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   Chapter 12 Business Is Business

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Celia broke in. She had thought it over. No matter how much Andy took care of her and her mother, she wouldn't forgive him if he had done anything to her mother. She was no longer the timid and easygoing sheep any more.

"Uncle Andy, what are you doing?" Although the scene of opening the door and coming in was not as exciting as what she had imagined, they were very close to each other. At this moment, Andy's hand was placing on the ankle of Wendy.

"Celia, why are you here?"

The moment Wendy saw her daughter, she pulled her foot out of Andy's hand.

"Uncle Andy, my mother's foot?"

Not having the mood to answer her, Celia noticed that Wendy had a towel on her ankle, and it was still steaming.

"Celia, your mother accidentally fell over the farmland just now and sprained her ankle. I said I would send her to the clinic, but she insisted not going. Seeing that her foot was getting bigger and bigger, I was wondering if it would be better to apply some hot compress for her."

Andy said and gave Celia a sincere look. Celia looked at him and felt ashamed of those dirty thoughts and imagined scene in her mind just now.

It turned out that her mother shrilled because of the pain. She thought too much and almost misunderstood them.

"Uncle Andy, thank you for taking care of my mother."

Celia was glad that she had kept her last sanity and not made a scene. Otherwise, the innocent man would be wronged.

"I should do what I should have done. It's not easy for you two, but now you are kicked out by the people of the Tang family. Alas!"

People in the village were poor, but there were various kinds of people. They lived in the middle of the poor, such as rice, corn noodles and yams. People like hebe and Celia were kicked out of the family. They were at the bottom of the poor.

"Uncle Andy, don't worry. I will definitely let my mother live a good life in the future!"

Celia's eyes gave out light. She was not just talking. She would surely make it soon.

"Celia has become a sensible woman now. I believe you!"

Although Andy wouldn't say much sweet words, his simple and honest smile made people feel comfortable.

As she spoke, Celia squatted down to take a look at her mother's red and swollen ankle. Then she looked up at Andy and asked, "Uncle Andy, is there any needle in your house?"

Celia said. It was late and the traffic here was inconvenient. She didn't have time to notify her uncle. It would take some time to take her to the clinic in the town and the optimal treatment time had missed.

In order to make her mother suffer less, she decided to do something herself. Although she didn't major in medicine in her previous life, she had twisted her ankle in her previous life. It had been almost half a month since she had been treated by the doctor. She knew how to heal the swelling faster.

"Yes, I do!"

Seeing that Celia could come up with a good idea, Andy stood up immediately and took out a needle.

Celia took the needle, burnt it in the fire, cleaned it and disinfected it. As the condition was limited, she could only do that in this way. After that, she let Wendy close her eyes and stabbed in the swollen place. Then there was much black blood flowing slowly.

"Mom, hold on. It will be okay as long as the bleeding leads out,"

There was no jar for cupping, so the bleeding was slow. In order to relieve the pain of Wendy and to make

her recover sooner, Celia didn't care about anything else, and directly sucked the blood on the place where the needle had just been pricked.

"Celia, please don't..."

Wendy struggled, she did not want her only daughter to get involved in any dangerous things.

"Mom, it's okay. You just hurt your ankle, not bitten by a poisonous snake. I will spit out the blood. There is no poison in it, you can recover faster this way."

Most women in the rural areas were uneducated, thinking doing things like that would be sick.

"You didn't lie to me?"

Looking at the blood at the corner of her daughter's mouth, Wendy couldn't believe that her daughter could know so much all of a sudden. Celia hadn't even gone to school for a few days for she was bullied by her grandmother.

"Of course I didn't. I have never lied to you."

Although she was poor after reborn, it was a great fortune to have such a loving mother.

"I believe in you, but Celia, when did you learn so much?"

Now she could feel the change of her daughter every day. She was confused. It was said that children won't change too much after three years old. Celia had grown up. How could she be totally different from the past.

"Mother, it's just common sense. I didn't want to learn it before. Now that grandma kicked us out, I'm the backbone of the family. Of course I have to know more about it. Otherwise, how can I protect you and make our life better? Don't worry, I'll only get better and better in the future, as if I have been reborn."

Evan and Celia were two different persons. However, with Evan's extraordinary appearance and her own extraordinary intelligence. Celia would become more and more excellent.

"Yes, we will. We will surely lead a happy life!"

Celia's words made Wendy feel better.

"Oh, by the way, Uncle Andy, we want to ask you to help to repair the abandoned public office. Otherwise, it would be really unsafe for us two to live there under such terrible weather. Don't worry, I will give you the money that the workers should be paid. Plus, we offer free lunch and dinner!"

It was not nice to ask others to help without payment, because she liked to do business according to official principles. Moreover, her uncle had given her 200 dollars yesterday for repairing the house, which was enough for her to pay for it.

"Celia, what are you talking about? A far-off relative is not as helpful as a near neighbor. I know what it means.

AS a simple and honest man, he was unwilling to receive any payment. He had nothing but brute force, which made the repairing work a piece of cake for him.

"Uncle Andy, I know you love for us. But business is business. Otherwise, those gossip women will judge my mother again."

Celia was straightforward. She wouldn't give any chance to anyone to hurt her and her mother any more.

"Yes, Celia is right, Andy. Just take it. It's good for us,"

Sitting in the chair silently all this time, Wendy also endured the pain to get up. Even if Andy had a crush on her, but they were innocent, she could not stand others to poke at her backbone. If her reputation was ruined, she would be ashamed.

"In that case, I'll take it. But don't me more than I deserve."

If he takes advantage of Wendy and her daughter, he would be just like a beast.

"Don't worry, Uncle Andy. We don't have that much."

Celia gave a smile. She looked fabulous with her beautiful face.

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