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   Chapter 10 New Destination

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Updated: 2020-02-23 13:41

The Next Day

My things were packed. I was standing near my suitcase, wondering where I should go next.

I had planned on staying with Vincent for at least fifteen days before finding my new destination.

But it had barely been a week and I was having to run away once again.

I could not stay with Vincent any longer. Not when the wrong kind of people had found me so soon. They had not attacked Uncle Vincent's home yet so I was guessing they had not yet found out about my whereabouts except for the city I am in.

I could not put Vincent's life in danger because of me. I could not see him, or Ocean Eyes, or anybody else close to Uncle Vincent getting hurt because of me.

'Cause I had seen what these people can do. I had seen the tragedies with my own eyes.

How could I let it happen to Uncle Vincent just to save my own life?

So that was it. I have to leave. Pronto!

I picked up my bag and started pulling the suitcase outside.

The strange thing was, when I had told uncle Vincent about my departure, he had not said anything.

He had neither accepted nor refused to let me leave. He had just walked away from me while dialling a number on his phone.

It made me sad.

Did I not matter to him? Did my stay with him had been so bad for him?

He had not even talked to me after that.

Probably I had been a burden on him.

Still, I wanted to bid him good bye. It was almost ten o'clock in the morning now. I needed to leave.

I put my suitcase in the hall and started searching for uncle Vincent in the house but he was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly I heard a commotion from outside along with uncle Vincent's booming voice.

I grabbed the handle of my sui

rry and tension eating me from inside.

Max sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose in anger. His mouth was twitching badly.

"How are you involved with Varys fucking Flint?"

"Varys fucking who?" I got confused immediately.

"Varys Flint!" He repeated, "the guys that had tried to kidnap you? Turns out they are Varys' men."

"Who the hell is Varys?"

He stared at my face for a second. Satisfied with whatever he saw on my face, he started looking at his shoes.

A minute later he lifted up his hand and grabbed the back of my head.

He pulled me closer to him so that my body was flush against his chest, "Honey, " Max growled, his voice coming down to a low pitch, "Varys Flint is the man who drives most of the underworld on the tips of his finger in most of the cities. The biggest rival of Italian gangster clan."

My face turned white as chalk as his words entered my mind and I immediately recognised the name.

"Now, " he muttered with his teeth clenched shut, "You are going to tell me how the hell you are involved in all this mess. Or I am taking everything in my hands and finding out on my own."

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