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   Chapter 25 Happiness and Panic

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Updated: 2020-06-28 21:00

Hope stayed rooted to her seat, she felt like her soul was getting crushed and mixing in her heart, her mind completely blank while her fingers twitched to slip in the back of Varys' head, clutch his hair and press his mouth against hers even harder.

A few seconds later Varys slowly pulled himself back hesitatingly. His eyes came down to meet hers while her tongue slipped out to lick her lower lip, suddenly feeling parched as hell.

"Varys, " she whispered softly, unable to fathom what to say to him.

A moment of realization passed between them, both knew what they wanted, both knew that they had feelings deeper than of friendship between them, but both of them were afraid to voice the words aloud.

But then instead of saying anything, both of them leaned towards each other at once, like magnets getting attracted without control. Their hands found their way in the back of heads, their mouths landing upon each others, lips opening and engulfing the other's in a deep, soul crushing kiss as they poured out their feelings, laying all the feelings bare in form of the kiss.

Their lips moved over each other's, tongue coming out and tangling gently before slipping inside Hope's mouth to lick each drop of nectar that she had to offer. This was their world that they wanted to live in, this was the way they both wanted to be with each other, with complete control over other's body, soul and thoughts. This is what they had wanted for so long, fighting with each other for so long while having the deepest thrumming slithering inside their bodies, just wanting to be in the embrace of the other's arms and staring upon the world with a smile on their face.

Nothing in the world would have broken that spell of a moment. Nothing

snap in anger and panic suddenly.

She lifted her head up, suddenly getting alarmed at the tone of his voice.

"What is wrong?" she asked when she saw Varys slam open the door of the car and jump out in hurry.

"Shhh!" Varys whispered. His eyes were glazed with fury, tension, unhappiness, and fear, "Stay down. Do not come out of the car until I come back to get you, okay?!"

"What is wrong?" Hope shuddered at the look in his eyes, "Don't leave me here like this. Let me come with you!"

"Hope!" Varys snapped, but the calmed down immediately and slid his hand on her cheek, caressing softly as he whispered, "Baby, please stay here. Something is... very.. very wrong. I can't have you in this all. You understand?"

Hope wanted to argue and question, but the way his face was filled with worry, she just nodded her head in acceptance and gave in.

Varys bent down his head and kissed her forehead gently before putting his hand on the back of her head and leaning her forward, attempting to hide her, "Stay down. Don't come out unless I come back to get you."

These were his last words before he got out of the car and dashed inside the house.

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