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   Chapter 6 Friendzoned

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Cissie forgot her plan to keep a distance from Jay. Anyhow, Jay was right, she wouldn't see those people for a lifetime, even Jay. She wouldn't be with him forever so she thought of making the most out of the remaining time she had. This was also a good chance to annoy those people who insulted her, by keeping close to him.

"Hmmp! I'll let your jaws drop with envy!" Cissie told herself.

The next morning, Cissie saw the brat girls from the other school trying to catch a glimpse of Jay. She thought of doing her revenge.

"Bezzie, could you please help me carry my stuff. Other than my bag being quite heavy, and I'm also carrying a briefcase, " she asked Jay to help her in a flirty way.

"Hand them over to me. I really don't understand why you're carrying them all, " Jay took Cissie's bag and poked her forehead. Then, Cissie looked at the brat girls. She was right! They were almost crying in envy. She couldn't help but laughed at them. Cissie even winked at them as if telling them 'die with envy'.

"Aww. My bezzie is so kind, " Cissie pinched his nose.

"Hey! This isn't for free. You have to cook for me later, " Jay responded.

"Sure! What do you want me to cook for you? Pinakbet, kare-kare, or sinigang (Filipino dishes)?" She then again glimpsed over the brat girls watching them from afar. She noticed that they were trying to stop one girl from attacking her. Cissie laughed loud with what she saw.

"What's that for? Are you kidding me? Why do you laugh like that?" Jay asked, smiling.

"Bezzie, have you seen an Orang-utan thrashing about with envy?"

"Not yet, why?" Jay was confused with Cissie's question.

"Turn around and you'll see one."

When he turned around, he saw the girls who were just controlling themselves to go and lunge Cissie.

"Hmmm, I smell something fishy here. Were they the ones who insulted you? Don't worry, let's make them green with envy."

Cissie's mind went blank with what happened next. Jay kissed her on the forehead. She was like a statue standing amidst the crowd. She felt his lips touched her forehead. She couldn't breathe due to the unexplained excitement and nervousness.

"Cool, right?" Jay smiled while fixing her hair. "I'm sure they'll faint with what they saw, " he continued.

Cissie felt that her knees were trembling. She felt like she's the one who's about to faint with what happened. She still couldn't talk. It was as if her tongue was cut off. She was caught in the act gaping, looking at nothing.

"Hey, did you hear me?" Jay tried to get her senses back.

"Uh..." was the only thing Cissie could say.

"Let's go. We're almost late. We have to be on time or else we'll have to perform again, " Jay pulled her arm that she had no choice but to just go with him. Blank! She was thinking of nothing but just let time tell what would happen to the two of them.

Few days passed and the much-awaited College Day Celebration came. Everyone was busy. Their program was scheduled in the evening. While Cissie's team mates were busy preparing the instruments, she was feeling uneasy. She was walking to and fro that Jay couldn't help but noticed her.

"Hey, are you okay?" Jay asked.

"I'm nervous. This is my first time to perform, " Cissie trembled.

"It will be okay. Just enjoy the moment like it will never happen again. Wait, I have an idea and is very effective. My bandmates before taught me this, " he inhaled then exhaled loudly.

"Do it with me, " he invited Cissie.

"Come on!" Cissie then joined Jay with what he was doing. When they were already halfway doing the breathing exercise, Jay farted. It was at the same time when Cissie breathed in that she almost inhaled all of Jay's fart. She wanted to puke with how it smelled. Jay was just laughing at her out loud.

"I almost believed you! I didn't know you were just about to fart! How could you!" Cissie irritatedly said. She even punched Jay's arm in annoyance. Jay, though, couldn't stop laughing.

"Isn't it effective? Don't be angry, please."

"I hate you!" Cissie said. But when Jay realized that Cissie was serious, he tried to find ways to make her smile. He tried to tickle Cissie for her to laugh.

"Stop, please! Fine! Y

way!" he replied annoyingly.

"Well, I just hope that the so-called friendship of you guys will last. I doubt it. Sooner or later, your feelings will be revealed and definitely, someone would be hurt, " Steph confidently said.

"Enough! I don't want to talk to you anymore. I have to go. If you don't want to be humiliated, then let's go back together."

They left the dance floor together and assisted Steph back. At least he still had some pity for her. He assisted her to her table for her not to be embarrassed. On the other hand, Cissie couldn't get over with what she witnessed. Her feelings were hurt when she saw her friend being hugged by someone else. Even though she was the one who convinced him to do that, she still felt hurt. It was then when she realized that what she was feeling was more than just a friend; it was love. She couldn't hide that she was jealous as she also wanted to dance with her friend and her love.

"Let's go bezzie, " Jay invited her to leave when he got back to their table.

"Let's go, " Cissie brought all her stuff and they walked home. Silence reigned while they were walking.

"By the way bezzie, you two looked great together earlier, " Cissie broke the silence.

"Oh please, it was a disaster. She was talking nonsense about you."

"What did she say?" Cissie was curious.

"Imagine, she said that you see me more than a friend, but as a lover. I hate her guts to say that knowing that she planned all these. I know she likes me, but sorry, I don't like people like her."

"W-what did you tell her?" Cissie's voice started to crack.

"I told her that we are like brothers and sisters, that we have many things in common. Besides, whatever you are feeling is none of her freaking business."

"What if.... what if what she said was true, what would your reaction be?" Cissie closed her eyes after asking those words.

"Oh, come on! I know you bezzie. You're not someone who would like someone like me. You know all my weakness. You have even smelled my fart, " he even laughed loud.

"Yeah, right! Your fart stinks! You didn't even bother to excuse. Your name should be Fartino. The name itself already stinks, what more when you fart?" Cissie still managed to joke around even though tears were about to fall from her eyes.

"I don't think that name would fit me, bezzie." Then, he acted the handsome pose.

"But the girl who requested a song earlier is pretty. I really want to know her, " Jay continued. Excitement was drawn on Jay's face. Cissie couldn't stop her tears anymore and it started falling.

"Bezzie, I'd have to go first. My bladder is about to explode, " Cissie ran straight towards the house as she didn't want her friend to see her crying.

"Wait! Wait up!" Jay shouted but she went on as if she didn't hear him.

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