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   Chapter 13 Seeing Her Again

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Updated: 2020-02-23 13:46

Varys did not answer to Hector. He could not. What would he even say?

That he had suddenly started to crave seeing an unknown girl that he had seen just once and wanted Hector to spill everything about her?

Never going to happen.

So instead, he slammed his fist hard on the glass table in frustration. The fork that was in his fist jumped on the table and fell down on the floor with a loud clattering sound.

He pushed his chair back angrily and started to walk away.

"What the hell is your problem, Varys?" Hector fumed at Varys.

Varys stopped in his tracks, turned around, and looked at his otherwise calm and polite brother who barely ever got angry.

"What is your problem?" Varys said through clenched teeth. He was already feeling frustrated and Hector's anger just added fuel to that frustration.

Hector also pushed back his chair, stood up and snapped, "My problem is that why bringing guests here angers you so much? I just brought one girl here and you are bursting in flames at me without any reason like a maniac."

Varys' gritted his teeth, "What does it matter to you why I do not like guests? Why did you even bring her here if you knew that I would get angry?"

"Because she is a nice girl and I like her!" Hector shouted, "We needed to discuss about the college admissions that are due just next week. And I am allowed to bring my friends here whenever I want. This is my home too!"

Varys instantly calmed down. The word 'friends' hit him like an arrow made of flowers. So just friends..?

"Oh alright." He said nonchalantly in an as calm tone as he could manage without showing Hector his excitement, "Then why don't you bring here anymore? You should have told me."

Hector's mouth literally dropped open at Varys' words. The man who does not like to let even his own close friends enter inside the home is allowing Hector to bring Hope back again?

Hector scrunched up his face in confusion and asked, "What?"

"No issue from my side, okay?" Varys said and grabbed an apple from the table to a

e did not.

And then Hector suddenly grabbed her hand in between the both of his palms, talking to her about something in excitement and in a pleading voice, making her laugh out loud at his actions.

Varys' anger finally crossed the limit.

He liked the way she laughed. The way she smiled and talked and cribbed.

But he did not like that all that she showed, all that she laughed was directed at his brother and not him.

His blood was boiling from seeing them together.

And that is when her eyes came to collide with his own.

Her face looked at him in confusion for just a second before recognition filled her eyes and an instant blush covered her cheeks like a beautiful curtain of shame.

But Varys was angry. The sight of her with someone else, even with his brother was making him furious to no limits.

Hope looked at Varys in confusion. She was not understanding why he was so angry upon seeing her.

She remembered him instantly. And the memory of her first encounter with him had filled her body with goosebumps and butterflies.

Her innocently confused gaze made Varys even more furious. Her hand was still clutched in Hector's.

Blaming her of the crimes that she was unknown to with his eyes, he started the car and drove away from there at the speed of eighty.

He could not bear to see her with anybody else any longer.

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