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   Chapter 15 House Deeds

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6632

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"Horace, the house is mine now. I won't sell it no matter how much it is!" Seeing that Granny happily picked up the money on the ground, Celia said sternly. Now no one could take the house from her. It belonged to her.

"Girl, I'll give you one hundred more. It's totally three hundred. Give me the house. We are really going to use it to do business in the village."

Horace was in a dilemma. If he couldn't do this trivial thing well, he might be criticized by the authority.

"Horace, I'm an adult now, so every word I said just now is responsible. This is my home if I don't go back to Tang family. If someone forced us to leave, he really didn't want to give us a way out. I think you, as the village head, won't be against us, will you?"

Celia was determined. She was not willing to bid double the price, let alone more than one hundred. What she really wanted was the perfect location.

"What? Another one hundred? Horace, if she doesn't sell it, I can sell it to you. "

Granny didn't know when her broken firewood room became so valuable. She was so happy that she could sold it at such a high price and gave the 200 dollars she had just picked up to Wendy again.

"I've given the money back, bitch. I won't sell it to you."

Granny was not stupid. She could tell from the village head's original price that Horace had added one hundred and she would definitely not do this losing business. The difference was as much as one hundred and unless she was insane, she would not let that bitch get away with it.

"What nonsense are you talking about? You picked up the money shamelessly a moment ago, and now you want to take back your words. What's wrong with you? I don't believe any integrity in your words." Zack swore angrily. He thought that the old woman was so shameless and she was totally an unreasonable shrew.

"What integrity? Did I sign a contract with you just now? Or have I given you the deeds? Verbal statements don't count. It doesn't break the law, does it? " Granny argued.

"I have a bad temper." Zack's face turned green. He rubbed his palms and said angrily. He was to erupt like a volcano.

"Uncle Zack, don't be angry. I'll handle it."

Although the old woman can't read, but this dirty means is very suitable for her style.

"Are you sure you can make it? If you can't, I will defeat her by force! "

He couldn't stand anyone bullying his sister and niece under his nose.

"Of course, uncle Zack. I've grown up. Besides, it took you a long time to come back. If something happens to you, she will feel guilty for the rest of her life. We are both women. Granny won't do anything to me in front of so many people."

She had learnt her lesson from what had happened just now. This was a very important lesson for her. Even in the conservative late nine generations, contracts and the house deeds were also very important. She indeed neglected that just now.

"Horace, if you give the money to her today, my mother and I will not go back to Tang family, nor go to other places. We will just lie on the ground. We are all ordinary women, and we do not have any background. But I know that people should be honest, and I also will not take the two hundred dollars."

Then she immediately gave the money to Horace, which was a tough nut to crack.


elia, what are you doing? Why are you so stubborn?" Horace found himself in a dilemma. How could this little girl be so hard to persuade.

"I'm not stubborn. I just want to have a house with my mother. Although I know it's an important thing for you, I believe the two lives are more important than an office, right?" Celia put it bluntly. As the head of the village, he knew clearly which was more important.

"Don't say anything, Celia."

Of course, the lives of two people were more important. If they really bought this place, he couldn't afford to take the blame if any unexpected thing happened to Celia due to her pretty face.

"You and your mother can stay in the firewood room. I'll go to another place to look for the group leader's office. What do you think?"

Celia didn't say anything harsh or irritating the whole time, but her words pointed to Horace's weakness and made him compromise.

"Well, thank you for your understanding, Horace. Since you are involved in this matter today, there is one more thing that I need your approval. Otherwise, I will surely not be able to give a convincing explanation by then."

Celia was a straightforward person. She had to solve all her worries at one time, especially her mean grandmother.

"Of course I'll help you as long as I can."

Horace realized that Celia was not someone who could be stalled off.

"The firewood room is Tang family's property and we moved here, so it's reasonable for us to live here. If my grandmother takes the two hundred, she have to give us the deeds. From now on, this house has nothing to do with the family of Tang. If she doesn't accept the money, you can prove it today that my mother and I have the right to live here. It's fair for us to get the room as the property of the branch. "

Celia must deal with this matter clearly today.

"Are you dreaming, bitch? Why should I give it to you? Who do you think you are threatening? Just sleep on the street. No one care. This is the house of our family."

300 dollars was all in vain, which angered Granny. She thought to herself that Celia was totally different.

"You either accept the 200 dollars and give us the deed, or let us live in this house for free. Grandma, think it over, it's a good deal."

Granny had been doing her calculation in her life. She agreed to let them live here at that time because there was no profit then. Certainly she would not give up the opportunity she could earn.


Granny felt that she could do nothing to get back at that stubborn girl. She used to be a rebellious girl who was afraid of getting into trouble. But now she suddenly became so sharp tongued and didn't even give her any chance to talk back.

"That's it, Aunt, don't be mad at them anymore. Your daughter-in-law has been the housemaid for so many years in your family, which all villagers have seen. It's okay to live in your broken firewood house. Besides, your granddaughter has said she wanted to buy your house now. Why don't you give the deeds to them? So they can have a shelter. We don't want to buy your house now. Just give them the deeds, if you refuse, it will really become a shabby house. "

Granny was ruthless, who had been hard on Wendy and her daughter for a long time. Today, she would like to do them a favor.

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