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   Chapter 7 Wendy Was Beaten Up!

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Seeing that someone got involved in this matter, a soldier, the three hooligans felt a little guilty, but since they had outnumbered men, they didn't cower.

"Wow, here comes a soldier! What happened here has nothing to do with you. You'd better mind your own business! " The small yellow hair with a machete in his hand made a sarcastic ridicule, being arrogant and domineering.

"How dare you bully two women in broad daylight? Are you crazy? Go away now! " The soldier helped Wendy up and strode towards the hooligans without fear.

With a knife in the hand, the three hooligans were not afraid at all. They continued to taunt, "what? Do you want to be a hero to save the beauty? You'd better weigh your ability. We don't care who you are! "

The soldier didn't get threatened at all. He rushed to fight with these men.

As the saying goes, a person of great daring takes the blade with bare hands, and he easily grab the blade in the hand of the hooligan, which was more than a foot long. Then he kicked the hooligans with his fists and feet, almost crushing down them three with a crushing posture.

The hooligans, all outwardly strong but inwardly weak, had never seen such a scene. They were frightened and immediately ran away.

Celia and Wendy were stunned. They had been worried about the safety of the soldier, but they did not expect that he was so capable that he scared the ruffian away in less than half a minute.

"Are you all right?" The soldier walked up to Celia and asked after glancing at her. When their eyes contacted, both of them were shocked as if they had met each other before.

"Have we met somewhere?" The soldier rubbed his head shyly. Celia's beautiful appearance dazzled him. No wonder those three hooligans didn't get satisfied with only robbing money.

"How could you strike up a conversation with a girl like this?" Celia pouted her lips and smiled sweetly. Although she was still in a state of shock, fortunately, she was able to breathe a sigh of relief as she had come across the upright soldier.

"Ahem, what happened just now?" Dazzled by Celia' sweet smile, the soldier lowered his head and asked with a red face.

"My mother and I sold stuffs in the town this morning. We were going to go back but came across the hooligans. Originally, they had just planned to rob our money. But later, they started to insult me. It's lucky that you showed up in time, otherwise I don't know what would happen. " Celia signed, looking at Peter in shock.

But she felt that her luck was not bad today. She ran across Jasper when selling her items, and now she encountered a soldier who saves her. It was really amazing.

"My name is Sharon Qin. Where are you going?" Looking at Celia and Wendy superciliously, Sharon Qin asked in a tone neither humble nor pushy.

"We'll live in Deyan village." Celia blurted out.

"Isn't it more than thirty miles away from here? Are you going to walk back like this? " He looked at them in surprise.

"We are from a poor family, having no choice."

Celia smiled bitterly. In fact, there were cars coming to the market they stayed at every day. However, the bus they could take in the afternoon was late and they had to wait for a long time, so Celia and Wendy decided to go back home on foot.

After thinking for a while, Sharon looked at Celia seriously and said, "I'm on the way. Can I give you a ride?"

"No, thanks. You helped us just now, it will be t

oo embarrassed to ask you to drive us back." Wendy stammered in fear. She had never taken a car in the past years of her life.

"Mom, we still have things to do after we go back. Besides, the soldier just takes us by the way. Why not? My feet are blistered! " Celia pouted her lips and said in a pettishly charming manner.


"Aunt Wendy, don't worry. It's okay. I'm on the way. Besides, it will take at least three or four hours to get your home from here. I can get you there within half an hour." Sharon said with a bright smile. He was very easygoing.

The two young fell in love at first sight.

They were all young people. Celia and Sharon had a pleasant conversation. However, half an hour past too fast. After sending Celia and Wendy back, Sharon left directly. He was too shy to stay any longer.

Deyan village was not big. Hearing that Celia and her mother Wendy came back by military vehicles, people from all over the village began to gossip, guessing the relationship between Celia and the young soldier.

If Celia had been sent back by ordinary young people, these gossiping women would have said that Celia was a tramp who tried to seduce men. However, since Sharon came here by driving a military car and was wearing a military uniform, the gossiping women had to give up their suspicion. After all, they dare not to offend soldiers.

It was precious to find a way to make money. After coming back, Celia asked her mother to clean up the house. Celia went up the mountain with a chopper and was going to make some bamboo to weave more baskets in the evening.

It was surrounded by bamboos on the three sides of the mountain. For them, the bamboos were more enough.

Half an hour later, Celia went home breathlessly, dragging a few bamboos. At home, she saw her mother sit on the doorstep dejectedly, with tears in her eyes, several finger marks on her face, and the back of her hand was scratched.

Celia's face darkened when she saw that. She put down the bamboos and ran to her mother, asking with concern, "Mom, what's wrong with you? Who bullied you? "

"No, it was an accident." In order not to make her daughter feel worried, Wendy chose to swallow the bitter herself.

Celia grabbed her hand and pulled it up. Her hand was rough and covered with bruises, which made Celia furious. But she couldn't do anything about that. She said indignantly, "you were scratched by someone and there is a palm print on your face too. Mom, tell me, who did this? I won't stand by. "

Celia didn't care what she had been like in the past. If she couldn't protect her own mother after rebirth, everything would be meaningless.

"No, Celia, please don't ask. I'm fine!" Wendy sighed. She didn't want to make trouble for Celia and she didn't want Celia to be involved because of her.

"No, you can't be so tolerant. We were kicked out and they still bullied you. I can't stand this. Just tell me what happened." Celia looked at Wendy with red eyes. She was determined to give them a lesson.

"It's your aunt. She just came to our house and saw the two bags of salt we bought. She said the salt at her home had just been eaten up, so she took one bag. I didn't say anything, but later she noticed the noodles I bought for you. She said that Wade liked eating noodles, but I refused to give them to her, so she fought with me, and then she also took away the noodles..." Trying to hold back her tears, Wendy said sadly.

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