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   Chapter 13 A Beggar Can Never Be Bankrupt

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In order to avoid any gossip, Celia insisted on bringing Wendy back home alone.

Even though she was also skinny, it was a piece of cake for her to carry Wendy on her back.

Before she was reborn, she had been weak and sick from an early age, just like Daiyu Lin. Unfortunately, she didn't have a comfortable life like Daiyu Lin. However, after this rebirth, her body was much stronger than before.

Since she came here, she ate the simple and rough food without any nutrition, but her spirit was better than the day before. Her skin was well moisturized, though her clothes were not as good. Celia didn't look like a country girl at all, but an ancient elegant lady who was in trouble temporarily.

"Celia, thank you so much. It's such a long way to go. I'm really useless!"

Wendy felt sorry for her daughter and blamed herself for not helping her.

"Mom, it's not tiring at all. Look at my face, there is no sweat at all." Celia lifted up her hair to reveal her beautiful and fair forehead.

"Well, my daughter has really grown up."

Although being kicked out of the Tang family made her panic, when she saw her daughter becoming more and more mature, Wendy was really happy.

"Mom, don't worry. I will get better and better. I promise you that you will have a good life."

This was her first wish since she came to this world. No one would look down upon her if she became strong enough.

The next day, Andy went to work early after receiving the consent from Celia and her mother. However, he saw the Tang family members were surrounding the public office and seemed to have a fight.

"Mom, you've agreed to give me and Celine this firewood room. Now you're going to sell this house, which will make Celia and I live a deserted life. After all, Celia is your granddaughter."

As soon as she heard that Granny was going to sell this place, Wendy panicked. Although this house was old and shabby, it was OK for living in. If she couldn't even guard this place, they would really have to sleep out in wilderness.

"Granddaughter? She made my son die and you have lives in Tang family all these years. Our family didn't owe you anything. Your precious daughter was determined to leave at that time. Since she wanted to break up with us, the firewood room has nothing to do with you. I'll take it if I want. " Said Granny meanly.

"Mom, please."

Wendy was always cowardly, she almost knelt down to kowtow.

"What are you doing here? Who allows you to bully my mother?"

Celia got out early in the morning to look for a job. She saw her intimidating grandmother and Wendy who had been begging for something. She rushed forward to protect her mother. Now that they had left Tang family, what did this mean old woman want to do.

"I'm bullying your mother? It's her who has been begging me. " Granny said with an air of complacency.

"Beg you? If you didn't do anything wrong to threaten her or scare her, how would she beg you for mercy? Let me tell you, I'm not someone to be trifled with. If you dare to hurt my mother today, I won't let you off! "

She would not be as cowardly and incompetent as before, being led by you guys.

"You ungracious little girl! How

dare you curse me like this! You make me mad!" Granny could be said to control the entire Tang family. As the head of a family, she had never been humiliated like this before.

"I don't have good education, that's because I don't have a father to teach me. Moreover, I have an elder who doesn't have manners."

Celia was not afraid of fighting any more. They had split up anyway.

"Celia, don't talk to your grandmother like that." Before her grandmother could say anything, Wendy stopped Celia with tears in her eyes.

"Mom, she is cruel to us. She has done the most terrible things towards us including insulting and hurting us. It's ridiculous for her to say she brought us up for so many years. Since you married my father, you worked as a servant for the Tang family, we owe them nothing"

As the daughter-in-law of the Tang family, for so many years, Wendy couldn't have good food, nor could she wear good clothes. What's more, she was treated as if she was a servant. How could Granny say that.

"Celia, no matter what, this firewood room belongs to Granny. If there is no such a room, we might have to sleep on the street."

She didn't care about herself, but she couldn't let her daughter have no place to live.

"So she doesn't allow us to live here?"

Celia understood what Wendy was worrying about. She was afraid that they would have no place to live in.

"Yeah. She wants us to move out. But Celia, I won't let you have no place to live no matter what happened." Even if she knelt down and kowtowed to Granny, she had to save this place.

"Mom, listen to me. Calm down!" Seeing Wendy in a state of helplessness, Celia tried her best to calm down. Even if she really had no place to live, she would not depend on her grandma for a living. Everything will work out eventually. In the end things will mend.

"You've lived with her under the same roof for decades. Don't you know what kind of person she is? However you beg her, she wouldn't show any mercy to us. In that case, why should we be humble to her? Mom, if we make a compromise this time, we'll be bullied by her all the time. "

No matter how mean Granny was, she would not compromise.

"I know, but I don't want you to have no place to sleep at night!" Thinking of this, Wendy couldn't help crying. She didn't know what to do.

"Mom, let me handle this. As long as we can be together, I don't mind living on the street."

It was hard to change Wendy's timidity for a while, but Celia had the confidence to let her stand on her side.

"Celia, I believe you!"

Although Wendy was coward, her daughter was her weak spot. She didn't want her daughter to be scolded by Granny since she was a little girl. After all, she had grown up.


With the support of her mother, Celia had nothing to fear, no matter what Granny wanted to do. In short, she would never be bullied again.

"Old woman, I have warned you last time. If you dare to bully my sister and my niece again, I will not spare you!"

Zack rode on his motorbike and came to the village at the moment. The anger on his face scared everyone. Since he had a criminal experience, people dared not to risk their lives to annoy him.

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