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   Chapter 23 Anger

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Hope could not believe her eyes upon seeing Varys in the party. What was he even doing here? This was a party for extremely rich people. And Varys was not supposed to be here!

Her heart was beating against her chest like a jackhammer, the sweat making its way down to her temple despite of being in the fully air conditioned hall.

When his furious gaze became too harsh for her to bear, and the shock of seeing him here passed, making her realize that it was no dream and she was seeing him in front of her eyes for real, she averted her gaze. And in that exact moment she realized that Shawn's lips were still pressed upon hers.

She immediately pulled back, taken aback and surprised. Shawn was smiling down at her as their body still moved to the rhythm but she came to a standstill, "Why did you do that?!" she asked, feeling a strong urge to run away from there but holding her ground.

"Because I like you!" Shawn was still smiling, his one hand lifted from her waist to come up and cradle her face in his grasp, "I want you to date me, Hope."

"I... I do-" she was about to finish the words when someone grabbed her arm and snatched her away, and the next thing she heard was a loud crunch as an fist came flying upon Shawn's face.

"Shawn!" she cried out, running towards him on instinct to make sure of his well being.

But she forgot that the hand was still clutching her arm and she had nowhere to run. As she took another step the hand pulled her back, making her slam against a rock hard chest.

"Stay right fucking here!" Varys' furious voice shook her to the core, "And YOU, " his eyes dropped to Shawn who was trying to dull the pain and bleeding on the side of his face and nose, "I SEE YOU ANYWHERE FUCKING NEAR HER, THIS PUNCH IS GOING TO BE

hand aside and shouted, "What are you trying to do? Kill Me?!"

"I am so not in the mood to fight with you right now, Hope." Varys huffed, "I want you to listen to me right now and I want you to listen very, very carefully!"

"Oh... you do not get to say anything to me, you fucking asshole!" Hope seethed, stepping backwards trying to put distance between them and not realizing that she was stepping in the open road.

"Hope, come back here right now!" Varys shouted.

"You do not get to order me, Varys!" Hope shouted, "Our friendship is fucking over, remember? What had you said the last time I had seen you? Fuck off, right? You told me to never show my face to you. You told me to never come to you! What the hell did you do back there? You hit Shawn and you brought me here without my consent! What the hell is wrong with you?!"

In her angry, hysterical rant she did not notice that while stepping back she had come to stand smack in the middle of the open road. She only realized where she had come when it was too late. A horn screeched in her ear, and the white lights of a car blinded her before loud screeches of tires were the only thing that she last heard.

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