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   Chapter 8 She's Gone

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It was Friday night. Everyone was excited with the open forum that was about to happen that night. Some were excited to apologize, some were excited to thank someone, and a majority were excited to reveal something. But what could this mean to Cissie?

"I have made up my mind. This night will be the last night that I get to talk to Jay. I guess this is the best time to say goodbye, " she told herself. While walking on the hallway, she saw Steph walking towards her so she tried to take a different route but Steph ran after her.

"Hey, wait up!" she shouted.

"Steph, please, I don't want to fight with you anymore."

"No! I mean, yeah, I don't want to fight either. We were friends, at least, before Jay walked in this campus and I admit that we had a great time together. It was just that, things started to change when Jay chose you over me. I felt horrible, I just couldn't accept it. So, I did a lot of unforgivable mistakes to you. Until I...."

"What do you want from me?" Cissie interrupted her.

"I just want to reconcile with you. I just realized last night that I cannot win this battle, besides, Jay has a girlfriend now. The one I should be enemies with is her, not you, knowing that we were best friends."

"You know what? I can't figure out whether you are true to your words right now. Reconcile? Sure! But things are going to be different. I can't offer you good friendship like the way we used to, not until I can be assured of your real motives, " Cissie answered her honestly.

"I was expecting that. Thanks for giving me a chance. Oh, I think we should get inside. The open forum is about to start."

They went inside the classroom peacefully and without any mockery. When they got inside the room, they saw their classmates who could barely hear each other in happiness. After a few moments, Jay went inside but did not even greeted Cissie, so she didn't even bother to greet him either. At last, Miss Langit arrived.

"How do you feel guys? Are you excited or nervous?" Miss Langit asked. Most of them said "Excited!", some of them said "Nervous!"

"I'm sure you will never forget this evening, so, it's show time! Who wants to volunteer first?" Miss Langit introed.

"I guess I will be the one to start, " Steph uttered.

"Go ahead then, " Ms. Langit said.

"I know I was mean to Cissie despite the fact that we were friends for three years. It's all because of Jay, " Steph had a serious tone when she said those words.

"Oooohhhh..." were the only words audible from their classmate's fuss. Steph didn't mind and continued on.

"Desperately, I did a lot of unforgivable mistakes to her. I just can't accept the fact that Jay chose her over me. The more I see them closer together, the more I hated her. That's why, when I had the chance to destroy Cissie, I took photos of them together for Cissie to be kicked out from where she was living before."

"You finally admitted it! I already had a feeling before that it was you, I just didn't have a proof. I know what happened was really bad but that actually improved my situation. Like what I told you before, I would thank the person who made this happen. So, thank you, " Cissie interrupted Steph's statement.

"I'm really really sorry, Cissie. I hope you'd forgive me even though I know it is a difficult thing to do."

"Sure! I can forgive you but we can't be friends, at least for now. Maybe, in time, depending on how really sorry you are. Who knows?" Cissie responded.

"I know, but I'll just keep hoping. That's all guys, " Steph finished her confession.

Everybody applauded and admired how they patched things up.

"Okay, who's next?" Miss Langit asked.

"My turn, ma'am!" Jeff volunteered.

"Okay, you may speak, " Miss Langit answered

"I have loved you since we were in our first year, I just didn't have the nerve to tell you. Maybe this is the right time to let you know, before we go on our separate ways. Perhaps we wouldn't meet anymore after graduation as we'd be attending different schools, but at least I could tell my feelings for you, Crizzy, " Jeff confessed his feelings without hesitation in front of everyone.

"Ah!!'' ... "Whoah!" It was cheering and teasing that happened next.

"What would Crizzy say? We have to hear her side, " Miss Langit said.

"Crizzy! Crizzy! Crizzy!" their classmates cheered.

"Okay, fine! You want a statement, here's my statement. I also loved you even during our elementary days. When I learned that you will be spending your high school here, I followed you even though the tuition fee here was a quite high. Everything finally paid off, I heard from you that you love me too, so we can go out on a date any time you want. I wouldn't be shy anymore since the feeling is mutual." After saying those words, the whole class cheered louder with excitement. They all got quiet when Cissie cleared her throat and started talking.

"I also have some important things to say. I'm thankful that I have finished high school despite of all the hardships and trials I had being a working student. Of course, it won't be possible without the help of

ned around carrying her luggage.

It was really difficult for her but she had no choice at all. She believed that she could only move on once she couldn't see her friend happy with someone else. At least, when she's somewhere far, she could just imagine that he was married and that she could focus on something else. When she arrived at the pier, she checked in and headed straight to her designated seat. She sighed so deeply. She was unsure of the place she was going to and it was her first time travelling alone. The only thing that she could do was to be courageous for she'd definitely face new challenges. Later on, someone announced 'boarding all passengers' of Delta. A few minutes more and the boat left the place. Cissie's tears were falling while staring at the lights of the pier turn smaller and smaller. She didn't know whether she could return to the place she grew up to or not. Included in her exodus were memories of her friend that she loved for the first time.

Meanwhile, it was 11 at night when Jay arrived home.

"Nai Nai, I'm here, " Jay uttered.

"Why did you arrive just now? You did not even send Cissie off."

"I had dinner with Cherry, " he went upstairs right after. He did not even heard nor listened to the next words his grandma said. Jay was tired the whole day that he slept right away.

The next day, he woke up early and jogged. When he got home, he still didn't notice that Cissie wasn't home. It was already around noon when he realized that Cissie wasn't home. He checked her room but she wasn't there.

"Where was she? Perhaps she went outside. She didn't even invite me, " Jay said to himself.

The sun was set and he still did not see her, not even Cissie's shadow. He couldn't help it anymore and headed to the kitchen to ask his grandma.

"Nai Nai, did Cissie leave? I haven't seen her since this morning."

"She left last night and you did not even send her off, you unthougtful fellow! " granny sounded irritated.

"What? Where was she going? She left without warning me."

"What did you say? Did she tell you that she's going to Manila?"

"What?! She did not tell me anything! I didn't even know that she was leaving, " he just scratched his head with what he had heard.

"Why did she do this to me, Nai Nai?" he continued. Jay was feeling both angry and confused, at the same time he felt being betrayed by his friend.

"Did you have a fight?" his grandma asked.

"I don't think we did, " he said, with his foreheads wrinkled.

"Did you notice anything different from her these few days?"

"Nothing, but I did notice that she kept saying goodbye. The way she said it was as if I wouldn't see her again. But I did not pay any attention to it because I couldn't see any reason for her to do that."

"Didn't she and your girlfriend have a fight?"

"I doubt they did. Why would she do this to me, Nai Nai?"

"You know kid, I am not numb, but if I were not mistaken, she left because she was hurt."

"Of what? Why would she be hurt?"

"She left because she loves you and you already have a girlfriend. So for her to forget you, she left without telling you."

"What?" was all that Jay could say. He was feeling all sorts of emotion. Shocked, angered, resented. He couldn't believe that his friend would do this to him. He didn't move for days, he did nothing but think and think of how their friendship went to this situation.

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