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   Chapter 20 Followed

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Before Varys could catch up to her she turned around and ran. Not actually run, of course, otherwise he would get suspicious. She just wanted to get away from him without letting him get a hint of what she was feeling. She was still angry, alright! And she did not know how to express her anger except like this. Running away? Heck yeah. She could run from him until he stops chasing her. It is going to hurt for some time for sure but whatever. She needed him out of her sight.

She hurriedly passes between the groups of students, pushed them aside if she had to like a brat and immediately started going towards her class. It had already started and she just wanted to reach there before the professor did to avoid awkward confrontation like her first day.

"Hope!" she heard Varys shout.

She ignored.

He called out a couple more times. She ignored every time.

"Hope STOP!" Varys shouted but she was hell-bent on running away from him and there was no way in hell he was going to get to talk to her after he left her to die in the burning sunlight for three fucking hours.

He was just about to reach her. From hindsight, she saw him closing in as she reached the door of her classroom. He was just a few feet away from her when she dashed inside the classroom and found an empty seat. The professor was already here and this was not Varys' class so obviously he was not going to enter it.

Well, she was wrong.

As soon as she was seated, Varys stormed in.

Her eyes widened despite trying to control her reactions in front of him. He did one scan of the classroom, found her sitting, and immediately stormed a

he interrupted, "And stop fucking lying to me!" he gritted.

"I am not ly..."

"And ignoring my calls! And messages! And meetings!"

"I didn't tr..."

"Were you even sick? You blocked me out for four fucking days!"

"I was! I..."

"You even told your mother to not let me in!"

"I was sick! I did not..."

"You keep lying!" he snapped in a louder voice, "You keep ignoring and you keep lying and you ask me to believe you? Are you fucking serious right now?"

And then that was it for her. He kept on stating his point, saying things to her without even listening to her and he kept on spouting truth and she could not take it anymore. Wrenching her face out of his grasp she let herself free, "ALRIGHT!" she shouted, "Yes, I am angry! Yes, I am ignoring you! So WHAT?!"

She had completely forgotten where she was and what she was doing and how much louder she had said the words.

As soon as she stopped speaking the whole classroom got filled with snickers and whispers. And then the booming voice of professor snatched her attention, "OUT YOU BOTH! RIGHT NOW!"

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