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   Chapter 11 Did You Really Have An Affair With Him

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6955

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"Zack, what, what did you do? Why are you covered in blood? Did you make trouble again? " Wendy was scared out of her wits and even started to tremble while speaking.

Zack had just been released from prison. If he killed someone again, she, as the elder sister, would definitely feel guilty for the rest of her life.

"Make trouble? Wendy, I just came out of the jail. Why would I make trouble? You think too much. " Zack clapped his hands and said casually.

"Then where did you get the blood? That's ridiculous! " Celia insisted. She was also not calm.

Looking at the blood all over his body, Zack grinned and said, "you are talking about this? The butcher stopped halfway when killing a pig, because the pig ran away. I caught it's tail but got my clothes stained with blood. They asked me to stay for dinner, but I refused! "

Celia and Wendy heaved a sigh of relief when they heard what Zack had said. They understood what had happened and were finally relieved.

"Oh my God, you scared me. I thought you made trouble again. By the way, Zack, have you done anything to them? " Wendy asked cautiously. She was still worried about him.

She had been bullied for her whole life. Now, even if someone stood up for her, she would still be worried. After thinking it over, she was afraid of being retaliated.

"I just got out of the jail with great difficulty. What can I do to them? But they were so frightened that they even trembled before I said anything. They almost knelt down before me. Sister, I have warned them. If they dare to bully you again, I will kill them without descendants. "

Fondly, Zack looked at Celia and said, "did you beat that slovenly woman? I saw the red palm print on her face. Well, good for you! You deserve to be my niece! You're doing the right thing. If they dare to bully you in the future, I'll bear the consequences for what you have done! "

"Don't worry, uncle. I won't let anyone bully my mother. But you have to come a few times if you have spare time. They have driven us to this deserted firewood room, with holes all over the place. We are two weak women, and there are no place for us to hide if someone with ulterior motives comes in at night. " Celia pleaded, looking at Zack pathetically and almost going to weep.

He looked around, observing the surroundings, and thought for a while. Then he said, "this place is indeed too old and shabby. How about I sending you back? I'd like to see what they dare to say! "

"Forget it. We don't want to stay under other people's roof. Tomorrow my mom and I can try to fix and decorate here." Celia bowed her head and said bitterly.

"The place really need to fix it. But what can you two women do? Ask someone to help you. " After saying that, he took two hundred dollars out of his pocket and handed it over to Celia, saying, "I will pay that for you."

Noticing that Zack took out another two hundred, Wendy refused in a hurry, "it's enough for you to give me five hundred just now. Don't give me any more money."

"Uncle has owned a Honda now. He is rich. Such little money means nothing to him. I will not waste it! But I will pay you back when I have enough money. " Celia said with no hiding and took the money.

"Celia, how could you..."

Wendy still wanted to say something, but she was interrupted by Zack.

"I remember that you were always shy when you were a child. You were afraid of strange people and unfamiliar things. I didn't expect yo

u to be so bold now. It's good. I'll be relieved as long as you're with your mother. " Zack looked at Celia with appreciation. He was sincerely gratified and Celia left a quite good impression on him.

They wanted to ask Zack to stay for dinner. However, they were too poor. Celia and Wendy had really easy meals recently. So when Zack insisted on leaving, they didn't ask him to stay. After all, there was no good conditions.

After sending Zack away, Celia gave the two hundred dollars to her mother and let her to keep it

"Your uncle has given you 500 dollars. Why do you still want it? It's not easy for him to earn money either! " Wendy scolded Celia as she thought Celia was too greedy.

"Mom, we are in urgent need of money now. Besides, I have said that I just borrowed money from him. I will return it to him later. " Celia continued, "how about you going to Uncle Andy's home and ask him to repair it tomorrow?"

Hesitating, Wendy knew that many people in the village had misunderstood the relationship between her and Andy. She didn't want to be gossip about them, especially now it was very late getting dark.

"How about me going?" Celia volunteered as if she knew what Wendy was hesitating about.

"You stay at home. I'll go!" Being worried about Celia's improper words, Wendy said helplessly.

Celia didn't think much after her mother left. She just started cleaning the house.

She was thinking about cleaning up the house and raising some money so that she could open a small apartment. After all, here used to be a public office with a large space.

Although the life then was poor and difficult, Celia was full of confidence every time she saw her beautiful face in the mirror.

She had been an ugly woman who had been treated bad in her previous life. Now God had given her the opportunity to start over again. Moreover, he had given her an extremely beautiful face. She had to live well and enjoy the joy of love. After all, what she lacked most before she was reborn was love.

Normally, Wendy could be back within fifteen minutes, but about half an hour had passed. So Celia couldn't help but worry.

It was dark outside. Celia hesitated for a while but finally decided to see what happened. Her mother had gone for quite long and hadn't come back. She wondered what had happened.

It took only five minutes from the public office to Andy's home.

Celia saw that the light in his house was on, and it was dusky yellow.

He was a stranger to this village. It was said that he came to live in here more than ten years ago, as he was an outsider of this village, so he was rejected, so he lived alone at the foot of the mountain.

Thanks to his kindness and foolishness over the years, he had gained a firm foothold here.

After arriving at the door of Andy's house along the farmland, Celia wondered whether her mother had fallen or not. When she was about to knock on the door to go in, a woman's voice suddenly came from inside.

"Ouch, it hurts!"

Celia could have recognized that the voice was from her mother's mouth easily. However, she did not know why she screamed out. Was it true that she and Andy had an affair?

Celia's father had died many years ago. She was very worried about her mother. If she couldn't find another man to live with, Celia wouldn't mind. However, she didn't know why, she still felt very depressed at that time. There were many feelings in her heart and she couldn't tell why.

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