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   Chapter 4 Good Samaritan

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It was already morning and Jay was still walking to and fro while waiting for a response from his calls and messages. He couldn't sleep the whole night because of it. He tried to call Cissie a million times, but no one was still answering. He thought of going to her place instead, but he realized that it'd just make the situation even worse. He couldn't do anything but wait for a reply, or wait and ask her some other time.

Meanwhile, Cissie was suddenly awakened with the sound of her alarm clock. It rang every 4 in the morning. That time though, her alarm clock was useless since it'd be her last day in that house. She couldn't open her puffy eyes yet she still tried to search for her phone. She was surprised with the number of messages and missed calls from Jay. She felt embarrassed so she hurriedly text him to apologize.

On the other hand, Jay was going down to prepare when his phone rang. He hurriedly picked it up from his bed to read the message. He was thankful enough learning that the message was from Cissie. He wasted no minute and called her right away.

"Hello. Ciss, where are you now? Are you okay?" Jay worriedly asked.

"Yes. I'm sorry if I didn't get to reply right away. I unconsciously slept while crying. I'm still here in my room, almost done packing up, " Cissie mouthfully replied.

"Where are you going to stay then?"

"I-I still don't know. Perhaps I'd just go back to where my family is, " Cissie stuttered due to mixed emotions. She even heard Jay sighed.

"Please don't. Just few months to go and we're about to graduate. I'll talk to my grandma to ask if you could stay here."

"You don't have to. Your grandma doesn't even know me. She might also think that we have a relationship."

"Worry about that later. What's important is that you have a place to stay, temporarily. We will make sure that whoever does this to you will be liable."

"Okay. I really have no choice but to be thick-faced. I have no other relatives here."

"Great. Drop by here at 6am. I'll wait for you by the nearby corner. I'll talk to my grandma first. See you later."

"Thank you, bye."

Cissie thought that it was really not the time to be shy. Few months left and she would finally graduate. She continued packing her things while her tears were falling down. She couldn't help but be emotional as that place became important to her also, even though it felt hell. She stayed there for roughly five years. What's more painful was that she's leaving with an achy heart. She quickly took a shower and said farewell to her boss even though she knew that he wouldn't stop her. While carrying her baggage, she walked towards the street where Jay lived. She could already see him from afar.

"Were you already here earlier? I'm sorry to keep you waiting. You really don't have to, " Cissie told him.

"Don't mention it, that's fine. It was also my fault if you think about it. If I didn't force you to join the presentation then this wouldn't have happened to you, " Jay said while he getting Cissie baggage from her.

They were walking towards Jay's place when Cissie noticed Jay's neighbors gossiping about them. Cissie thought that the neighbors could be guessing whether they eloped or Jay got her pregnant.

"Jay, your neighbors all have malicious minds. I barely hear them talking but I already know what's in their minds. It's as if they're saying that we eloped, '' she couldn't stand reported to Jay what she saw.

"Don't mind them. They just don't have things in their own to look up to. So, they're too busy caring about someone else's life. Come on! Hurry up, we're going to be late in our class."

Cissie disregarded the intrigued neighbors of Jay. They walked straight until they were inside the yard. Cissie, though, felt that something was stopping her from taking another step when they were in front of the door. Jay, of course, noticed it.

"What's wrong?" Jay asked.

"Uh, eh, nothing. I just feel jumpy. I can't imagine how your grandma looks. Is she s-snobbish?" Cissie awkwardly asked.

"Of course not! She's so kind and I'm sure she will like you. Come! Get inside, " Jay invited Cissie, he even opened the door for her.

When they got inside, she saw an old woman sitting on the sofa. She obviously was Chinese, but looked kind. She stood up, smiled, and welcomed her and Jay.

"Is it she whom you're talking about, Xiao Sun (grandson)?" the old woman asked.

