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   Chapter 26 Lost in the Dust

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Updated: 2020-07-22 03:52

The hours passed by and then there were sounds of gunshots, loud yelling, and screams. Hope started shivering. She knew something was wrong, in fact, everything felt wrong in that moment. Her heart was in a panic. She could not dare lift up her head and look out from the window of the car. She wanted to go and find Varys, she could feel the panic throbbing inside her. But she did not want to get him in trouble, she did not want to become a liability and she did not know what the hell was going inside that house. All she knew was that there was some really scary shit going on inside the house and Varys and his family were in danger.

Her hands fumbled to find her mobile phone and thankfully, after much struggle of trying to hold it in her fumbling fingers, she managed to dial 911.


Before the Police came, the gunshots had stopped and the house had gotten covered in silence. Earlier there had been sounds of shouting, growling, footsteps. She had heard people run out of the house and get inside the SUV's and hop on thei bikes. Her body was literally frozen and her eyes were burning for some reason. Her heard seemed to thud inside her throat, her tongue feeling heavy. Right before she could gather up the courage to go inside the house, the early rays of sun had just hit the pavement when the police sirens blared, pulling Hope out of her daze. Grabbing the handle of the car door, she threw it open and jumped out, ready to dash inside the house before the police cars even came to a stop. But then her body tumble forward and she almost fell down hard.

All she remembered after that was getting grabbed from her arms by some people, and firm, loud foot steps of the police officers running inside the house while shouting orders at each other. Everything was a loud echo instead of coherent words coming out of people's mouth.

She shrug off the holds of people, not liking anyone holding her in that moment, she was almost frantic when she threw their hands off her arms. She could hear them yellin


He could take any girl with just a snap of his finger, despite of being married.

Ethan stared into her eyes as he threateningly picked the knife up from the table, showing its edges to her as he admired its sharpness while keeping it at his eyes level.

"You know that I can kill you right here, right now?" Ethan smiled innocently, taking steps towards her, "I really don't like you ruining my reputation like this. You are the daughter in law of Romano family, honey. Show some respect to the title you are given and silently come back."

"I did not know that sluts like you had any kind of reputation, Ethan." Hope grinned, staring into his angry gaze, "When you fuck everyone except me, do you think you gain any other title than being a male slut in front of my eyes, your majesty?"

The words had barely left Hope's lips when she stopped breathing as the edge of knife dug inside the skin of her throat. Breaking the surface and making the blood drip.

"Still in love with me, wifey?" Ethan asked, an innocent smile covering his face, while his evil eyes stared down at Hope, promising the ruthless havoc of thunder rumbling beneath them.

"I am not sure." Hope replied softly and tipped her head forward so that the knife pushed in deeper in her throat, challenging him with equal vigor, "But still in hate with you, darling."

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