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   Chapter 7 Her Rival

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She did not pay any attention to her friend calling as she couldn't breathe anymore in pain. Just when she admitted herself what she really felt for him, that's when Jay started to have an interest with another girl. After she heard Jay shared that thought with her, she felt like there wasn't any chance for him to like her at all. What's worse was that the person she love only valued her as a friend, and nothing else. Why did she allow herself to completely fall in love with this guy? She shouldn't had given meaning to the kindness he was showing to her. But any girl would fall for him if shown the same kindness like he did to her. Her problems now doubled and she had no one to blame but herself. She became confident and she allowed her feelings for him to grow deeper. She's annoyed at herself while her tears were rushing to fall. She just needed to pound her chest to feel better. How would she ever overcome this situation? She just wanted to leave somewhere far but her heart contradicted her brain.

When she got home, she stayed inside her room and cried to sleep. Anyway, just only two months to go before graduation. A little more sacrifice and she could finally move on. It was painful but she had to deal with it.

The next day, she left early and didn't wait for Jay. She was trying to condition herself to act just like time when there was no Jay in her life. While she was walking, "Excuse me, you're Jay's friend right?" a tall, pretty girl who looked like an Caocasian asked her.

"Yeah, can I help you?" Cissie replied.

"Yes you can help me, definitely! You're the only person in this campus who can help me, " the girl confidently replied.

"I even have no idea yet. How could I possibly help you?" Cissie was trying to be realistic.

"I seriously need your favor to meet Jay in person. Please, introduce me to him, " she begged. "By the way, I'm Cherry Madsen. We moved here from Norway last year. It wasn't that difficult for me to learn your language as my mom used to talk to me in that back in Norway. I just extended my introduction so you wouldn't feel aloof with me, " said the girl who looked so kind yet so outspoken. She could have liked Jay a lot.

"Don't be so sure that I will help you. Who knows, I could not be that nice as you think I am."

"That won't happen. I know you're not that type of person. Looking at you, I can tell that you're really a nice person. May I know your name? I already introduced myself to you and I didn't even know your name, " she smilingly said.

"What if your instinct is wrong?" the girl became sad with what Cissie said.

"Fine, I'll do it. By the way, I'm Cissie. Wait for me here later at lunch break. It seems like you really like him a lot, huh?" Cissie had no choice but to give what she wanted. Anyway, Jay was not hers to begin with.

"Yes, I knew it! Thank you so much! I got to go, I'm about to be late, " she even hugged Cissie before running away. Cissie just shook her head. She couldn't believe with what happened. The competition was getting tougher. Anyway, who was she to join the competition? She had nothing to show off other than her brain. Other girls had that too and they're pretty. She sighed and shook her head as she continued walking towards her classroom.

"Bezzie!" Jay shouted while running towards her.

"Bezzie, wait up!" he caught Cissie's attention with its loudness.

"Why?" Cissie bitterly asked. She felt like the pain in her heart got worse when she saw her friend.

"Bezzie, the girl whom you were talking to earlier was the one who requested a song last night. Bezzie, she was the girl I was talking about!" he excitedly said.

"Really? You guys seem compatible. You know what she told me earlier? She was asking me a favor and that she wants to meet you in person. You should be happy since you will finally meet the right girl for you, " Cissie bluntly said and left.

"Whoa! Are you okay? Did I say anything wrong?" Cissie did not respond back and continued walking.

"Hey, what's wrong with you?" Jay followed her.

"What is wrong with me? There is nothing wrong. Just leave me alone. I'm not in the mood for talking. I'll take her to you later, don't be too excited, Bezzie, " she replied.

"If that's what you said. Wait, why are you too peevish? What did you eat that you became like that?"

Cissie did not pay any attention to what he said. Jay just let it passed while looking at her friend went inside the classroom. What did she eat to act like that? It's simple, she's jealous and she pitied herself.

That noon, the foreign girl was already waiting outside Cissie's classroom. Cissie felt more annoyed but she didn't want anyone to be affected with any personal issue that she had.

"Wow, you're early! Did you even attend your classes?" Cissie told her, trying to calm herself.

"Of course! Can't you see how excited I am? I can't wait!" Cherry couldn't hide her excitement.

"You're really different. Let's go. Jay couldn't wait to meet you too in person."

"Ahhh!" Cherry felt the chills. "Really? Seems like I can now imagine my future husband, " she continued.

"Husband, right away? Can't he be your boyfriend first?" Cissie got annoyed with what Cherry said.

"I already claimed that. Let's go!" she then pulled Cissie's arm. If it wasn't obvious yet that she's excited. While heading inside th

, " she bitterly bid goodbye to Jay.

"Take care bezzie. I will make it up to you some other time."

Cissie just waved while turning away from Jay. She had no more strength to reply back. Her chest was so painful as if it was being stabbed by a knife. She was expecting this anyway, but it was more painful when it came from the concerned person. She couldn't do anything but to cry and yield. She was determined to leave after the graduation. She thought that when he's already somewhere far, the pain would lessen.

The honor roll would be announced that day, but she wasn't excited to know whether she was still in the top 3 of her class. She was thinking nothing but the graduation day, so that she could leave right away.

"Good morning guys. As expected, I will announce today the honor roll. Congratulations to all who will graduate and sorry to those who will not. This is it! Congratulations to Jean Calunsag, our valedictorian. Cissie Cruz, our salutatorian. Al Perez, our 1st honourable mention. Jay Tan, our 2nd honourable mention..." Miss Langit continued on the announcement.

"Bezzie, congratulations! You're the salutatorian!" Jay hugged her. They caught the attention of everyone, including the teacher who paused the announcement. Cissie was startled with what he did. However she recalled, it's not something special because he already had someone special.

"Uhm. Congrats to you too. You're part of the honor roll, " she aloofly replied. But Jay didn't let go of her. Even him was shocked with what he did.

"Bezzie, everyone is looking at us, " Cissie whispered.

"Huh?" he seemed to got back on his thoughts, "can't I hug my best friend who is an achiever?" he loudly said while facing the whole class.

"Guys, before the school year ends, we will be having an open forum for you to say your goodbyes to each other. Those who were not in good terms have to patch up. You have to part ways without any hard feelings with anyone, " Miss Langit said.

"Cool! We can now tell everyone who likes who! When would that be?" Jeff excitedly ask

"This Friday, a day before the graduation. We wouldn't have classes anymore so I will dismiss you early, but you are not allowed to go out of the campus, understood?"

"Yes ma'am!" the whole class responded together and could not wait for Friday to come.

While the whole class was noisy, Cissie kept silent. When she couldn't take the noise anymore, she left and went to the library. She went straight to her hide out and spent the rest of her time there. After a whole, the door opened.

"I knew it! I know I could find you here. I miss this place, Bezzie, " Jay said.

"You haven't been here in a while since you knew Cherry. Nothing has changed in this place, it's still abandoned, " Cissie was trying to imply something.

"This is the most unforgettable place I have ever been in this school, " then he sat on the sofa.

"I now realized that we're different. I don't want to remember this place anymore so I am making the most of the time while I am here."

"And why is that so? As far as I know you valued this place more than any other places in this school, right?"

"Yeah, you're right! But we both know that this place is already abandoned and once I leave this place, I will bury all my memories here. Abandoned things don't need to be remembered anymore, " Cissie was really trying to imply something.

"Wow! Is that you, Bezzie? I'm getting drowned with your deep words!" Jay said, smiling.

"You have to get used to it Bezzie. Let's go outside, it's about dismissal time."

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