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   Chapter 16 Courtesy Is Never To Blame

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6850

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Under the mediation of Horace, Sue accepted the 200 dollars and handed over the deeds. Now the firewood room completely belonged to Celia and Wendy.

"Celia, I didn't expect you to be so smart. Just imagine if you got a proper education."

Zack was deeply impressed by his niece. For Celia, it was just unfortunate that the Tang family never liked her. If they really thought highly of her and sent her to school, she would have a totally different life now.

"Uncle, we just need to take it one step at a time. We'll constantly improve like that."

In her past life, she had graduated from a prestigious university and studying always came naturally to her. Unfortunately, now she struggled to even feed herself. It wasn't the time to dwell on receiving education though. She decided to think about the education issue in the future.

"You're right. I'm sure our future will be great, but Celia, why did you insist on buying this shabby firewood room? There are so many places that are much better than here."

He couldn't wrap his head around it. With the 200 dollars, they could get a much better place.

"Uncle Zack, what do you think about the location of it though?" Celia wanted to show Zack how masterfully she planned this.

"Location? It is located in the center of several villages nearby, and the road in front of it is the only way that a lot of the villagers go into the town. It is near the mountain, and there is a well not far away. Since it was in demand from Horace, that's proof enough." Zack seemed to understand its value instantly.

"Brilliant. What do you think about me opening a department store here?"

Although Zack used to be a murderer, Celia never judged him for it. He clearly seemed to find success after prison, as he bought that motorcycle. He was also such a generous uncle so he was different in her eyes. She had been a CEO in her past life, so she had a knack for spotting the people that she could trust.

"Department store? Do you want to start a business all by yourself?"

Zack was shocked. They all grew up in the countryside. No one had ever even thought of buying things anywhere else except the town. This was the first time that he had heard such an idea in all honesty.

"Well, I think there's an opportunity there. My mother has had a hard life for far too long. I can't watch her suffer anymore." Running a department store would always be better than her mother doing farm work.

"Celia, I can't believe that you're so brilliant!" He looked upon her, completely amazed by her acumen. He knew his sister would have a happy life in the future with such an amazing daughter.

"So you agreed?" She needed the approval of her family to ease her mind. Zack's approval meant a lot to her. She would actually love it more if he could be a shareholder.

"Of course, I think it's a great idea!"

Zack nodded and gave her a thumbs up of approval. Although this village was poor and smothered in hardship, everyone still needed the essentials like rice and so on regardless.

There was almost no bus to town, so people had to walk. It would take half a day to go and come back. Ultimately, it always didn't seem worth it.

"I really appreciate your support." The two people she cared about the most were on her side and that was all the motivation she needed to succeed.

"We're the ones that are happy for you and your promising future. Let's g

o to my home to celebrate; your aunt will prepare some delicious food." Zack's heart was filled with so much pride and happiness.

"Uncle, don't bother."

They were family, however Celia and Wendy barely ever met Zack's wife.

"It's no trouble. We should gather together, as we're family, right?" Zack turned to Wendy.

"Whatever Celia wants," Wendy said, looking at her daughter in relief.

"You daughter is incredible but don't forget that you have an incredible brother, okay? After our parents passed away, we are the only two left in our family. Why are you acting like a stranger to me?"

He knew his sister had been through a lot and through the years of torment from Sue, she became really timid. His heart ached because of his poor sister.

"Uncle Zack, you are talking nonsense. You have no idea how many tears my mother shed for you when you were away." Wendy just couldn't express herself as well.

"Don't say that. Anyway, I'm back now. We can visit each other as often as possible and I'm here to protect you now." He was overcome with emotion and hugged his sister.

"Well, that's enough. You and your sister are together now." Seeing Wendy's smile, Celia felt overjoyed. The good days were finally beginning.

"You are so good at talks all of a sudden. You'd never believe that even that arrogant Sue couldn't go toe to toe with you."

Celia changed drastically over time, so did Zack's appreciation for her. He liked her more and more by the minute.

"Uncle, I just didn't want to argue before. She went too far this time though. We have to let her know we're not pushovers. Forget it; let's not talk about her anymore. By the way, how long does it take you to get to town on your motorcycle?"

Celia knew they were going to Zack's house but she couldn't go empty handed. Her uncle was easygoing, but her aunt was different. Celia had to buy something for her.

"About ten minutes."

By foot, it would have taken ages but the motorcycle would get them there and back in no time.

"Ten minutes? That quick?"

Wendy was astonished. After all, she wasn't exactly an experienced woman. The furthest she had been before going to the city was the town.

"Mom, how about asking your brother to show you around? Maybe enjoy the modern life?" Celia egged her on, hoping it would give her an opportunity to buy something for Zack's wife in town.

"No, it's too dangerous."

Wendy was far too scared to get on the motorbike. She thought that there was no conceivable way that it could carry three people.

"Sister, we'll be safe. Come on."

Zack was so kind to his sister so she believed that he'd never lie to her or endanger her.

Celia wasn't terrified at all. In her past life, she rode motorcycles often.

Around ten minutes later, they arrived at the town. Celia happily hopped off the motorbike in stark contrast to the disheveled Wendy with a blank face.

Celia really felt sorry for her mother. She tidied up Wendy's hair and said to Zack, "Uncle, my mother is a little shocked. Can you take her to rest somewhere just so she can calm down a little? I'm going to buy some stuff."

Celia needed the excuse in any case. She had to go to her aunt's house with a gift. It was a must. After all, courtesy is never to blame.

"Okay, go ahead. I'll stay here with your mom." Zack didn't think too much of it and immediately started tending to his poor sister.

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