"Yes Nai Nai (chinese term for paternal grandmother). She will be staying here temporarily since she has nowhere to go. Her employer accused her of being in a relationship. I also have a share with what happened, Nai Nai. I forced her to join our band to perform on the Foundation Day Celebration. However, someone took photos of us when we were practicing and her boss thought that I was her boyfriend, so she was kicked out of where she was staying, " Jay detailed to his grandmother what had happened.

"Good morning. My name is Cissie. I apologize for the trouble I could cause you. The moment I find a part time job, I'll move to a boarding house, " Cissie's head was down due to embarrassment.

"That is totally fine, hija. Jay told me your situation earlier. We have an extra room here so you could stay until you graduate. Don't worry about your meals as long as you help the maids with the house chores, " the old lady happily worded. She was really kind!

"Yes! I am industrious. I am used to doing household chores. I have been working as a maid since I was 12 years old. You can definitely count me on that, " Cissie cheerfully replied.

"If that's what you said. It's good that I have someone to go to the market. My name is grandma Nancy and if you used to work with the Ponce family, I could help you with your situation since they are our family friend. Don't worry, let's visit them together to clear things up. Let's have Jay join us so they could see that you were with my grandson." Afterwards, the old lady looked at the clock.

"Put your things in your room, you'd be late for your class."

"I really thank you, granny. Don't worry, I'll make it up to you, " Cissie tearfully said.

"Hurry then. It's almost 8am, you would be late for school, " the old woman reiterated.

Jay then accompanied Cissie to the room where she would stay. After putting her stuff down, she changed to her school uniform and went down. Jay followed her and they went to school.

Steph saw them together which was why she looked like she had seen a ghost. She couldn't believe that Cissie still managed to come despite what had happened.

"Hey Cissie, good morning! How are you? I heard that your boss casted you off their place, " she pretended to be curious although she wasn't really concerned with her. She just wanted to confirm what happened.

"I'm fine, thank you. Gossip really do have wings! A good Samaritan adopted me which is why I'm still here. I would really find out who made all these good things happen in my life, I would thank her. Instead of putting me down, my situations even became better, " she replied with confidence and hinting at Steph.

"Are you blaming me!" Steph rebutted.

"Are you guilty? I didn't say it's you but are overreacting. Are my suspicions correct?" Cissie heavily replied.

"Whoa!..." Steph couldn't continue talking as Jay interrupted her.

"Let's go, Ciss. This conversation is going nowhere, " Jay told Cissie while pulling her arms. Steph was so annoyed as she was left there without letting her say another word.

"She's really getting into my nerve. We're not yet done, Cissie! Mark my word!" Steph exclaimed. She was really furious while looking at the two of them walking away.

Even though the things happening in Cissie's life weren't really good, she was still happy. At least, there were really still people who were merciful, and that's what she's thankful about.

While the days were passing by, Jay and Cissie grew closer. They were always together during recess, chatting and laughing with each other. They were oftentimes labeled as a couple. They were still together even when going home. They walked home as if cherishing each second as they laughed and hold hands. Judging from the sweetness that they had for each other, they really looked like a real couple. Even if people around stared at them, they don't really care.

And because Steph couldn't stop thinking where Cissie stayed, she followed them one afternoon. She was really annoyed with the sweetness of the two. She's annoyed because Jay couldn't smile at her while he's all smiles whenever he's with Cissie. She got the surprise of her life when she saw that they both went inside Jay's house.

"What?! This is too much!'' Steph clenched her fist with jealousy and anger. She couldn't help but cry due to intense emotions. She could get anything easily, except Jay. She valued him as a big challenge as her feelings for him grew deeper. He's really different from all the men she met. Steph couldn't take what she was feeling and chose to leave.

Meanwhile, in Jay's place.

"Good afternoon, granny, " Cissie greeted. "What are we cooking for dinner tonight? I'll d

o it, " she volunteered.

