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   Chapter 10 The Store Opening Plan

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"Celia, you should have stopped him for me. Your uncle is short tempered. If he makes trouble again, I don't know how to deal with it. " Looking at the back of Zack, Wendy said worriedly.

"Mom, don't worry. Uncle Zack will be fine. Grandma and Lucy need someone to keep them under control. I just want to let uncle Zack frighten them, in case they make trouble for us in the future! " Celia said with a desire to stir up trouble, being optimistic towards her uncle going to threaten Lucy.

Heaving a deep sigh, Wendy was in a complicated mood.

"Mom, is he the uncle you always talk about? It was said that he was a murderer and sentenced to 20 years in prison, wasn't it? Why did he come out so soon? Did he escaped from prison? " Celia mocked Wendy. She was curious about the incident.

"Nonsense! He behaved well in prison and was commuted the sentence. "

"Is the motorcycle his? It's not cheap. How could he get so much money to buy a motorcycle? "

Celia was implying something else. She was worried that something bad would happen to her uncle. After all, ordinary family couldn't afford such an expensive motorcycle.

"I asked him about that. He was working with a rich boss before and he earned a lot. The man had been in prison before. They met each other there. Your uncle was nice to him when they were in prison. Now your uncle is out, so he wants to repay his kindness. By the way, he just gave me five hundred bucks. " Wendy said truthfully.

"Five hundred? How generous! "

"By the way, Celia, did you really break the pan and hit Lucy?" Holding Celia's hand, Wendy said nervously. After all, it was something she could never imagine.

"Why do you think I'm going there? She's just a crazy woman. I can let go of her when she bullied you in the past. But after I came back to life, I've realized that it's every man for his own good. If anyone dares to bully us again, I'll fight with him. " Celia said as she looked at the wound on her mother's arm.

"Alas, I hope they won't make trouble for you in the future. To be honest, it's really surprising that you can return safe and sound after beating her!" Wendy sighed and said uneasily.

Celia gave her honest answer, "grandma was there too. I thought I would fight against them one after another. However, after uncle Gordon said something to her when he got home, they sent me back. I guess uncle Gordon must be scared when he saw uncle Zack. After all, he was a murderer. If they still bullies us, uncle Zack might take revenge on them. That's why I didn't stop uncle Zack when he said he was going to make trouble for them. It's not a bad idea to frighten them. We have to make them scared, or we will be having a hard time. "

"Alas, I hope your uncle won't make the same mistake again!" Wendy sighed, still being worried.

"By the way, mom, since I came back today, I have something to tell you, but I didn't say it." Celia looked into Wendy's eyes seriously. After hesitating for a while, Celia finally decided to tell her what she thought.

Wendy looked at Celia in surprise and said, "why do you hide your feelings in front of me? You can tell me everything on your mind. "

As you can see, our village is located in a remote place and the traffic is not convenient. The nearest town is about ten miles away from here. It is difficult for villagers to buy

anything. When I saw the Chen's department store in the town today, I thought I could refit our house to a small department store selling stuff. " Celia summoned up all her courage and spoke out what was in her mind.

Actually, she didn't plan to tell her right away. She planned to save some money for Wade' tuition fee, but 500 dollars from her uncle aroused her desire to become rich in advance.

Wendy was a traditional person. She was timid and sought for peace in her life. For her, she is satisfied enough that someone was willing to purchase the vegetable baskets and fruit trays she made at a high price. She just wanted to do well in this matter.

So when Celia spoke out the ideas in her mind, she was surprised. Her black eyes were full of confusion. She did not understand why Celia had such an idea and plan.

"Celia, are you kidding me? You want to open a small department store? " Her voice was even trembling. Wendy couldn't accept the fact that Celia was going to start a business boldly.

"Yes. I had this idea when I saw Chen's department store today. But I didn't tell you because I don't have any money in my hand. Now uncle Zack give you five hundred dollars, which is enough for Wade's tuition. Then we can work hard on gathering some money in woven baskets, so that I can put my idea into practice. " Celia said methodically. Everything was in her plan.

"But it needs a lot of money to open a department store. Even if we can make some money by woven vegetables baskets, it is still not enough! Celia, why do you suddenly have such an idea? Don't you think we are good enough now? " Holding Celia's hand, Wendy said worriedly. She thought Celia was irritated by something terrible.

"People should look forward to the future. We have only seen the direction in which we are heading. It is not perfect. Mom, you know there are several big villages near our village. Villagers living there must go to the town if they buy salt, laundry detergent or something too. I think this is a chance for us. Don't worry about the money. I'll figure it out! " Celia said rationally, looking at her mother.

For her, the most troublesome problem now was to persuade her conservative mother to start a business with her. It was not an easy thing, because cowardice was brought up by Wendy from the bottom of her heart. It was not easy to make her change.

Wendy sighed after she pondered over Celia's matter. She looked at Celia and said earnestly, "you know that I'm a person of low birth and mediocrity. I don't want you to be like me in the future. You have grown up and have your own thoughts. I should not have stopped you, but this is a big matter. You'd better think about it for a while. During this period, we can also save some money. Then if you still don't change your mind, do it as you want. "

Wendy didn't refuse, but she tried to persuading Celia to give in. She was afraid that her daughter would fall into an abyss.

She was about to say something else, but at this time, her brother Zack had come back. He was covered with blood, and even the air was filled with the pungent smell of blood.

Celia and her mother Wendy stood up, pale with fright, fearing of Zack murdering someone. After all, Zack had the criminal record and had been sent to prison. If he was irritated, he would do anything absolutely.

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