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   Chapter 5 ●F I V E●

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She had waited the whole day for James but he had once again proved her right but not appearing. He always did that. He gave her hope and then snatched it again. It was kind of his thing. She did not know what pleasure it gave him to break her trust again and again but it hurt like a bitch every time he did that and she fell for his talks over and over again.

Kara knocked on the door of Damon's room. She was feeling a bit scared because if by some miracle James came home and did not find her here, he is going to lose his shit. His anger scared her the most. But this time her fear from his anger got overpowered but by her own fury for betrayal towards her. The day had already passed. There was no way in hell he was going to get to ruin her birthday.

Damon's door flipped open, showing a six feet high man with blue eyes standing in front of her with nothing on his body except for boxers and a loose tank.

"Put some God damn clothes on!" She growled while pushing him aside and entering his room with a huff.

Damon's whole room was a mess. As much Damon was a clean freak, just as much Damon was a mess freak. There was not even a day when she had not seen his room full of utter mess even when his room got cleaned daily.

"You do realize that if it were any other girl in your place she would have died swooning over me, right?" Damon chuckled and plopped down beside her on bed.

"Weeweeawaweee..." Kara mimicked his tone with unintelligible words, making him burst out in laughter.

Grabbing her thighs he pulled her legs towards him until he managed to put his head on her lap. Kara pushed at him with annoyed voices but in front of his strength her own was literally nothing.

Once Damon managed to settle his head in her lap he turned his face up to look at her and asked, "What do you want? Stumbled in the wrong room, princess?"

Kara narrowed her eyes at him, "I know which room I am in, bitch."

"Ohhh... really?" Damon teased while sliding his hand in her waist and tickling her with the tips of his finger lightly.

Kara let out a frustrated groan while pushing at his hand, "Let's go to the church."

Damon, who was focused on making Kara's life as much of a hell as possible till the second she was in his room stopped immediately, "What? Now?"


Damon raised up his head and looked out the window and then at the wall clock in the room before taking his gaze back to Kara, "Princess, you do realize that it is seven in the evening, not morning, right?"

Kara's glare intensified.

"Aw... fuck. Alright!" Damon groaned in annoyance while pushing his face in her tummy, "Can I go in this attire only?" his words came out a muffled.

"You can come naked for all I

care." Kara mumbled and threw him off her lap, making him stumble and fall down on the ground with a loud groan.

"You are a bitch sometimes." he mumbled, rubbing his almost broken ass.

"Stole some traits from you." she mumbled while standing up and glaring down at him until he stood up from the ground on his own.

"Let's go." she ordered and walked out of the room hearing the sound of Damon rushing to grab his essentials.

Fuck James.


Stepping out of the BMW, Kara sighed in happiness as the coldness of the dark, silent jungle hit her naked arms.

The darkness had covered the sky. Gnarled trees hung low over the baronial church, creaking ominously in the howling winds. The heavy oak doors, that were kind of broke fell open, echoing around the empty church. The moonlight shone through the heavily cracked stained-glass windows, casting an eerie glow onto the dusty alter.

She felt Damon coming to stand beside her while staring at the church. It was not anything special, but since she had found the church in her teenage, it had kind of become a ritual for her to come here on her birthday. Or when she felt gloomy and depressed. This place was her salvation, it held her calmness.


Kara fell down on the ground hard. She had not expected James to push her so brutally. Pursing her lips she supressed the cry of pain that tried to leave her lips.

Her accusing and angry gaze snapped to James, glaring at him as tears threatened to fall out of her eyes.

Managing to put all her weight on the uninjured leg she held onto the railing and stood up from the ground.

She did not look at him after that. His behavior was not acceptable to her. Shooting a fleeting side glance at him she started to stumble towards her own room silently. Her stomach was in knots.

She had just taken two steps when someone grabbed her arm and pulled her in the opposite direction.

"Come with me." James hissed and pulled her towards his room.

Kara tried to snatch her arm furiously but he did not let her. He pulled her towards his room until they both were in and he had locked the door from inside.

Kara stayed standing, folding her arms over her chest and not sparing James a glance.

"Why did you come?" James asked, ignoring her, "Not injured enough yet? Want to get killed?"

Kara's angry eyes immediately shot him an offended look. Seething once again she tried to pass by him and walk out the door, but he blocker her path.

"Tell me!" he glared.

"I don't want to tell now." Kara gritted, trying to dodge him and get to the door but her injured leg and James were perfectly able to block her path.

"I am sorry." James spat out the words when she did not stop.

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