"Oh dear, The maids are in their off. I haven't bought anything yet. I'd just cook rice while you go and buy food in the market. You walk faster than I do. Let's just cook Sinigang. Here's the money, it's up to you what you want to include. By the way, where is Jay?" the old lady curiously asked.

Well, Sinigang is a Filipino dish, either fish or pork with sour soup.

"He's in his room, granny. I'd go ahead, " Cissie bid goodbye.

"Right, so you could return early as we're going somewhere important later."

Cissie was overwhelmed when she was buying fish. She really picked the freshest and the cheapest she could find. It's obvious that she's the princess of stinginess. It could be due to her being raised up from a poor family and every cent was important to her. After shopping, she hurriedly went home as she remembered that she had to go somewhere with Jay's grandma. After dinner, Cissie couldn't help her curiosity regarding where they were going.

"Granny, where are we going later?" she asked while washing the dishes.

"We are going to your old boss. I will talk to him about you, " the old lady responded.

"Huh? What for? He doesn't really want to believe me. Your efforts will just be wasted."

"I know that family. Don't you worry, they are our family's friend. I admit that they really have that attitude, but they could be enlightened if I myself will go there to explain. Don't be frightened, I am on your side, " the old lady insisted.

"It's all up to you then."

Cissie then just let the old woman do what she wanted as she didn't want her to had any bad impression. When she got to her old boss' place, she couldn't help but felt nervous. She's confident that she didn't do anything wrong, she just didn't want to be the reason of disagreement between the two families.

"Good evening, kumpadre. Can I talk to you for a minute?" Granny Nancy greeted Cissie's former boss who was sitting on the terrace.

"Oh, kumadre! What brings you here? Wait, why are you with this woman?" Cissie's former boss had a sudden change of voice upon seeing her.

"That is why I am here for, kumpadre. I am here to clear things up. The guy you saw in the photo with Cissie was actually my grandson. It was all a misunderstanding as my grandson just came from Manila. They have this intermission number in school and he has to perform with Cissie. The person who took their photo could have bad intentions as it was done when they were eating chocolates. But there was no malice there at all. My grandson said that they got hungry after their practice but that doesn't mean they are in a relationship, right? I will be doing an investigation to know who sent you the photo and what his or her real intentions are, " Jay's grandma explained.

"Oh, kumadre. Apologies if I disturbed you because of it. Since it was you who went all the way down here to tell me that, I will also try to know the truth. Get in first, " Cissie's former employer invited them in.

"We appreciate your invitation but we have to go as the kids have to go to school early tomorrow. By the way, Cissie will stay with us while things haven't been cleared yet. She is such a kind young lady, she wouldn't cause any problem. So, I think we're going, " she looked at a Cissie found out that this poor little young lady was uncomfortable, Grandma Nancy bid goodbye, "Have a nice evening, kumpadre.

"Goyong, we're leaving now, and have a good night, " Cissie just had the strength to speak. She didn't expect that her former boss would treat them well as she knew his real color. He only believed what he wanted whether it was right or wrong. The saying "first impression lasts" applied to him. Cissie didn't bother to wait for the old man to reply. She left right away with Jay's grandma.

"I told you granny, his impression on me wouldn't easily change. I served him for four years, I know his attitude really well, " Cissie told granny when they got back home.

"Don't mind that, hija. We'll eventually know the truth. It may not be now but soon. Go upstairs to rest as you have to go to school early tomorrow."

"I'll go ahead granny. Goodnight, " Cissie smiled to granny, afterwards, she went to her room.

Cissie had tons of schoolwork to do so she started doing them. Afterwards, she reviewed her lessons. While she was busy, she was startled when someone opened the door.

"Holy cow! You scared me! If I would have a boil with what you're doing, you're doom, " Cissie said when she recognized who went in her room. She even tapped her forehead.

