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The Runaway Mafia Queen By ktish7 Characters: 5595

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Hope woke up to the blinding light and white walls. Everything felt surreal to her. Was she even alive or was this heaven?

Her eyes blinked a couple of times before managing to open fully. Everything around her was white and too shiny. There was a complete silence in her ears right before the loud chatter patter of people and things started to enter through her brain like a loud crash.

Groaning, she slipped up the bed and tried to find someone. Well, good thing she figured out that this was not heaven that she was lying in, this was a freaking hospital.

She had barely registered it through her head, trying to figure out how she ended up here and then remembering being at the party and things that happened with Varys when the door to her room opened and Varys walked in. He was still wearing the same clothes that he was wearing at the party.

Still looking just as handsome.


His eyes came to meet with hers as she sit up straight in the bed, being careful to not be too quick about it as she did not want to fall face first into the floor because of the possible virtigo.

"Still alive?" Varys taunted, coming to sit beside her on the bed.

"I think so." Hope muttered.

Only she could be unlucky enough to get into an accident while fighting with someone verbally. Gosh, this was humiliating.

And then the panic set in, "What time is it?" Hope exclaimed as her eyes met the wall clock, "Oh my God. One AM? My parents are going to kill me if they have not died of worry already!"

As she started scrambling out of the bed in hurry, she felt Varys' hand shoot out and grab on to her arms, stopping her, "Stop! What the hell do you th

e started to slip out of the bed. But right before she could put her feet on the ground, Varys bent down, picked her up in his arms and started to carry her out of the hospital bridal style.

"Put me down! What are you doing?!" Hope hissed as embarrassment engulfed her cheeks, making them become red.

Varys rolled her eyes at her and replied, "If I put you down, you will be found crying on the ground because of pain in your knees because they are bruised!"

Hope pursed her lips in frustration but could not snap back as honestly, she did not have any response to that. Her knees did hurt really bad.

He carried her out of the hospital and then to his car. In the dark night, his car shined brightly. He unlocked the door, and settled her inside gently, making her lie back on the seat before making an attempt to pull back.

Just as he pulled his hand from under her legs, and tried to pull back, the button on his shirt got stuck in the chain in her neck, his feet lost his balance, and he fell face first onto her body while his lips landed upon her soft ones unexpectedly, binding them in a kiss.

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