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   Chapter 16 Sightseeing

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Suddenly the bell rang, signaling the end of the class and breaking the walls of the small world that Varys had built around himself and Hope.

Just as the loud, screaming voice of the bell broke through Hope's stupor, she snapped out of the spell that Varys had suddenly casted on her. Her closed eyes snapped open as she stared in those green, captivating eyes.

The class had started to get empty. Students were leaving and the loud shuffling and quick, runny steps of them collided Hope and Varys with each other.

"Come with me." Varys extended his open palm towards her.

"Where?" she asked, confusion was lacing her words.

"Do you have another class to attend?" he asked.

"Yeah, " she replied, "It is in an hour."

"Then come with me. I will show you around?"

He just needed her with himself for as long as he could manage. The restlessness of the past month had disappeared once he had seen her. But now just from the thought of parting from her had brought back that unsettled feeling.

Hope hesitated for a second. The class had gotten empty. There was nothing here for her to do anyway except roam around carelessly for the next hour.

She hesitated, but then put her hand in his large one, feeling his grasp tighten around her fragile one.

An instant smile spread on Varys' lips, leaving her dazzled for a second.

She could not deny the fact that he was handsome as hell. Even though he probably was in his early twenties, he had a body that could pu

the past two years." he replied without any hesitation or ego.

"You are a topper in Economics?" She gasped in surprise as well as shock at the indifference on his face.

"Yes." He replied nonchalantly, "This is my last year in college, so the Dean is insisting me to taking the medal from his hands."

Her eyebrows scrunched up in confusion at his words, "Then why are you refusing to take the medal from his hands?"

Varys stopped in his tracks and turned back to look at her face. He awkwardly, but silently lifted up his hand to wipe off the tensed line that had covered her temple.

"Because I don't like him." He said as his gaze dropped from her temple to look into her eyes, "I have seen how he discourages and pushes back the students who are less 'title holders'."

"What does that mean?" Hope asked gently.

"If you don't become a 'title holder', you will know." Varys winked and pulled her away from the empty ground to the next class that was due in ten minutes.

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