"You're overreacting again. How can you have a boil with that? Stop what you're doing. We haven't practiced since you came here. This is our chance to practice without hassle, " Jay said while pulling Cissie out of her room, so she didn't complain. While walking towards the hut, Jay put his arm on Cissie's shoulder. She couldn't breathe due to nervousness. Nervousness thatnshe didn't even know why.

"We already went through a lot of things, Ciss. We have only known each other for months yet I've already seen all your ups and downs, even how you went through a lot of humiliations. Maybe we can call each other best friends. Is that okay with you?" Jay sounded serious when he asked Cissie. He faced her and stared at her eyes.

"Huh? Uh, well.... sure! It's embarrassing for me that you have witnessed all of those. You do know a lot of things about me so I guess it's okay for us to be best friends, " Cissie replied while avoiding Jay's stare. She couldn't look straight to his eyes. Her heart was beating so fast. She couldn't explain why she was nervous when he only saw her as a friend. Not unless he was more than just a friend to her.

"Ehrr, what would we call each other?" Cissie still couldn't look straight at Jay. And the guy really finding what's best to call to each other.

"Ah! I know what is cool. Bezzie, yes, sounds cool!...Oh wait, I'll get us something to drink, " and Jay turned around and ran to the nearest grocery store to buy drinks. He left Cissie in the hut. Cissie remained without uttering a single word because her brain was slowly processing.

And when everything was synching in to her brain, she was smiling while hugging her guitar. She couldn't explain the happiness she was feeling. One thing was for sure though, that she was in cloud nine. Her imagination had brought her to places that she didn't notice that Jay was back. He had been calling her several times but got no response from her. She's just smiling, staring at nothing. So Jay put his face near Cissie's and blew on her face.

"Oh cow! I mean, bezzie. Were you already here for a long time?" she blushed because Jay's face was so close to hers.

"It seems like your brain is scattered. Is he that handsome that you didn't realize that I'm already here?" he smilingly said.

"Of course not, you guessed it wrong! Anyway, what do you got there?" Cissie was acting like nothing happened.

She quickly changed the topic.

"I bought red wine and pizza."

"I haven't had that yet. I'm afraid I could easily get drunk.

"Hello, red wines don't have that strong effect, " Jay said while handing a glass of wine to Cissie.

The two sipped red wine in between practices. Eventually, Cissie liked it. She drank as if it was water. Later, she started to become talkative. Her cheeks were all read. She talked a lot that she already didn't know what she's doing.

"D-did you know that....." she hiccupped due to drunkenness, "I would have liked you if you weren't rich?" she even pointed at Jay then smiled.

"Anyone who wouldn't like you is stupid. You're so kind and..." she hiccupped again, "and you're handsome!" Cissie confidently said those as she was drunk. She was even tapping Jay's cheeks and poked his nose while smiling.

"Yeah, right! How come you're drunk when it's just red wine?" he tried to stop Cissie when she wanted to take another glass.

"Perhaps I was drunk with your handsomeness!" she said out of her senses. Cissie laughed loud that she lost her balance and fell on Jay. As she was heavy, Jay also lost his balance and fell on the floor while hugging Cissie. Cissie's and Jay's eyes met when Cissie opened her eyes. Suddenly, time stopped for the two of them. Cissie broke the silence.

"S-sorry bezzie, I was clumsy..." Cissie awkwardly said. She couldn't hide her blushing face.

"No problem bezzie, as long as you are fine. I, uh.... I am very sorry as I didn't know that you can't tolerate alcohol that well. Let's go inside, it's already getting late, " he even helped Cissie to stand up.

"Okay, " she simply said. She couldn't find words to say as her mind went blank with everything that happened. It was as if she suddenly got sober when their eyes met. She also wanted to just disappear when she realized what she told Jay. She had wished the earth would swallow her up just to escape the embarrassing moment in her life. She hurriedly ran upstairs to her room. If only she could teleport with too much embarrassment. On the hand, she couldn't explain why there was this little happiness hiding in her heart.

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