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   Chapter 9 His Realization

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A number of days had passed, Jay was still thinking of Cissie. Anywhere he went, he remembered their happy memories together. There were times when he mistook Cherry for Cissie. He had always called her 'bezzie' whenever they talked. At first, Cherry understood him, but days had already passed and he hadn't changed.

While they were at the grocery store, "Cherry, please get me one Toblerone. I miss eating that. That was what we had during our first practice, " then Jay was staring blankly.

"Hang on Jay. I tried to understand you at first, but why was she always in your mind until now?" Cherry asked.

"Sorry, I'm really sorry, " he seemed to be back on his thoughts.

"It's becoming obvious to me. Let's clear things up. Do you love her?"

Jay was surprised with Cherry's frankness. He couldn't answer right then and there but was just staring at her.

"What? Answer me! I wouldn't force myself to you. Oh my, I could be the one who's at fault. If I didn't insert myself between the two of you, you'd be together now, most likely, and she wouldn't have left, " Cherry couldn't stop her emotions now.

"I'm sorry Cherry, I don't even know why I'm like this. All I know is that it's painful for me that she didn't even left a single word before she left. She didn't even say goodbye. I always think of her. In every places we've been to, I see her. She's everywhere. I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, " Jay's tears started rolling down that moment. When Cherry saw Jay crying, she hugged him.

"Perhaps Steph was right, you love each other. It was just not clear yet. I thought I could replace her in your heart, but I can't. I knew back then that you don't really love me. You just tried to be with me because you yourself wasn't sure with what you feel for Cissie. I'm sorry that I disturbed the two of you. I – I'm breaking up with you, " Cherry's voice was cracking with the last words she said. She sobbed while letting go of Jay.

"Maybe you were right, but she's gone. It's too late now."

"No, it's not. You can follow her to Manila. You can start over, " Cherry suggested.

"Right! You're right. Thank you! I'd have to go, " he felt so lifted.

"I hope you'd meet again and have a good start."

"I hope so. I'm really sorry, Cherry. I got to go."

Cherry was right! Why don't he follow her to Manila? He could always go back there to study. He hurriedly went home and booked a ticket. He was excited to leave for Manila. At last, everything had been clear to him. At that moment, he was thinking of nothing but search for Cissie.

"Nai Nai, I need to go back to Manila, " Jay told his grandma while walking down the stairs.

"Why so sudden, hijo? I thought you'd be enrolling here?" his grandma responded who was lying on the sofa.

"Nai Nai, these past few days, I was thinking of nothing but her. I see her everywhere. I realized that the reason I courted Cherry was because I couldn't admit myself that I love Cissie. I was crazy during these last days, even though I was with Cherry, I call her Cissie. I have even mistaken her as Cissie."

"Finally, you have admitted it yourself. I could sense back then that you love each other but I thought I should not intervene, plus you are still young."

"I know, I know, but I have to fix this. We could be in a relationship even though we are still studying, we hav

exam passers. He started searching at the universities in Manila until he had checked all of the public and private universities in the whole metro. However, he didn't see anything nor anyone who had the same name as her. He felt that his chance of seeing Cissie again was becoming lesser.

Three months had passed since he started searching for her. The school year was about to begin and he hadn't enrolled yet. He forgot that he had his own life. Until one day, he thought of calling his uncle again worked at the NBI office.

"Hello uncle, how was the search for Cissie?" it was obvious from Jay's voice that he was sad and tired.

"Jay, my friend hasn't found her until now. I can't ask him to speed that up as he has priorities at work. He only does that when he's free. I'm really sorry. I'll call you when we have an update."

"Thanks a lot uncle."

When he put the phone down, tears rolled down from his eyes. He felt that he made a big mistake. He had no one to blame but himself. Why didn't he realize everything when they were still together?

He locked himself in the room the whole day. He just wanted to drown himself in beer and forget things even for a short time. It was already getting dark and he was still drinking. He was just drinking and crying that he forgot to eat. His mom, of course, was worried.

"What is happening to you, son? Ever since you got back, you don't visit your friends anymore. You always leave and talk to someone on the phone. Then you'd sulk on the corner. What is really happening with you?" his mom hugged him as she's too worried.

"I am searching for my best friend, mom. She just left without letting me know. I didn't know that she loves me. It was only later when I realized that I love her too, but I can't find her anymore. She got away and it tears me up, mom, " he was crying like a baby.

"Shhhh. Stop crying. Oh my, I can't believe my son is now in love. You have to move on, son. You have to continue living. You are still young, perhaps this isn't the right time. Enroll first and shift your focus to your studies. You wouldn't realize that the pain you're feeling will be gone, " she said while comforting Jay. At least, Jay felt better after his mother comforted him.

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