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   Chapter 15 A Deep Thirst

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Updated: 2020-02-23 13:48

"What the fuck?" She practically blasted in front of the whole classroom.

But one look from the angry professor was enough to put her back in her seat.

She immediately removed her gaze from him. Her fingers were shivering, in anticipation and an unknown, weird feeling of nervousness. It was not fear from him. It was her scary attraction towards him.

She could not understand why she wanted to look at him, and wished that he was looking at her too. But then also she did not want him to catch her looking at him, just to save herself from the embarrassment.

She was utterly distracted and him sitting right beside her was definitely the main reason of that distraction.

It was scary.

She could literally feel her heart ready to jump out of her chest. It was thudding so freaking hard.

Varys's gaze was not moving away from Hope's face. As she nervously tapped her fingers or pen or her feet continuously, it might have become irritating for some people after the first five seconds, but for him, it was hell entertaining.

There was actually a smile on his face right now. He could not believe his luck that she was in front of him, by his side.

In fact, he did not know that she had taken her admission in the same college as his own. The same economy major.

Here he was craving for just one look at her throughout this past month, and now she was here in front of him for the whole four years of her college life.

When the tapping of her fingers became too loud and quick, he grabbed her hand in his own on the table, stopping her movements.

Her gaze instantly snapped up to him, scared and nervous.

It made him furious. Why was she so scared of him all the time?

He gritted his teeth in anger. And his angry gaze scared her even more.

She immediatel


This past month was practically a living hell for him. He could not believe that he had craved to see one girl in front of himself after just one encounter.

His infatuation towards her was surprisingly astonishing. Scary even.

His thumb slipped at the corner of her left eye to touch a black spot there. It looked pretty on her face. And with her beautiful eyes staring right into his own, the beauty spot was just enhancing the colour of her eyes.

"I and Hector are not on good terms." He responded while caressing the side of her left eye softly, where the beauty spot was.

At his whisper soft touch, both of her eyes shut close.

"He and I have got some personal issues, so we do not talk much with each other." He continued, astonished at the sight of her beauty.

"Oh." She murmured. Her eyes stayed closed.

Had she even realized that it had been almost an whole hour but she had not moved away from his touch, had not tried to run away from him?

Only he knew how much he had craved to have her like this in his arms.

It was not lust that he felt towards her.

It was just pure longing, and need. Like the need for a last breath or a deep thirst for water.

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