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   Chapter 15 The House Deeds

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"Horace, the house is mine now. I won't sell it no matter how much I get offered!" Celia asserted, seeing Sue happily scrounge for the money off the ground. This house was hers now and nobody could take it away.

"Celia, I'll give you one hundred more than you paid. We need this building to do official business in the village. Just give it to us."

Horace was really in a tricky situation. If he couldn't get this trivial matter sorted out, the village would undoubtedly be questioning his authority.

"Horace, I'm not a child anymore. I know what I'm doing. We got kicked out of the Tang family and being forced to leave showed us how unwanted we are. Surely you, as the village head, won't force us out of our only home, right?"

Celia was determined. The money made no difference to her. Horace could have doubled it but that wasn't the point. She just wanted the perfect location.

"What? Another one hundred dollars? Horace, if she doesn't sell it, I can sell it to you."

Sue couldn't understand how her abandoned firewood room became such a hot property. Her ears pricked up at all this talk about money, so much so that she gave Wendy her money back and wanted to negotiate with Horace.

"Take your money back. I'm not selling to you."

Sue was money hungry. Since Horace already added one hundred dollars onto the original asking price, she wasn't going to squander the opportunity for some good business.

"What nonsense are you talking about now? You picked up the money shamelessly a moment ago, and now you're just going back on your word? What's wrong with you? You really have no integrity," Zack blurted out angrily. His hatred for her seemed to build and fester more and more every minute.

"I didn't go back on my word. Did I sign a contract with you? Did I give you the deed? We just had a discussion. There was no binding obligation after that," Sue argued.

"I'm losing my temper." Zack's face turned red as ever as he clenched his fists tightly. He was about to erupt like a volcano.

"Uncle Zack, calm down. I'll handle it."

The old woman was such a conniving witch. Zack couldn't suppress his rage any longer.

"Are you sure? If you can't, I'm going to knock some sense into her."

He couldn't stand the disrespect anymore. Nobody was going to push his sister and niece around on his watch.

"Of course, Uncle Zack. I'm a grown woman. Besides, it took you a long to get out of jail and I'd feel way too guilty if you had to go back for protecting me. She won't do anything to me in front of so many people anyway,"

Celia said firmly. She had learnt her lesson. Ironing out the finer details was very important. She needed to get the contracts and the house deeds if she wanted this place.

"Horace, if you buy this place form her, my mother and I aren't going back to the Tang family. We will sleep on the streets and our lives will basically be at the mercy of others. I believe that when people make a deal, they have to honor their end. So, I'm not taking my money back."

Celia walked over to Horace and handed him the money.

"Celia, what are you doing? Why are you being so stubborn?" Horace was reall

y in the thick of it. How could Celia be so difficult to persuade?

"I'm not stubborn. I just want my mother and me to have a home. I know this is important to you but aren't the lives of two people more important than an office?" Celia wasn't afraid to speak her mind. As the head of the village, he obviously knew which was more important.

"That's enough, Celia."

Of course, the lives of two people were more important. If he bought this place and put them on the streets, he couldn't afford to take the blame for anything that could happen to them. It was very likely they'd end up in a very bad way because of how beautiful Celia is.

"You and your mother can stay in the firewood room. I'll go find another location for our office. Is that better?"

Celia didn't do anything cunning or extreme to convince him. She just appealed to his softer side to make him compromise.

"Thank you for understanding, Horace. There's actually one more thing I need your approval for while you're here. You saw how much I want this place, so I feel like I can give a convincing explanation now."

Celia was fairly straightforward these days. She needed to solve all her problems immediately, especially with her grandmother.

"Of course I'll help you as long as I can."

Horace realized that Celia was not someone who could be brushed off.

"We only lived here because it was the Tang family's. Now that we don't want anything to do with them, we need to have the deeds to the house. If she takes the money, this house has is no longer hers and we have the right to live here away from her control. If she doesn't take the money, you can prove that the house is ours anyway."

Celia had to tie up all the loose ends.

"Are you dreaming? Why should I give it to you? Who do you think you are talking to? Just sleep on the streets. No one gives a damn. This house belongs to us."

Sue was furious that the three hundred dollar offer was all in vain. She couldn't understand how Celia changed so much.

"You either accept the two hundred dollars and give us the deed, or let us live in this house for free. Grandma, think it over; it's a good deal."

Sue had always weighed up her options. She agreed to let them live here at the time because there was no money on the table. She could give that up now though because there was money to be made.


Sue felt so aggravated that she couldn't get back at this stubborn girl. Celia used to be such a timid person, terrified of getting in trouble but now, she, all of a sudden, developed a sharp tongue and didn't even give her a chance to talk back.

"That's it, Aunt Sue; just calm down. Your daughter-in-law has been like a servant to your family for years and everyone in the village has seen it. Just let them live here. Celia has even offered to pay you for it. Why don't you just give the deeds to them so they have somewhere to stay? We're not going to buy this place anymore, so give them the deeds and let them have this house."

Sue was always ruthless with Wendy and Celia. It was almost a lifetime of torment, so maybe it was the right time for Horace to finally do them a favor.

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