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   Chapter 10 Finding Cissie - Finale

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Five years had passed, Jay still couldn't find Cissie. Even though his family was rich, he was not dependant on them. He worked now as a staff nurse in a known private hospital. His life changed, his daily routine was far different than before. He was not like before who always loved to go out with friends. His was merely leaving for work and going back home. He went home straight after his shift and stays in his room. He did nothing but write love stories. Yes, he's a guy but that didn't make him less a man. He thought that in real life, not everyone have their happy ending, as people always wanted to have. That's why he chose to write to give everyone their own happy endings in the way he wanted to. No matter how tragic the twist of the story might be, as a writer he could always find ways to make it a happy ending one. Writing had become his hobby; a hobby that earned money. He didn't imagine himself writing a story before, but when he was at that down moment in his life, the longing for his love added those heartaches, he decided to put them on words. He had five published pocketbooks with a known publishing house.

One night, one of his childhood friends visited him for a little drink.

"Dude, join us at Padi's Point this Saturday. We are going to perform, " Simon said, Jay's childhood friend and was his fellow band member during his younger days in high school.

"You know that I already left the band, right?" Jay answered.

"Yes, I know. You just left your love for music because of a girl. It will just be us who will perform. Plus Jenny's cousin from the States will be hanging out with us. Anna, remember?

"I will think about it."

"Dude, you don't have to think about it. Once and for all, I'm pleading you as a friend. I am just concerned for you; you might forget how to become happy, " Simon was really persistent, however he was tactful in convincing Jay, and it was effective. Jay had no choice but to say yes.

"Fine, I'll go with you, " Jay was just forced to make the decision.

"Finally, you agreed with me! So, see you on Saturday, " Simon tapped Jay's shoulder and left excitedly.

Even though he was just forced to do it, his mind was telling him to try the new environment. Anyway, it had been five years. He really forgot how to be happy. It's not bad if he'd try to be happy and go back to his old world. He felt he was imprisoned with his bitter past.

It was Saturday night, he left early. He was wearing a gray suit with a pink tee inside and jeans. He looked at the mirror and realized that he hadn't worn something like that for a long time. He wanted to have a normal and happy life. He went to Padi's Point by himself and didn't ask for his friends to pick him up.

"Welcome back dude!" Simon welcomed Jay who was walking towards his old band mates.

"Wow dude, is that you? We missed you, " his old band mates hugged him as a form of welcoming Jay. They're his bandmates before transferring to the countryside where she met Cissie.

"Same here dude! Yes, this is me, Jay, " he smiled.

"Oh, they're here!" Simon interrupted.

"Hey boys! Oh my goodness! Jay, you're here, " Jenny wasn't expecting to see Jay which surprised her. She kissed Jay on the cheek.

"Yeah, finally. How are you?" Jay asked.

" I should be the one asking you that. How are you? Long time no see, man! By the way, do you still remember my cousin, Ana?" Jenny turned her head to where Ana was.

"Hi Jay!" Ana greeted and waved to Jay.

"Of course! Hi Ana, welcome back, " Jay kissed her on the cheek.

"Alright guys, let's throw a log on the fire. Start ordering drinks as we'll start performing, " Simon interrupted.

"Game!" the others said.

The whole gang had fun. Finally, Jay could join them. This was the first time he started hanging out with them since he came back from Siquijor. That was because he spent all his time searching for his best friend that he didn't know where exactly on earth she was, even at that moment. It was late at night. While his friends were having fun, he started to feel tipsy. He hadn't had liquor for the longest time that's why he could get drunk easily.

"Guys, think I'll be going ahead. I'm already feeling a bit tipsy. I still have to go to work tomorrow, " Jay told his friends.

"Why are you like that. It's only 11pm. It's Sunday tomorrow, right?" Jenny contradicted.

"The hospital has no Sundays. We have patients every day, Jen, " Jay smilingly replied.

"Alright. Can you drive?"

"Yeah, I live nearby. I'll just get some coffee first."

"Okay, bye. See you next Saturday, " Jenny did not force Jay to stay.

Jay said his goodbyes to his friends. When he got out of the building, he passed by the nearby coffee shop to have coffee. He really had to drink coffee as his vision was already going around. He had to be sober first before driving home. He stayed for a few minutes, and when he was about to stand up, "Bye guys, I'll go ahead, " one crew said.

