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   Chapter 4 ●F O U R●

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She quickly climbed down the stairs and found the whole family sitting by the lunch table, as she had expected.

It was a routine for as long as she could remember. The breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner was a family union time for Sullivan family. If they were in the city, they had to schedule their meetings keeping the food arrangement in mind.

James on the other hand, ran by his own rules.

"Ah, my darling girl is here." Mrs. Rita, James and Damon's mom greeted me with the sweetest smile as soon as she saw me.

Smiling openly at her greeting, Kara subconsciously pulled down her sleeves.

"Hey, Rita." She smiled at her and then around the table at everyone.

Mrs, Laura, James's granny patted the seat right beside her with a gentle grin, offering her the place to sit.

"How are you doing my darling girl?" Mrs. Laura smiled while picking some red pasta and serving her with a glass of juice.

"I am fine." Kara thanked Laura graciously before starting to eat.

A few moments later Rita asked, "What are doing for your birthday? Got any party planned with friends or should I make arrangements for celebrations at home, baby?"

Kara's gaze lifted up to meet Rita's sweet one, "I have not planned anything yet actually. I will see what I am going to do."

"Good girl." Rita praised her and continued eating.

Kara's gaze roamed around the house, trying to catch a glimpse of James but he was nowhere to be seen. It were already three in the afternoon. She had planned to go early morning to the abandoned church but as James had told her to go with him, she had stayed. They will not be able to go there if it got too late and darkness covered the city at night as the jungle will also get dark and there would barely be any light in the church.

After finishing up the lunch she hurried to get to her room to get changed and call James. She tried five times but he constantly cut her phone. Disappointment had already started filling her thinking he was not going to take her with himself like he had promised.

She went ahead and took a shower before getting dressed in a thigh high skirt and cold shoulder top. Picking up the phone from the bedside table she called him again. It were six pm now. The darkness had started spreading.

He did not pick up. Tears brimmed in her eyes as she realized that James was ditching her once again, like always. She did not even understand why she blindly gave her trust to him again and aga

in. It was so stupid of her.

Sighing she picked up her blue, ankle length shoes and pulled them on her feet. Realizing she was putting the wrong shoe in the feet, she growled in frustration and threw it across the room. The shoe smashed against the wall and fell down innocently.

"Fuck you!" Kara muttered.

The shoe did not snap back, nor did it magically fly up to come to her even when she glared at it for the next ten minutes.

Her gaze went to the watch as it chimed at seven. The sun had completely gone down. Her birthday was already ruined and she was not going to ruin it anymore by waiting here sitting like a doll for that fucking bastard.

Making the decision, she stood up from the bed with a huff and limped with one shoe on her feet to get the other one.

Picking it up off the floor she sat down on her ass right there and put it on.

Once finished she again waited a couple of minutes, don't know waiting for what. A miracle that magically dropped James in front of her eyes with a large bouquet of flower and chocolates?

"Fuck it!" I snapped in frustration and started walking towards Damon's room to drag him along with me.


Kara limped towards James room in the darkness of the night. The whole house was quiet and covered in deathly calmness. Kara always got scared of the dark. The shadows gave her chills and made her fear the ghost roaming around. James had told her that there were some bad ancestors who were roaming inside their home and in the hallways at night. Scary and lurking to attack. The only safe places where the ghosts did not go were her room and James'.

Getting more and more scared with each passing she limped hurried towards James' room. Once reaching there she knocked gently. No response came back. She knocked a few more times but no one answered. Thinking James had fallen asleep Kara turned around to leave.

"What do you want?" James' s voice stopped her as she took as step towards her room.

Turning around she faced him, happy to see him still awake.

"I came to talk to you." she beamed, "Can I come in?"

"Go away!" James slammed the door in her face.

She limped towards the door again and knocked. She kept knocking until he did not open the door once again.

"What?!" he snapped, "Go away or I will break your leg once again!"

"You will not." Kara tilted her head to the side and smiled innocently.

"Watch me." James snapped, grabbed her shoulders and threw her away.

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