zack, what do you think of the location of firewood room?" Celia kept Zack in suspense.

"Position? It was located in the center of several Bay areas, and the road in front of them was the only way that many villagers went to the town. It was near the mountain, and there was a well not far away. Since the village commissar would like to buy it, it certainly had its advantages. " Zack also found out that it was a good place.

"That's good. By the way, what if I open a department store here?"

Although Zack was a murderer, Celia never put on a special look at him. After getting out of the prison, he could drive a cool motorcycle back. Considering that he was generous, her uncle was absolutely different from others. Being the CEO of her previous life, she had a good eye on people.

"Department store? You want to do business on your own? "

Zack was shocked to hear this. They all grew up in the countryside. No one had thought buying things anywhere else except the town. At least, no one had tried to buy things there up to now.

"Well, I think this is an opportunity. My mother has been living a hard life long enough. I don't want her to suffer again." To open a department store was much easier than to do manual work in the field, no matter what happened.

"Celia, I can't believe you're so brilliant!" Hearing that, a tinge of gratification flashed across his eyes. He thought that his sister would have a good fortune in the rest of his life for she had such a daughter.

"So you agree?" It was good to get the approval of his family, especially his uncle Zack. And it would be better if he could be one of the shareholders.

"Of course, I think this idea is very good!"

Zack headed a thumbs up. Although the families of the village were not very rich and they had a hard life, they had to buy the daily necessities like firewood, rice, noodles and so on.

There was almost no car to town, so people had to walk. It would cost half a day to go and return, and it was not worthwhile at all.

"I'm happy to get your support." Now both her closest persons were on her side, so she had to do even better.

"It's us who are so happy for my niece to have such a promising future. Let's go. I'll ask your aunt to cook something delicious for us to celebrate." Zack was just so happy from the bottom of his


"Uncle, don't bother."

They were family. However, Celia and Wendy barely met his wife.

"It won't be troublesome at all. We should have a good meal together, shouldn't we?" Zack turned to Wendy.

"I follow Celia." Wendy looked at her daughter and said with relief.

"Yo, you have a good daughter, but you forget me, your good brother, right? After our parents passed away, we were the only family in the world who shared the same blood with each other. Why are you so formal with us? "

He knew his sister was timid since she was a child. She had been bullied by that old woman for more than twenty years, but she never said a word. Whenever he thought of this, he felt very sorry for her.

"Uncle Zack, you are talking nonsense. You have no idea how much tears my mother cried for you when you were away." Wendy was just not good at expressing herself.

"Don't say that. Anyway, I'm back now. We can visit each other often and I can protect you from now on!" After that, he hugged his sister.

"Well, that's enough. You and your sister can be together for a long time." Seeing the happy smile on Wendy's face, Celia also felt happy. The good days had just begun.

"You are so glib now, girl. I have never thought that even the arrogant Granny can't compete with you."

Celia was more and more different from before, but Zack liked her more and more.

"Uncle, I just disdained to argue with her before. Now she has gone too far. We have to let her know we're not sick cats. Forget it, let's not talk about her anymore. By the way, how long will it take if you ride the motorcycle to the town?"

Since Celia had decided to go to Zack's home, it would be too impolite if she went there without carrying anything. Her uncle was easygoing, but her aunt was different. So Celia decided to buy something for her.

"About ten minutes."

There were ten miles from the town, it would take at least an hour to get there on foot. Now with the help of this motorcycle, the speed was much faster.

"Ten minutes? So soon? "

Wendy was surprised. After all, she had never been further than the town before the visit to near city

"Mom, how about asking your brother to show you around? Enjoy the modern life? " Celia egged her on so that she could have the chance to buy something in the town.

"No, it's too dangerous."

Wendy was green and inexperienced, so she was a little afraid of motorcycle and thought it could not bear the weight of three people.

"Sister, it's very safe. Come on."

After all, Zack was nice to his sister so he asked her to sit in the back seat.

Celia was not curious at all. After all, motorcycles had been generally used in her last life.

Ten minutes later, the motorcycle stopped. Celia looked calm, while Wendy's hair was disheveled and she looked dull.

Celia could totally understand how Wendy felt now. She tidied up her mother's hair and said to her uncle, Zack, "uncle, my mother is a little shocked. Can you take her to sit there for a rest? I'm going to buy some stuff."

Celia made up an excuse. She thought that it was necessary for her aunt to receive the gift. After all, courtesy is never to blame.

"Okay, go ahead. I'll stay here with your mom." Zack didn't think too much and bought a bakery for Wendy as soon as he saw it. Then he took good care of her.

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