That voice was very familiar! He couldn't forget the voice of the person who was once the reason for his loneliness. He got more surprised when that woman turned around! Was he seeing things right or was it just because of the alcohol he consumed? Whatever it was, he didn't care. He didn't waste any second and he hugged her so tight.

"Help! Rapist!" the woman shouted and started panicking.

"Cissie, at last I found you. I searched for you for so long, " Jay said, emotionally.

"Who is Cissie? Help!" the woman was trying to escape from him but he did not let her go.

"What's the problem, Bisa?" asked the woman's colleague while walking towards them.

"This maniac, he randomly hugs me, " she really tried her best to get away from Jay and he let her go after saying those words.

"Sir, please don't make a scene here, or else I'll call the police, " the woman's colleague threatened. Jay seemed to be back in his right state of mind after hearing it. Of course he's not a maniac for Pete's sake! He's just missed someone so bad that he acted that way.

"S-sorry miss. I thought you were my best friend that was missing, " Jay said

s feeling it. Are you happy now? Oh gosh, I'm so stupid, why am I even explaining this to you? I'm the who got hurt, " Cissie's tears were also flowing non-stop that moment and she turned her back from Jay.

"I have no idea that you were feeling that way!" Jay grabbed her and let her faced back to him.

"Because you were numb!" she shouted.

"You think you were the only one who was hurt? My life became miserable when you left without a word. I spent the last five years searching for you anywhere. Five freaking years, Cissie! I paid anyone just to find you. I couldn't almost accept what happened; even my dreams were almost gone, " Jay then said with cracked voice.

"So it was my fault now? Well, sorry then. But I have already forgotten you, so please go, " then she turned her back again. But Jay was fast to grab her arm.

"Where are you going? You're leaving me again that's why you resigned?"

Cissie was trying to remove his hand.

"What do you want from me? You already saw that I'm alive, right?"

After saying that, Jay pulled her close and kissed her with his whole heart while hugging her tight, hugging her as if she wouldn't be able to escape anymore. They were both startled with what happened that it took her a few moments to realize it. Jay tried to distance himself then touched her face. Their eyes met as if their eyes were talking. They haven't seen each other for so long that they were excited for each other. They may not be talking, but their hearts know that it was whispering the words 'I love you so much.'

"You are all I need. Bezzie, please let's give it a try. Please be my love, " Jay uttered those words emotionally.

Cissie was shocked. She couldn't find words. Was she hearing it right or was she just hallucinating? She, was the one he loved?

"Bezzie, I was afraid when you left without a word. I was like a madman, I see you everywhere. That was when I realized how much I love you, " Jay continued while still holding Cissie's face, with his eyes looking straight to Cissie.

"Is that true? You're just kidding, right? You love me, oh my gosh, I must be dreaming, " Cissie said with tears falling from her eyes.

"You don't want to believe me? Call my mom right now and ask her how miserable I was when I couldn't find you. Do you want us to get married right at this moment?"

"Fine, fine, I know I couldn't do anything about you. I still love you until now, you jerk!"

"So, we're together now?" Jay asked.

"I have been dreaming of loving you ever since. I dreamt of us together. I even dreamt of having kids, house, and freaking pets with you, " Cissie replied and touched Jay's face. She looked to his eyes and hugged him. Jay felt their hearts were connected. However, she's a little afraid that the moment they're in was just temporary.

"This is so fast. I mean, this thing between us. You didn't even court me. How do I know that are so sure of what you feel for me? Who knows you just missed your long lost best friend?" she said.

"You know, I've never been so sure until I spent my five years aching for you. I don't want to spend a single moment without you anymore. I thought I won't be able to live a normal life again, " Jay held her hand and put it on his chest. He let her feel his heart pumping so loudy.

"You feel that? it could almost stop beating because of you. But God just helped go on for He knows that one day we will meet again. And here we are. Let's not waste another time, " Jay solemnly continued. She couldn't even say a single word because she was so touched of what he had just said. She just smiled teary at him. So full of love!

"Eh, bezzie, can we do that again..." Jay said, pouting his lips.

"No way, there are a lot of people watching us, " Cisse blushed when she realized that a crowd was watching them and clapping their hands. But Jay was really naughty that he stole one more kiss. She tried to kick him yet Jay was really naughty. It was obvious that they missed each other as they had just admitted their feelings to each other after a long time.


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