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   Chapter 6 SIX

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She heard Damon give a loud curse right before a snap sounded behind them.

"What the hell?!" Damon cursed, stepping in front of Kara as he looked around the jungle, searching for the threat, "Have you seen anyone else come here, Kara."

"I told you to wait for me, didn't I?" Kara flipped around as James voice rung around the empty jungle from behind her.

She found him standing with his arms crossed over his chest, his jaw clenched tightly as his glare pinned Kara in her spot in shock while her heart thudded hard in fear. His anger was as apparent as a bright, shining day.

"What are you doing here?!" Damon exclaimed, staring at James in shock.

"None of your god damn business!" James did not spare a glance in Damon's direction. His eyes glaring at Kara, "Get out of here." James snapped at Damon.

"Why should I?" Damon asked arrogantly, "You get out of here. No one invited you anyway."

"Actually, " James' gaze swung to me, "She did!"

"I and Kara come here-" Damon started to say but Kara cut him off midway, "Damon, please don't fight." she murmured. Her head felt like it was about to explode because of irritation and fear. She could not believe that James had decided to follow her here. She knew that this was not her fault and she had done her best to wait for him as long as she could and he was the one who had decided to not fulfill it like an self centered person but still the look in his eyes was not something that she liked for herself.

Damon turned to her and said softly, "Kara, please do not support him right now."

"I am not supporting him!" K

e was apologetic for his behavior. His anger always wrenched out the worst behavior from him but he never hurt anybody. And Kara was the least person that he wanted to hurt. But this time his anger had brought out the worst of him when he saw Kara standing outside of his room.

"Sorry."James muttered while taking a step forward in her direction.

"Sorry for what?" Kara mumbled but did not look at his face, ignoring him completely.

She could see his feet in front of her eyes as he came to stand just a feet away from her.

She felt his hand lift up. His hand came up to grab her chin gently and lift it up to stare into his eyes as he replied, "Sorry for pushing you down the wall and sorry for pushing you down when you were out of the room as well."

James eyes held sincerity and gentleness. This one look, this one stare that James always gave Kara was enough for her to go soft on him.

But then he bent down his head and softly kissed her cheek, and that was the moment when her heart raced a bit faster in his presence for the first time.

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